Crazy Detective Chapter 277

Chapter 277: What Gym?
Chapter 277: What Gym?
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Li Beini also told Zhao Yu that the City Criminal Investigation Team sent a special task force to take charge of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case. As for Bank Robbery Case, it would not be their main focus. So, the vice captain told Miao Ying that Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit would only need to focus on the Bank Robbery Case while they took care of the other.

From what they heard, this was a special task force formed last minute. Not all of the police detectives were from the city, but some were elites transferred from other branches within Qinshan. Previously, due to solving the Mianling Case, Rongyang Branch became famous. These people were of course envious of them, or jealous of them, or even hated them. So, the elites, who were selected to join the special task force to solve the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, were dying to perform well. First to win glory for their own unit, second to humble Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit!

Thus, what Li Beini said was not fallacious. If those people in the special task force did solve the case before them, it would put Rongyang Branch to shame.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu wanted to call Liao Jingxian to question him, but he suddenly changed his mind as he could understand where was it coming from. The structure in Rongyang Branch was not as complete as when they were investigating the Mianling Case. They were in the midst of a deficit in manpower.

The vice bureau chief sat in for the bureau chief, while the captain of the Key Case Investigation Unit was being fulfilled by a team leader. The bureau chief was forced to leave his post, the captain's head had been cracked open, and the team leader for team A was on leave due to his injuries. Due to the various factors, the municipal leaders decided to form the special task force.

Maybe the leaders wanted to help lighten the burden on Rongyang Branch. But it was the total opposite instead. What happened made Rongyang Branch even more stressed out.

As for the police detectives on the special task force, they did not have the same intentions. They thought that Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit was a scattered team that was running around like headless chickens, and that they could easily beat Rongyang Branch in solving the Bank Hidden Corpse Case first!

Zhao Yu couldn't care less, but felt a slight bit of excitement. This was what he liked the mostto solve a case under pressure. If there was no pressure, there would be no motivation! So, the formation of the special task force gave Zhao Yu a thrill of excitement, and he was determined to solve the case!

That was why he did not head back to the police station to fight the special task force, but stayed to continue investigating the underground black market merchant! For criminals that were black market merchants, it was much easier for Zhao Yu to handle compared to other police detectives. That was because he had been involved in that kind of business in his previous life, so he was familiar with the entire procedure.

Zhao Yu knew that the best way to investigate this kind of high class black market merchant was not to investigate the black market merchant itself, but from either one level above or one level below.

The one below referred to burglars and robbers. These people knew where to sell what they stole, so Zhao Yu could easily find out where the nest of the black market merchant was from them.

The one above referred to the rich people that enjoyed collecting, and the rich descendants of wealthy families. These people were the main customers of the black market merchants. Zhao Yu could also find out more about the black market merchant from them if he found them.

However, most of the time, these people had strong bonds of brotherhood. They would rather be imprisoned than tell the truth. It would only work if there were some special tricks. What Zhao Yu did before he came to this life was to use tricks on people who were not honest. So, having him investigate this would be the most suitable choice!

After deciding, Zhao Yu told Liang Huan to stay back in the bank to retrieve the surveillance video and to look for clues in the safety deposit boxes. Zhao Yu left to find the people in the hood to get some news.

The first person Zhao Yu thought about was Hong Zhitao, who was in prison. This guy, who called himself Daddy Hong, was once running wild at Chahai Street. He would definitely know what went on behind the scenes of this black market merchant! Plus, he was imprisoned, so it would be easy to interrogate him. If it did not work, Zhao Yu had an Invisible Lie Detector anyways! He was not afraid that Daddy Hong would not tell him the truth!

Zhao Yu had decided. He drove towards the prison when he wanted to request an criminal interrogation. Just when he looked at his phone, it rangit was Blondie Zhou Yang calling.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to ask Blondie and his gang about the black market merchant, but after rethinking, he realized that they were all poor. They would not be involved in such high class affairs. Who knew why Blondie gave him a call instead. Maybe he had an update.

"Hey! Bro," Zhou Yang sounded really excited over the phone, "I have good news! You wanted to invest in something, right? We found something that's very suitable. Don't worry! It's definitely the kind of big business that you wanted!"

Zhao Yu thought it was related to the case when he first heard good news. His heart even started pumping. But when he heard that it was about a big investment, he was disheartened.

"This is such a coincidence!" Zhou Yang said with enthusiasm. "Baldie's friend Zang Ba was working for a gym, and guess what? There were rumors that they wanted to sell the gym at a dirt cheap price! Bro, this is a chance that's hard to come by. I heard gyms make tons of money!"

"Gym?! Why did a gym pop out of nowhere?" Zhao Yu thought. His mind was being occupied by the case, and he had no interest in some sort of investment. He dismissed Zhou Yang by saying, "I am busy right now. We will talk about this later!"

"Eh? No way, bro! You have to listen to me," Blondie said in a hurry. "It's because the boss wanted to sell it by today. I heard he has some financial problems, and he needs the money now! Otherwise, we definitely would never get this kind of good deal!"

"What? Today?" Zhao Yu cursed, "F*ck, I don't even know anything! What kind of urgent sale is this?"

"Let me tell you, bro!" Blondie began wholeheartedly, "This investment is definitely worth it. Even if you buy it just to resell it, you could easily double your capital! Have you heard of Huabei Commercial Building? The busiest commercial building in Qinshan. Huabei Commercial Building's fifth floor, and you would own half of the fifth floor! And guess what, they are only selling it for 2.5 million! Including all of the workout machines and everything else! What do you think? It's worth it, isn't it?"

"What the hell!" Zhao Yu spat. " 2.5 million?! It's two-hundred and five you dumb*ss! How can things fall out of the sky? If the contract isn't expiring, there must be some kind of problem. It's not possible for it to be so cheap!"

Zhao Yu was not involved in any gym businesses, but he was familiar with Huabei Commercial Building. Its slogan was "Don't ask for the best, but ask for the most expensive!" Whatever was sold in the building was double its market price. Everyone who went to Huabei Commercial Building was as proud as a peacock. Running a gym in such a busy place was definitely a top-notch business. If they were letting it go at 2.5 million, something was falling out of the sky.

"Bro, once in a blue moon!" Blondie said, "There are many investors that've heard about the rumors, and are currently rushing over to Huabei Commercial Building! We're not sure if we can seal the deal before the others! What do you think? Could you drop by just to take a look at it?"

Zhao Yu wanted to reject Blondie, but he suddenly recalled that he got a "Gen-Dui" hexagram that day. "True that! Maybe there's some luck awaiting me. Will I gain more fortune if I go to Huabei Commercial Building? If so" he thought to himself.

"Alright then! Wait for me at the entrance. I'll be there soon!" After Zhao Yu hung up, he turned the car around and drove towards Huabei Commercial Building.