Crazy Detective Chapter 289

Chapter 289: The Return Of Friends From Above
Chapter 289: The Return of Friends from Above
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"Hehe, noobs will be noobs!" Zhao Yu saw Miao Ying in a complete daze so he said, "Is it because you're frightened by these robbers that were so ruthless and bloodthirsty? Don't worry, if anyone fights back, we can shoot them! Did you forget the 'shoot to kill' order from the leaders?"

At that time, Miao Ying was cursing Zhao Yu's ancestors eighteen generations back. She did not understand why Zhao Yu was still so composed. The last thing a police officer should do was shoot whenever and wherever he liked. Zhao Yu had shot twice without any reason. The two of them could forget about being police officers if someone complained.

"O-officer" The shirtless man seemed to be the head of the gang. He was the only one who dared to converse with Zhao Yu with his head up. "It's really a misunderstanding! We are good citizens, not criminals. Please don't wrongly accuse innocent people!"

"Innocent? Hmph!" Zhao Yu snorted and slapped the shirtless man so hard that the corner of his mouth was bleeding. The loud and clear slap sent shivers down the others' spines.

"Want to be a road bully, right? Want to block the road, right?" Zhao Yu finally revealed his inner gangster. He continued slapping the man's face as he said, "Why didn't you look at whose road you were blocking? Does your family own this road?"

"Br-bro!" The shirtless man begged while being slapped, "I-it's all my fault! I will never do it again! Please, please let us go! If not, we will pay! We will pay for your loss!"

"Pay for my loss?! Hmph!" Zhao Yu spat. "You b*stards that yield to soft approach and force, do you have any morals? Do you do drive in a civilized manner? What if the car behind you had some urgent matter to get to?" Every question Zhao Yu asked was followed by a hard slap. That man's cheeks were swollen!

Then Zhao Yu held the gun and walked towards the woman. He aimed at her head and shouted, "How dare you give me the middle finger?! Aren't you just amazing?"

"I I" The woman was white as a sheet, and she could only shake her head.

"Let me warn you, whoever it was that gave me the middle finger won't have a full set of fingers anymore!" Zhao Yu gave her the middle finger and said, "So how is this going to be? Do you want to break them yourself, or should I break them for you?"

What?! Everyone was dumbstruck, the woman felt weak all over.

"Zhao" Miao Ying wanted to call his name, but she thought it would be inappropriate. Instead, she said, "Officer, isn't thisnot a very good idea?"

"What is not a very good idea?" Zhao Yu replied fiercely and grabbed ahold of the woman's finger before Miao Ying responded. He then broke her finger!!!

"Ahh" The woman then groaned and whined in pain.

"Zhao Yu! You are crazy!" Miao Ying was frightened and ran towards Zhao Yu, wanting to grab the gun!

"Don't move!" Zhao Yu shook Miao Ying off and shouted at the woman, "This is the consequence of giving me the middle finger!" Then, Zhao Yu punched the shirtless man. The man lost balance and hit his head against the car window. Although the car window did not shatter, it cracked!

"You! You crazy, dude!" Miao Ying scolded him, but did not take another step closer.

Zhao Yu lowered his head and said to the woman, "Girl, let me tell you, what I did wasn't only to give you a lesson, but to save your life! Remember this, you can't just give the middle finger to whoever you want. Do you know that? Wahaha" Zhao Yu's hysterical laugh scared everyone. Zhao Yu then opened the car door of the Phaeton and took the drugs out.

"Huh!?" Miao Ying was dumbstruck. She did not know how Zhao Yu knew that there were drugs in their car.

"What about this, Team Leader Miao?" Zhao Yu held up the drugs and said, "Can we call the police now?"

"You" Miao Ying looked bewildered, then took out her phone.

The five people looked helpless when they saw Zhao Yu take the drugs out from their car. They felt utterly hopeless. Zhao Yu could tell that they had taken drugs when he had first seen the shirtless man and the tattooed girl. Before coming to this life, Zhao Yu had been involved with these kinds of people too often. He could accurately tell by someone's behavior if they had taken drugs. Besides, he also knew where these people would hide the drugs if they were to hide them in the car. So, he could easily search them. Even if there had been nothing in the car, the blood test would show it. That was why Zhao Yu had not been afraid to pull the trigger.

Miao Ying relaxed when she knew that there was a sufficient reason to shoot. Butwhatever Zhao Yu had done earlier was not acceptable. His arrogance and his unusual extreme tricks Even though she was an evil lady and fighter, she had still been scared out of her wits.

There were enough handcuffs in the car, so they cuffed all five people.

"Congratulations, Team Leader Miao!" Zhao Yu returned the gun to Miao Ying and complimented her, "Even while you were sleeptalking, we arrested a bunch of drug users! This is amazing! I'm sold!"

"Zhao Yu, don't make irresponsible remarks!" Miao Ying refused to let him off the hook. "If I report the truth, you'll have to bear the consequences! How dare youtake my gun! You"

"Do it! I have no objection!" Zhao Yu was fooling around again. "Tell them the truth, I will tell them the truth as well. I will tell them that you asked me to pull the trigger! It was your order! What are you gonna do now?"

"You! B*stard! Scumbag!!" Miao Ying wanted to beat Zhao Yu up, but the five criminals were next to them, so she could not let loose.

"Don't call me a b*stard!" Zhao Yu suddenly said, "Team Leader Miao, do you think there's a bigger surprise waiting for us?"

Miao Ying did not care about him, but the expression in her eyes betrayed her.

"Hehehe" Zhao Yu smirked and asked, "Do you remember my friends from above?"

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying could not hold on any longer. She clenched her fist until her knuckles cracked.

"Don't think I'm just lying!" Zhao Yu continued to fool around, "Let me tell you, my friends from above just said that we can find clues from these drug addicts. I wonder if you believe me?"

"You! II am speechless!" Miao Ying shook her head and said, "Have you lost your mind? Are you talking nonsense?"

"I am talking nonsense. So, what now?" Zhao Yu asked. "If not, let's make a bet!"

"Okay! Alright!" Miao Ying was shaken with anger. She first pointed at her fist, then her lips. "Zhao Yu, if you can find a clue to solve the Bank Robbery Case from them, I will kiss your cheek with my lips! But, otherwise, I will let my fist do the job. What do you say?"

"Alright! It's settled then! That was more than what I had wished for!" Zhao Yu patted his cheek and said, "Team Leader Miao, those lips of yours will kiss my cheek soon enough!"

Zhao Yu's idea had been inspired based off of his own understanding of the Miracle System. According to his past experiences, he had a feeling that the coincidental capture of the drug abusers that had blocked his way would play a part in solving the case. It had most likely been arranged by the Miracle System! Perhaps, they really could find clues about the Bank Robbery Case from the criminals! That was why Zhao Yu had made a bet with Miao Ying.

After sealing the deal, he opened the photos of the seven suspects on his phone, and showed them to the drug abusers, making sure that they looked at them closely.

Miao Ying stood by the side and watched with her hands on her hips. She refused to believe that such a miraculous coincidence would happen