Crazy Detective Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Formidable Combination
Chapter 285: Formidable Combination
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Zhao Yu did not go home to sleep that night, but stayed to investigate with his colleagues. Miao Ying knew most of her colleagues had been working for a few nights straight, so she made arrangements for them to go home and rest up. As Zhao Yu had not been working overnight, he was, without a doubt, the most energetic one.

At that time, he returned to the whiteboard and started analyzing the case according to his usual methods. When he found out about the old man on the video that day, the experts eventually found a few more people who seemed suspicious; like they had changed their appearance.

Therefore, Miao Ying decided to investigate the seven remaining suspects as well. She transferred the portrait artists from the Missing Persons Department, wanting them to try and draw the robbers' original appearance, without the disguise. The sketch artists followed Miao Ying's instructions but they said that, firstly, they needed time and, secondly, due to the low resolution of the videos, it would be difficult to draw an accurate picture, but they would try their best.

Zhao Yu saw that the information on the whiteboard was increasing, and it made him even more curious about the bank robbers. "These people were very clever. They knew how to rob a bank, how to open a safety deposit box, and they even knew how to disguise themselves!" he thought. "TheyWhere did they come from? Is there someprofessional bank robbing course?"

In the blink of an eye, it was midnight. The detectives were exhausted, but no one was slacking. They were either closely looking at the video on their computers, or organizing the messy case information into an orderly manner.

Miao Ying was drinking coffee while thinking with her poker face on. She looked like she was working really hard on a new approach.

Zhao Yu could tell that the formation of the special task force had caused great stress upon his colleagues. Everyone was afraid that they would solve the case first. He heard that the team leader of the special task force was a vice captain of the municipal criminal investigation team, called Wang Shengyao. Although he was not very old, he was very capable, and the municipal leaders thought highly of him. He solved many significant cases ever since he started working.

Wang Shengyao was dying to get some credit, to make an impressive show that time! If he could solve the terrifying Bank Hidden Corpse Case before Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, it would definitely be beneficial to his future. That was why he was leading a team of elites chosen from each branch to investigate intensely. That entire day, they had investigated all of the banks that provided safety deposit box services.

According to Wang Shengyao's analysis, he thought that Gong Xiuzhen, who died three year ago, was not the last victim. If the murderer was a psychopathic serial killer, he would have killed more people since then. So, they had to thoroughly check all the safety deposit boxes in various banks to try and find a new corpse. That would definitely help with solving the case!

According to the rules discussed before, Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit could only investigate the Bank Robbery Case. Only after they solved that case could they start the Bank Hidden Corpse Case.

"What if they solve the Hidden Corpse Bank Case and we still haven't arrested the suspects for the Bank Robbery Case? That would be embarrassing!" Zhao Yu thought. All his colleagues were stressed out for this reason.

"Bro Yu, Bro Yu!" Zhao Yu was still deep in thought when Lan Bo suddenly ran up to him and said softly, "Bro Yu, guess what I heard from my dad?" Lan Bo asked mysteriously, "Do you know who Wang Shengyao is?"

"Who is it? How would I know?" Zhao Yu was still thinking about the case, and was not paying much attention.

"Hey! He is Team Leader Mao's younger cousin's brother!" Lan Bo said.

"What? Younger cousin's brother?" Zhao Yu was surprised.

"Correct!" Lan Bo said seriously, "According to my dad, this Wang Shengyao not only is Mao Wei's younger cousin's brother, but they're quite close as well. So, you and Team Leader Miao better be careful! Who knows whether this guy would abuse his power to retaliate against you two!"

"You go tell Team Leader Miao. What does it have to do with me? There's nothing between Mao Wei and I. I even sent him the cash reward for the Mianling Case!"

"It's not that easy!" Lan Bo was afraid that someone would hear him, so he whispered into Zhao Yu's ear, "I've heard that Mao is known for being a smiling tiger, and likes to hold grudges! Bro Yu, do you know that Bureau Chief Luan intended for you to take over Mao Wei's position? I think Mao Wei would hate you the most, so you'd better be careful!"

"Oh? Is that so?" Zhao Yu finally turned around and said happily, "If so, help me spread this and make sure Mao Wei knows that I am definitely taking his position as the team leader of team A! Whoever blocks my way will bear the consequences!"

"Oh, bravo! Bravo!" Lan Bo gulped and gave him a thumbs up. He was already used to Zhao Yu's arrogance.

Then, the Bureau Chief's secretary Song Cao, Office Chief Lim, and a few others came in with a few bags in their hands. Everyone could smell the delicious food in that instant. Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao walked in as well with a big bag of drinks and said to everyone, "Comrades, come on and have some for supper!" She smiled and said, "It has been a long week for everyone. I've ordered some takeout. There's not much, so you guys will need to share!"

Seeing Bureau Chief Luan buy food for the detectives, everyone was deeply touched and thanked her. In the detective's eyes, Bureau Chief Luan t was gentle and capable, and was their real leader. Ever since she took over the ruins of what Tang Zhaolong had left, the hostility in the branch had finally settled down.

No one would have ever guessed that she would think of rewarding everyone with supper that late. Even though it could be regarded as her trying to buy the detective's admiration, they were still moved and thought highly of her. The detectives ate the delicious supper and drank the sweet refreshing drinks. Then they were recharged and ready to work hard again.

When the detectives were eating, Bureau Chief Luan called Miao Ying and Zhao Yu to the pantry for a private chat.

"Alright, handsome man and beautiful lady," Bureau Chief Luan gave them both a cold Coke. She first said to Zhao Yu, "Zhao, what you did today was inspiring! You have contributed greatly by arresting such a huge underground criminal gang! Even Bureau Chief Hong from the municipal branch personally called to give you a compliment! Don't you worry. Rongyang Branch has always been believed in rewarding people according to their contributions, and I will not discredit your contribution!"

"Mm, thanks Bureau Chief Luan!" Zhao Yu saw that the leader was happy, so he took advantage and tried to negotiate, "Oh, I have something to talk to you about. The friends that helped me arrest the criminals also fight for justice, but they are injured, you see"

"I already knew about this!" Bureau Chief replied, smiling. "The medical fees will be covered by the police station, and we will also reward them with a Good Citizen Award!"

"Good! Very generous! That's really something!" Zhao Yu clasped his hands together and thanked Bureau Chief Luan.

"Miao, Zhao!" Bureau Chief Luan said in all sincerity, "As you know, ever since the Mianling Case, our branch has been in the spotlight. That has drawn some jealousy! So, the Bank Robbery Case and Bank Hidden Corpse Case are both on your shoulders! We can't become a laughing stock!"

"No problem. Please rest assured!" Zhao Yu clasped his hands together again, and Miao Ying nodded in agreement.

"Miao, although you just arrived, the Mianling Case has showcased your capabilities. Zhao, you on the other hand, are the case solving joker of our branch. Having this formidable combination, I am not worried!"

"Of course!" Then Zhao Yu suddenly decided to leverage the situation some more and said, "Oh, by the way, Bureau Chief Luan, as you can see, I'm putting in one-hundred percent, don't you think you should give me a"

Just before Zhao Yu said the word "title", Zhang Yaohui ran into the pantry nervously and said, "Team Leader Miao, the bus terminal sent us a message. They said that someone saw the suspicious person that we identified in the video on the day of the robbery!"

"What?" The three of them were shocked, but Zhao Yu got an extra surprise. As Zhang Yaohui finished speaking, the system spoke too, "Miracle adventure for today has been completed. The Adventure completion rate is ninety-seven percent. Congratulations! You have been awarded with an invisible tool, please accept!"