Crazy Detective Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Illogical Actions
Chapter 290: Illogical Actions
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"What?! Don't know? Haven't seen them?" Zhao Yu clenched the collar of the blue haired man. He pointed at his phone screen and yelled, "Look carefully! Carefully! Have you really never seen them before?"

The blue haired man shook his head, and the others followed suit.

Mm Zhao Yu's expression darkened more and more. Originally, he had been highly confident. He felt like he could find some news about the bank robbers from these people.

Remembering back to when he solved the Slaughter Case, as well as when he had coincidentally run in to Zhao Qing, then taking down the black-market organization. Despite the strange coincidence, every encounter had given him some evidence. That was he felt like this time would be the same. Yet, the truth was cruel. No matter how much Zhao Yu threatened or tempted them, they all said they did not recognize the person in the photos.

Actually, the Missing Person's Department had also sent an update. After being hard at work for almost the entire night, the experts had already made portraits of what the suspects looked like without their disguises. But the match rate may not be one-hundred percent accurate. Which meant that Zhao Yu was showing these people the fourteen different suspect portraits. One to seven were the original photos of the suspects captured by the surveillance cameras. eight through fourteen were the projected profiles of the suspects without any disguises.

Zhao Yu felt like if the bank robbers really were native to Lingyun, then the five people in front of him should be able to recognize something. Thus, even before he had been blocked and insulted by these drug dealers on the road, he had already made up this entire plan. Actually, their police car had sirens installed. If he had just turned on the siren, he could have easily forced the delinquents to make way for him; there was no need for him to shoot, nor to break that woman's finger.

The reason Zhao Yu did so, however, was to vent some frustration, as well as to show off his power, completely forcing the delinquents to submit to him. Only this way would they speak to him truthfully. Yet, in the end, Zhao Yu's plans went to ruin. The drug dealers and the bank robbers had no relationship at all. He was wrong.

Only now did Zhao Yu realize that the probability of him getting the right person was truly miniscule! Disregarding whether or not the portraits of the suspects were accurate, he did not even know if they were from Lingyun or not!

Tsk Seeing Zhao Yu's expression so dark, Miao Ying started rubbings her hands together excitedly. Ever since Zhao Yu had stole her gun, she had wanted to beat Zhao Yu up!

"Such an arrogant, reckless, delusional b*stard, let's see how you like the taste of my fist!" she thought.

"How about it, Zhao Yu?" Miao Ying came forward, her hands on her waist proudly. "Where's your gods? Where'd they go?"

"Mm" Zhao Yu's expression was as grim as the dirt beneath him.

"Hehe, but, honestly," Miao Ying raised her fist, "to beat you once is truly difficult!"

"" Seeing Miao Ying's fist raised, Zhao Yu immediately dodged.

"Eh?" Miao Ying smirked. "What? The loser of a bet has to submit. Didn't you say that yourself? Are you trying to backpedal?"

"Hmph!" Hearing Miao's taunting, Zhao Yu finally stood up without fear. "Fine! A man doesn't go back on his word. Since I can't get Team Leader Miao's kiss, then why not a fist?"

"Hehe, good!" Miao Ying raised her fist, about to beat Zhao Yu up. Yet, from the distance came the sound of sirens. Clearly, it was the Lingyun Police who had arrived.

Now, it was difficult for Miao Ying to raise her first, so she could only tell Zhao Yu angrily, "Zhao Yu, no rush. I'll save this punch for you! I knew that someone who does things so illogically and spews so much b*llshit would end up paying for it!" As she spoke, the police siren grew louder, and the Lingyun Police were almost right in front of them.

Yet, Miao Ying's words suddenly reminded Zhao Yu of something. "What?! Illogically?!" he thought to himself.

Zhao Yu looked at his phone screen. The photos of the culprits were still there. In his right hand was the phone he had taken from the blue haired man. The blue haired man's phone was a very expensive Apple phone. Just now, when the blue haired man tried to use the camera to record Zhao Yu, he had been captured by Zhao Yu's detector. Looking at the Apple phone, then hearing Miao Ying talk about doing something "illogically", suddenly gace Zhao Yu an illogical idea!

"Yeah?! Whydon't I try this out?" Zhao Yu thought. He immediately extended his hands and took all the phones from the drug dealers, then stuffed them into his pockets.

"Zhao Yuwhat are you trying to do now? These" Miao Ying thought Zhao Yu was trying to take the phones for himself, and wanted to stop him. But the Lingyun Police had already arrived, so she had to quiet down.

The Lingyun Police had not only been informed of these drug dealers illegally selling drugs, but they also knew of Zhao Yu and Miao Ying's identity, as well as their urgent mission. Thus, the Lingyun officers did not dare waste the two's time, and only asked them for a simple interview before letting them leave.

"Zhao Yu, aren't you being too greedy?" On their way to the bus terminal, Miao Ying scolded Zhao Yu, "Why did you take their phone? Are you poor? Don't you know that since these people were drug dealers, their phones count as evidence? Tampering with or destroying evidence is against the rules!"

"Okay, okay, shut up!" Zhao Yu drove as he threw the phones to Miao Ying. At the same time he said in a commanding voice, "Hurry, send a message to these peoples' WeChat groups. Send all the suspect's photos, and see if any one recognizes them."

"Ah? What?"

"Don't you get it?" Zhao Yu spoke quickly, "I'm telling you now, our bet, I still haven't lost yet! Right now, use your identity as a drug dealer and send the messages. I'm certain someone will know something!"

"Zhao Yu" Miao Ying was stunned. "You're trying to use WeChat to get evidences?"

"Don't underestimate the power of WeChat groups," Zhao Yu replied. "Just now, those people were all pretty well known. Each of them probably has quite a few friends. These types of things spread fast! Also, the bank robbers probably weren't good people, so if you look for them through these sorts of friend groups, the chance of finding them is pretty high!"

"But," Miao Ying was worried, "what ifthe robbers see it too? Wouldn't we alert them, then?"

"Team Leader Miao, since when have you become a coward?" Zhao Yu said without hesitation. "With a case as big as robbing a bank, Qinshan has already sent out a bounty for them over a hundred times. Haven't we already alerted them? As long as we can find their identity, isn't the rest easy?"

"Mm" Miao Ying thought about it a bit more, and felt like what Zhao Yu had said was reasonable.

"Remember," Zhao Yu reminded her, "we have to use their identities when we send messages. Make yourself sound tougher, fiercer. Ask their friends for help as soon as possible, let them know this can't wait, okay?"

"Okay! I know what to do!" Miao Ying nodded, but her expression was rather numb.

"This is called the bounty of the street! Electronic version! Quite high tech, hehe" Zhao Yu grinned. When he saw Miao Ying's blank expression, he immediately added shamelessly, "What, Team Leader Miao, are you trying to figure out where to kiss me?

"I'll find a place for you. How about my lips? It won't be the first time, and this time, I promise I won't use my tongue"