Crazy Detective Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Fake With Me
Chapter 288: Fake with Me
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"Team Leader Miao! Hey" Zhao Yu pulled the trigger to no avail, and immediately asked Miao Ying, "Why doesn't this gun make any noise?"

Even though Miao Ying was still groggy, when she felt Zhao Yu take something from her, she still opened her eyes. Once she saw Zhao Yu holding the gun, she spoke with extreme disdain, "Are you stupid? You didn't flip the safety!"

Oh Zhao Yu finally realized. He had never touched a gun in his previous life, so he did not know about the safety switch. But from his memory, Zhao Yu had officially graduated from the police academy, so obviously he was trained in shooting. Thus, when he heard Miao Ying's reminder, Zhao Yu immediately switched off the gun's safety, and once again aimed it out of the car.

At the moment, the people in the car in front of Zhao Yu saw him pointing the gun at them. Suddenly, the naked man did not dare to laugh, and the woman with the tattoo put away her middle finger! The two cars not only sped up, but the Buick in front of them even turned on their turn signal, ready to make way for Zhao Yu.

"Hmph!" Zhao Yu huffed coldly in disdain. These people were just born as scum, so weak, yet dared to act tough. Once he saw the situation, Zhao Yu's anger was completely fueled. Just letting this go was not something he wanted to do. He would definitely give these immoral delinquents a lesson! So, he stepped on the gas and chased them. At the same time, he aimed the gun right at the others' tires, about to shoot.

Yet, just as Zhao Yu was about to shoot, Miao Ying suddenly woke up. As it turned out, what she had said to Zhao Yu was all in her dream. When she saw that Zhao Yu had taken her gun, and was about to shoot the car in front of them, she was stunned. She yelled, "Zhao Yu! Are you nuts?!" Then, she extended a hand and pulled at Zhao Yu. But Zhao Yu's finger was already on the trigger. With a pull, the gun aimed at the sky.

Bam! A clear gunshot pierced through the silent night.

Screech! The Buick in front of Zhao Yu was making way for Zhao Yu, but had not expected Zhao Yu to shoot for real. The driver turned his wheel harshly in fear. The right side of his car scraped against the front of the Phaeton.

In the end, the Buick flipped over immediately, and the Phaeton spun a few times, then. along with the Buick, broke through the construction roadblocks and rushed straight into the construction site.

In order to avoid the impact of the car, Zhao Yu stepped on the brakes. But the car was still too fast, and their Jetta also collided with the two cars!

"Ah" Zhao Yu and Miao Ying yelled out simultaneously. Zhao Yu latched onto the steering wheel, trying his best to not lose control of the car. It was lucky that behind the fence was just road construction, and there were not any ditches. Once the Buick flipped over, it spun many times before finally landing upright! And the Phaeton slammed against a pole, and a crisp "bam" sound resounded!

Screech After some violent shaking, Zhao Yu finally gained control of the Jetta and stopped it behind the other two cars.

"Zhao Yu!!!" Within the car came Miao Ying's inhumane screech. "You! Are you crazy? You started shooting over something so small? Wewe're police!"

"Team Leader Miao, what!" Zhao Yu spoke without a bit of agitation. "Didn't you order me? You told me to shoot at them!"

"What?! You!" Miao Ying's face was scarlet red with anger. She pointed at the cars that had had an accident in front of them. "B*llshit! How could I have asked you to shoot them? That you were going to kill someone! How could you do that?"

Just as Miao Ying was roaring at Zhao Yu, the door of the two cars that had had an accident opened. Everyone inside climbed out awkwardly. There were a total of five people. Other than the shirtless man, and the woman with tattoos, there were three other males with their hair dyed different colors. None of them knew just who Zhao Yu was. Once they came out of the car, they immediately rushed over, each of them in disarray and wailing for their parents, as pitiful as could be.

"Hey, everyone, stop!" Zhao Yu saw that they wanted to run, and immediately left the car with the gun in his hand.

Now, Miao Ying was truly scared. Once she got out of the car as well, she practically leaped toward the front of the car, grabbing Zhao Yu by the elbow. "Zhao Yu! Give me the gun! Are you insane?" Miao Ying pulled at him as she yelled in panic, "There's a limited number of bullets, how could you just shoot a gun so randomly? We're in big trouble, you know?"

Yet, with Miao Ying dragging at his arm, Zhao Yu simply decided to shoot once into the air. The gun made a loud resounding noise. The five people did not dare to run anymore out of fear! Actually, even if they wanted to run, it was not easy to do. This road was under construction, and there were many construction fences in front of them. Also, most of them were not wearing shoes. With the road still rocky, trying to run without shoes would be quite painful!

"You" Miao Ying was completely stunned by Zhao Yu. Seeing Zhao Yu's rebellious yet fierce expression, even Miao Ying, who had always been arrogant, felt some fear.

"Hmph!" Zhao Yu huffed coldly and told Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao, if we are going to fake it, we have to fake all the way to the end! Right now, we're both in the same boat. If you want to get out of trouble, then fake it with me!"

"Zhao Yuyoujust what are you planning to do?" Miao Ying felt cold fear in her heart. Suddenly, it was like she had just met Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu completely ignored her then, and instead walked towards the five people who were trying to run away while yelling at the top of his lungs, "I'm warning you guys, if anyone dares to run, don't blame me if I shoot! Come here, everyone come here!"

Actually, the few did not make it very far. Hearing Zhao Yu's threat, they could only go back with their heads down. At the moment, they had completely lost their previous wild and fierce expression. Each of them was trembling endlessly.

"Here, come here!" Zhao Yu pointed at the Phaeton. "Everyone, come here and crouch down! Thosethose who" As he spoke, he dared to nod a bit at Miao Ying. "Hurry, cuff them!"

"Wh-what?" Miao Ying swallowed, completely intimidated by Zhao Yu.

"What are you spacing out for?" Zhao Yu feigned scolding her. "These are the suspects for the Bank Robbery Case! Did you forget our mission? Hurry up!" As he spoke, Zhao Yu first took out his own handcuffs. Yet, just as was about to handcuff the shirtless man, the invisible detector in his head suddenly made a sound.

"God!" Zhao Yu immediately looked up, and kicked at the man whose hair was dyed blue. Zhao Yu's feet flew up quickly and fiercely. With one kick, the man's entire body slammed into the car and bounced onto the ground. His phone fell away far away from him.


When they saw the man hit the the ground, wailing, the other four all shivered.

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu clenched his teeth and picked up the phone he had taken away from the man. "What? Do you want to record it and call the police? Let me tell you, I am the police! We're in the middle of a crucial moment to catch criminals, yet you guys blocked our car. Without a doubt, it means you guys are the robbers' accomplices!"

Although this was not the first time Zhao Yu had acted, Miao Ying was completely shocked.

"O-o-officerthis is a misunderstanding! We aren't criminals!" The shirtless man explained in agitation. As he spoke, the smell of alcohol drifted from him. Clearly, he had drank quite a bit.

"Hmph! Misunderstanding?!" Zhao Yu clenched the man he had just kicked, and slammed his head right into the car door. He then pinned the man's arms behind their back and handcuffed them.

"I'm telling you guys!" Zhao Yu said coldly, "The order was that the robbers were exactly four males and one female. You guys match that description perfectly. If there's anything you guys want to say, come back and say it at the police station! Also, you there" As he spoke, Zhao Yu once again looked at Miao Ying, acting tough. "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and call headquarters! Tell them we've already caught the criminals!"

"Ah? Wh-whatbut" Miao Ying stood there with her hands out, completely dumbfounded.