Crazy Detective Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Play With Fire And Get Burned
Chapter 287: Play with Fire and Get Burned
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Looking at Zhao Yu coughing his lungs out while driving, Miao Ying raised her eyebrows. " Zhao Yu, why do you smoke if you don't know how? Are you okay? You're driving on a highway!"

"Cough" Zhao Yu coughed again, then he put his cigarette out on the ashtray.

"Tsk" Miao Ying pouted. "I really don't understand you, freak!"

"That feels awesome" Zhao Yu snarled at Miao Ying, and smoke came out in between his teeth. It was more disgusting than one could ask for. Zhao Yu had said this because he had gotten a "Gen-Kan" hexagram when he was coughing! He was overjoyed from getting that hexagram!

Firstly, he had gotten the "Gen" hexagram for a few days. Hence, he might make great progress in the Bank Robbery Case; secondly, he was on a work trip with Miao Ying. Just maybe

"Hehehe" Zhao Yu laughed sinisterly and Miao Ying was confused. She shook her head and sighed. "Sigh! The evidence that you're suffering last stage Scumbag Cancer is getting more prominent!"

Zhao Yu stepped on the gas excitedly, and the car suddenly sped up like an arrow from a bow, drifting along the highway. As they had been rushing when they left, they drove the Jetta that was always used for investigation, instead of Miao Ying's Phaeton.

Miao Ying kept watching the suspect's video captured at the bus terminal. Her brows were furrowed the whole time.

"What's wrong, Team Leader Miao? You seemed to be worried about something," Zhao Yu asked while driving.

"Hoo!" Miao Ying breathed out and replied despondently, "Yeah, I am worried whether if we were going the wrong way."

"The wrong way?" Zhao Yu looked outside and said, "There's only one way from Qinshan to Lingyun, how could we be going the wrong way?"

"Not the road, butthe case!" Miao Ying was fondling her cellphone as she spoke, "Zhao Yu, what if the old man that had makeup on wasn't the robber. What should we do then?"

"What? Is he not?"

"If the old man was just an ordinary citizen, and he only wore a mask and makeup to look younger, and him going to Lingyun was just to return to his hometown" Miao Ying said indecisively.

"Youwhy do you think that?" Zhao Yu asked.

"Because in the video, this person looks relaxed. He didn't look anxious at all, not like someone who just robbed a bank!" Miao Ying speculated based on the video, "And, the level of the robbers was high. Why would they make such a simple mistake? If he removed his makeup then took the bus, we wouldn't have been able to find a clue. So, I am afraid that we are investigating in the wrong direction!"

"Let's give it the benefit of the doubt!" Zhao Yu advised, "Let me tell you, if he was an ordinary man wanting to return to his hometown, why would he have no bags at all? Even though it was only a three hour ride, it's still considered as a long journey. Look at all the other passengers. Who else was empty handed?"

After hearing what Zhao Yu said, Miao Ying furrowed her brows even harder. With days of being overworked, she was running on empty, and her thinking was below par.

"That wouldn't explain" She held her forehead and said, "Is it thatsome of the robbers were coerced? They purposely left us clues?"

"You!" Zhao Yu looked at the haggard Miao Ying and said, "Take a good rest! We will talk about it again when we reach Lingyun."

"Mm" Although Miao Ying agreed, her eyebrows were still creased.

After a two and a half hour ride, the car exited the highway. Miao Ying had been sleeping in the passenger seat for quite a while. After days of hard work, Miao Ying's heroic appearance turned into exhaustion. That very moment, her hair did not look fresh, but droopy, and her skin was not bright, but dull. But in Zhao Yu's eyes, she looked real and even more charming. There were many kinds of beauty in the world, and Zhao Yu thought that the Miao Ying exhausted from investigating, that weary and anxious look, was the most beautiful kind! A lady in the midst of her youth, dedicated to end crimes. That was one respectable womanthe most beautiful woman in his heart!

As her hairline was covered, half of Miao Ying's ear, that was usually hidden under her mushroom-styled hair, was revealed. Zhao Yu could see her plump earlobe. He saw Miao Ying's bare earlobe, then he recalled that she used to wear earrings when he had first met her! But he had slapped the earring off of Miao Ying during their big fight at the police training school. Miao Ying's ear had been bleeding then

"Sigh!" Reminiscing, Zhao Yu sighed with great emotion. He felt a bit of shame and remorse, and thought that he should not have been so brutal to Miao Ying back then! But, he also knew that if he had not fought back with strength, Miao Ying would have left him disabled!

Mm Looking at Miao Ying's earlobe, Zhao Yu had an impulsive idea. He thought, "What if I buy a pair of earrings for Miao Ying? Would she accept it?"

Zhao Yu was still thinking about Miao Ying and him when the car reached the toll. As the car was equipped with an electronic toll pass, he used the designated route to exit the highway. The place where they want to go was Lingyun's long distance bus terminal. They had to get there to get the video footage of the bus which the suspect had been on.

Who knew that the outer part of Lingyun was under construction, so the original wide four lanes had become two, and there was blue construction fencing on both sides of the road. What was interesting was, Zhao Yu was driving forward when two cars appeared out of nowhere. The two cars were driving extremely slow and side-by-side. The two cars blocked Zhao Yu's way.

"Motherf*ckers!" Zhao Yu spat, then he honked and high beamed the cars in front of him to signal for them to move aside. The more Zhao Yu honked, the more steadily the cars blocked him, not wanting to let Zhao Yu pass.

Zhao Yu looked closely. One was Buick, and another one was Magotan. The two cars were obviously swaying, as though the drivers were drunk!

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu honked impatiently again but it pissed off Miao Ying, who was sleeping. She scolded him with her eyes closed, "Stop honking! So annoying! Can't you see that I'm sleeping"

"Mm" Zhao Yu did not want to disturb Miao Ying, so he stopped honking and complained softly, "Dumbf*ck, how dare you block my way!"

"Hmph!" Miao Ying suddenly talked in her sleep, "Who blocked the road?! Knock him over! Run him down!"

"Mm" Zhao Yu broke out in cold sweat when he heard Miao Ying. He quickly turned around to look at her. He then saw Miao Ying licking her lips in her sleep.

"Oh She was sleep talking!" he thought to himself. Zhao Yu patted his own chest and thought, "This Miao Ying is really Miao Renfeng. Even her sleeptalking is so brutal!"

He began to think, "Knock If I really knock them Mm Mm?!" When Zhao Yu looked to the front again, he saw a bare chested man laughing at him in the backseat of the Buick! What made him even angrier was that there was woman sticking her arm out of the Megaton's window, giving him the middle finger! The woman was smoking and had a rose tattoo on her shoulder. He could tell that she was not a good person.

"What the!" Zhao Yu was burning with rage. "I, Dominator Zhao, have been in power for years. Besides Miao Ying, no one had dared give me the middle finger. Thishow couldhow could I let this slip?" he thought to himself.

"Hey, Team Leader Miao," Zhao Yu said to the dreaming Miao Ying, "that's so annoying. The car in front is not letting me pass, and they gave us the middle finger. What should I do?"

"Hmph!" Miao Ying replied with her eyes closed again, "Pull the trigger, shoot them!" Miao Ying patted the gun on her waist when she spoke.

"Mm" Zhao Yu was stunned. Although he knew Miao Ying was just sleeptalking, he saw the gun right before his eyes. Zhao Yu had a wicked idea.

"Okay! Team Leader Miao, this is your order. Don't blame me later! Hehehe" he thought. Zhao Yu then took Miao Ying's gun and held it out the window. He was aiming at the car in front of him, ready to pull the trigger!!