Crazy Detective Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Who Are The Police?
Chapter 293: Who Are the Police?
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Zhao Yu ordered two bowls of goat haggis soup for himself and Miao Ying. They sat down to enjoy the soup while they discussed the case.

"He makes props in the repertory theater!" Zhao Yu said softly, "Team Leader Miao, do you remember the fake guns they used to rob the bank with? It wasn't a simulated gun, and not real gun either, but it looked genuine?! Could it be a prop?"

"Also," Miao Ying nodded in agreement, "The mental health of the robbers was superb, and actors should have good mental health and wellbeing, right?"

"Possibly! Very possibly!" Zhao Yu was getting more excited. "Courageous, full of ideas, good planning, just like putting on a show! Would it be possible that that the robbers are actors?!"

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying was fired up with enthusiasm and urged Zhao Yu, "hurry up! Go and ask the boss again. See if he recognizes the other suspects!"

"Right!" Zhao Yu quickly nodded, got up, and walked towards the boss. The boss was still busy as a bee. He was mincing the goat inlets on the chopping board.

Just when Zhao Yu went to ask, there was a balding middle aged man who took huge strides into the shop and shouted at the boss, "Boss, is mine done yet?"

"Yes, it's ready!" The boss wiped his hands and passed him a bowl of hot haggis soup from the side.

"Nice!" The man took the bowl of hot soup and turned around to look for a seat.

The boss saw Zhao Yu walking towards him, and it reminded him of something. He quickly stopped the balding man and said, "Hey, Lao Ding!" The boss pointed at Zhao Yu and said, "There's a police officer here looking for Cheng Gong. I remember you and Cheng Gong work for the same department. Do you know where he is?"

"What?!" The man named Lao Ding heard the boss say "police officer" and he shook. As he was holding a bowl of hot soup, it spilled out from the side of the bowl and scalded his hand. "Ouch!" As he trembled, the whole bowl of soup fell onto the floor.

Mm?! Zhao Yu was stunned when he saw the person tense up. "Whatwhat is going on? Is it thathe's guilty?" Zhao Yu wondered.

Lao Ding did not care about the spilled bowl of hot soup, but turned around to look at Zhao Yu. When he saw Zhao Yu looking at him, he quickly walked to the exit of the shop.

"Hey! Don't move! Police!" Zhao Yu quickly shouted an order. But the balding guy starting running.

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu bellowed and chased after him. The balding guy had just gotten to the door when a shadow appeared like lightning from the side! In the very next second, Miao Ying spin kicked the back of the balding guy. As there were stairs at the door, the balding guy flew out of the door and landed at the bottom of the steps.

"Ugh" The man had a bad fall, and he might have bitten his tongue as there was blood oozing from his mouth.

Miao Ying quickly ran towards him and handcuffed his hands behind his back!

Those who were eating haggis soup and the boss came out to watch. The boss was surprised and shouted, "Aiya, police officer, how could this be? Lao Ding is a playwright for the repertory theatre. What did you arrest him for? Whatwhat is going on?"

"Stay away!" Zhao Yu blocked the boss and shouted, "The police are arresting a suspect. Stay away, all of you!"

"You are under arrest!" Miao Ying got the suspect on his feet and asked, "Quick, tell me, where are your accomplices?"

"Hoo.hoo" The balding man's mouth was full of blood, but his eyes were filled with arrogance.

"F*ck, the suspect is so snotty!" Zhao Yu wanted to slap him, but saw that there were people in the crowd taking videos with their cellphones.

No way! Zhao Yu knew that it was better not to use violence in public, so they could not interrogate the suspect in the current location. He rushed towards Miao Ying and said, "Team Leader, let's head over to the police station!"

Miao Ying was aware of the same problem, and they quickly brought the suspect into their police car. Zhao Yu was driving while Miao Ying was sitting in the back with the suspect. They finally loosened up after starting the car, and drove away from the Cultural Center.

