Crazy Detective Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Outsmarted The Others
Chapter 291: Outsmarted The Others
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Miao Ying followed Zhao Yu's instructions and sent an improvised underworld arrest warrant to all of the criminals' WeChat friends, with an exaggerated message to urge those who know anything to reply immediately. Many were still awake in the middle of the night. When Miao Ying finished sending the messages, some had already replied.

One asked: "Bro, why are you in a rush to look for these people? Did they cause any trouble?"

The other one asked: "Do these people owe loan sharks money?"

Some even asked: "Bro Chun, did someone make you a cuckold?"

In conclusion, there were various vulgar replies, but no one mentioned anything about knowing the people in the photos. Looking at Miao Ying fondling her fist, Zhao Yu exclaimed, "This needs time. We can't rush things. You need to give me some more time at least!"

Then, they finally got to the bus terminal in Lingyun. When the two arrived, the local police detectives were already retrieving the video from the surveillance control room as they had received orders to assist with the investigation. The bus driver from the bus that the suspects were on was called for questioning too.

The video tapes from the bus were found easily. They opened the folder and saw all the passengers clearly. Zhao Yu and the others could clearly see the old man on the bus. He was sitting in the middle seat. There were not many people in the bus, so he sat alone the whole time, without any companion.

"That's weird" Zhao Yu thought. Looking at the video, he felt insecure and hesitant. Just like as Miao Ying had described, the old man seemed to be relaxed. He was not showing any tension. On the contrary, he had a smile on his face the entire time that made him look very friendly. He did not look like someone who had just robbed a bank at all!

"Is our investigation direction really wrong? Is he really just an ordinary old man? But I got the 'Gen Kan' hexagram today. 'Gen' hexagram represents progress in case investigation, so it shouldn't be wrong," Zhao Yu wondered.

The bus driver said that the old man had not said a word since he got onto the bus. When they stopped at a service area along the way, he had not gotten off either. He only left with the other passengers when the bus stopped at Lingyun Bus Terminal.

Linyun Branch assigned two young male police detectives to assist Zhao Yu and Miao Ying. They said that they could see that the old man had no luggage when he left the bus. So, he most likely was a local. They would be able to locate him according to the videos from after he left the bus, but they would need some time as they needed to retrieve quite a number of surveillance videos.

The two police detectives told Miao Ying and Zhao Yu, "You have been rushing about the whole night. Let us look into the suspect's background and location! Go get some rest. We will inform you the very moment we find something!"

Miao Ying and Zhao Yu agreed. Looking at the state now, they could not do much even if they rushed things. Why not rest up while they waited for updates? They exchanged contact information and made a copy of the surveillance video. Then Zhao Yu and Miao Ying left the bus station.

Miao Ying was exhausted and only wanted to find a comfortable place for a hot shower and sleep. But on the contrary, Zhao Yu was excited when he heard that they were going to a hotel. He instinctively thought about something else.

"Hehehehe" He happily thought, "Today's 'Kan' hexagram didn't go down the drain. It seems like I'm finally getting some results! Miao Renfeng? Miss Miao? Hehehehe"

Miao Ying did not want to drive around anymore. She only wanted to find the nearest hotel and sleep. Zhao Yu saw an express hotel right next to the bus station, so he drove there directly.

Zhao Yu's tricks came one after another, and he was deftly handling the situation. Just when he stopped the car, he passed Miao Ying the car keys. He told Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao, I will get us our rooms, you lock the car! Also, bring all the cellphones!" After that, he got out of the car and ran towards the front desk of the hotel.

Zhao Yu was panting when he got to the front desk. He took out two-hundred yuan from his pocket and gave it to the female attendant that was on duty. He then ordered her quickly, "Miss, this is your tip! When my friend comes in, you must insist that your hotel only has one room left! And it's a king sized bed! Do you understand?"

"Mmsir, this" The attendant did not take the money but said awkwardly, "If my boss finds out, I will get in trouble!"

"Just take it!" Zhao Yu stuffed the money into her hands and said, "I'll get another room here later. Would that be alright? But, in front of my friend, you've got to say there's only one left, okay?"

"If so" The attendant thought Zhao Yu's proposal was tempting. She finally accepted Zhao Yu's tip after some consideration.

Just as the attendant was registering the room, Miao Ying entered carrying a backpack with the cellphones.

"How could it be?" Zhao Yu pretending to scold the attendant, "Do you really only have one room left? Can't you make some changes somewhere? If so, we will go to another hotel!"

"Mmsir!" The attendant had not expected Zhao Yu to speak with such confidence, and she replied timidly, "We really only have one room left!"

"Hmph, this is ridiculous. Where is your manager? Let me speak to your manager" Zhao Yu purposely tried to get a response from Miao Ying.

Miao Ying waved at Zhao Yu and said, "Forget it, Zhao Yu. If there's only one room left, we will take that one room. Bear with it, we are leaving early tomorrow morning!"

"Mm" Zhao Yu gulpled, and his eyes were shining, but he spoke in a serious tone, "Thiswould this be appropriate?"

"What about appropriate?" Miao Ying couldn't care less. "Hurry up, I'm tired!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yu took the room card and winked at the female attendant. She lowered her head in embarrassment as she was blown away by Zhao Yu's shamelessness.

The room was on the second floor. Zhao Yu and Miao Ying soon arrived at the door. Zhao Yu was excited. "Who would've guessed that I would sleep in the same room as Miao Renfeng. Hahaha. Will anything happen when we get in the room? Hehehehe" he thought to himself.

Zhao Yu quickly opened the door, but Miao Ying's backpack dropped to the floor as he tried to enter.

"Sigh!" Miao Ying could not even open her eyes. She looked extremely worn out as she bent down to pick up the backpack.

Zhao Yu saw and ran over. "I'll do it! I'll pick it up!"

Just when Zhao Yu bent down to pick up the backpack, Miao Ying grabbed the room card from Zhao Yu's hand and leapt over Zhao Yu gracefully, like a mountain goat jumping over a fence.

Eh? Zhao Yu felt something was a bit fishy. Just when he wanted to turn around, Miao Ying bumped Zhao Yu off with her hip, and he nearly face planted the ground.

When Zhao Yu got up, Miao Ying already entered the room and locked the door. Zhao Yu was left in the corridor!

Hey? At top speed, Zhao Yu knocked on the door and shouted, "Hey! Team Leader Miao. What're you doing? Open the door!"

"Hehehe" Miao Ying was laughing hysterically. "Zhao Yu, your acting skills are pretty sh*tty! Listen to me, go have fun on your own"