Zhao Yu saw the coast was clear and sent Miao Ying an eye signal. The reminder was unnecessary as Miao Ying was already pinching the suspect's shoulder. She asked aggressively, "Quick, tell me! Are you one of the robbers of the Qinshan bank robbery? Where are your accomplices? Answer me!"

Miao Ying's viciousness was on par with Zhao Yu's. She snapped the suspect's shoulder with the pressure she used.

"Ahh" The balding man was groaning in pain, but he kept his mouth shut.

Miao Ying and Zhao Yu was even more shaken up at the fact that he was not saying anything. If he had been wrongly accused, he would have defended himself when Miao Ying asked! But he kept his mouth sealed without giving any explanation. That clearly showed that he was related to the bank robbery case!

To justify it, Zhao Yu wanted to use the last invisible lie detector, but it would just be wasted if this guy kept quiet.

"No way!" Miao Ying realized the urgency and told Zhao Yu, "Head over to the nearest police station. I will contact Lingyun Police! We need back-up to arrest Cheng Gong!"

"Yes!" Zhao Yu nodded and looked for the nearest police station on the GPS. Miao Ying unlocked her phone and wanted to call the Lingyun police force. But at that very moment, Zhao Yu's invisible detector sent him a warning. There was a car that had been tailing them for more than five minutes!

"Huh?! Is it that someone is following us?" Zhao Yu thought to himself. He looked at the rearview mirror and saw a grey Focus tailing them. He instinctually became extra cautious. Just when he reached a crossroad with no traffic light, a huge Haval sped from the left junction. The car sped towards Zhao Yu's Jetta like a tanker.

"That's bad!!!" he exclaimed in his head. Zhao Yu was quick to respond. He turned his steering wheel to dodge and drifted at the junction. The Haval was driving too fast and hit the back of the car even though Zhao Yu tried to avoid it.

Bang! Zhao Yu's Jetta spun to the opposite side of the road when it was hit. There were cars driving rapidly on the opposite side of the road, and they were on the verge of being hit again. Luckily, Zhao Yu held onto the steering wheel and took control of the Jetta. He repositioned the car and drove onto the bicycle lane, avoiding the other cars.

Beep beep beep The cars were honking and the crossroad was a mess.

Vroom vroom vroom The Haval had caught on fire, but it drove towards Zhao Yu again.

"Bloody hell!" Zhao Yu cursed and stepped on the gas pedal. He went from the bicycle lane to the pedestrian lane. The Haval followed suit and hit the back of the Jetta again.

"Oh" Zhao Yu stepped on the gas pedal again and drove along the fencing.

The Haval did not give up, but drove over to the pedestrian lane to chase after them. The other Focus turned and drove in front of the Jetta to block Zhao Yu's way.

"Uh-oh! Sh*t!" he cursed to himself. Zhao Yu was stunned as he was faced with the enemies in front of him and behind him. But he was not one to easily surrender. When he saw that he had no way out, he decided to step on the gas pedal and knock over the Focus in front of him. At that very moment, he shouted to Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao! Hurry up! Fasten your seat belt!

"Hey!" At the very moment when Zhao Yu was betting on his life, Miao Ying asked him calmly from the back, "Zhao Yu, I have a question. Whowho are the police?"

"What?" Zhao Yu was confused and he answered, "We are. Why?"

"Then why are we running? Please! Stop the car! F*cking stop the car!"

Zhao Yu had never heard Miao Ying curse, so he quickly stepped on the brakes and stopped their car in between the two other cars.

Then Zhao Yu saw a scene that he would never forget. Miao Ying got out of the car calmly, raised her arms to aim, then shot the windshield of the Haval. It shattered!

The driver in the car was shocked and hit his car against the wall. Then the huge car flew in the air and knocked down six to seven trees, and finally landed sideways in front of Miao Ying.

After the Haval flipped, two people got out of the Focus. They scurried off like frightened rats, wanting to run away. Miao Ying shot without hesitation. With two shots, one got one's shoulder, and another one got one's thigh. They fell down on the ground at the same time!!!