Crazy Detective Chapter 294

Chapter 294: The Blurry Truth
Chapter 294: The Blurry Truth
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"Holy sh*t, you want to run into me! Run into me! Run into me!" Every time he yelled, Zhao Yu slammed his fist into the Haval's driver. The man's face bled profusely, and he whined painfully. This person was also about forty or so, a middle-aged man. He was short and skinny, yet he drove a very large car. After he vented all his anger, Zhao Yu dangled the person by the collar and walked towards Miao Ying.

At the time, Miao Ying had already handcuffed the two criminals she had shot. Miao Ying's shooting skills were top-notch. Even though the two had been shot, they were not in any danger of dying.

"One, two, three, four" Zhao Yu counted, then said immediately, "That's not right, we're missing one! There should have been five people who robbed the bank!"

Miao Ying first called the police, then pointed at the person who was shot in the shoulder. "Here, this guy should be number twelve!" Zhao Yu looked. Indeed, the person looked like the portrait of suspect number number. It seemed like this was the Cheng Gong that the haggis shop owner spoke of.

"It seems like," Zhao Yu looked through the four suspects, "the only one we're missing seems to be the disguised old man that rode the bus? Also, since we couldn't recognize him because of his disguise, he might be one of these four?"

"It's also possible that that person wasn't a part of the same crew!" Miao Ying was experienced. She knew that if they wanted any information from the criminals, then the best time would be right after their capture. Thus, once she looked through all the culprits, she immediately set her eyes on the one with the injured shoulder. This man was the one that the haggis shop owner called Cheng Gong. The person had fear written all over his face as he trembled. He seemed like the weakest member of the group mentally. Miao Ying purposely patted on the wound on his back.

"Aiya!" The man immediately fell to the ground, rolling in pain.

"Tell me!" Miao Ying clenched his neck fiercely and asked, "Are you guys the culprits that robbed the Qinshan Bank?!"

"Ah" The person was truly intimidated. He nodded endlessly as he moaned in pain.

Oh?! Miao Ying and Zhao Yu glanced at each other. It seemed that they had not caught the wrong guy this time.

"Oh! Cheng, don't say it!" It seemed like the suspect with the injured leg was their leader. He immediately yelled.

Seeing this, Zhao Yu immediately rushed over to him, and gently grinded his foot on the man's gunshot wound on his leg. The person immediately fell to the ground with a yell.

"Ah, sorry! Sorry!" Zhao Yu even feigned an apology. "I was hit by a car, still kind of dizzy! Sorry!" Yet, as he apologized, he ground his foot even harder! The person was wiggling on the floor in extreme pain.

"Tell us!" Miao Ying once again asked the injured Cheng Gong, "How many of you guys are there? Where are they?"

"Mm" It seemed like Cheng Gong was reminded to keep his mouth shut. He spoke no more.

Miao Ying immediately pressed her thumb into the wound on his shoulder. The man shivered as if he was shocked, and whined in pain, before finally yelling out, "There's another one! Another one! Car! Car! Carah" As he spoke, he gestured with his eyes toward the gray Ford Focus.

"Ah?!" Seeing the man gesture at the car, Miao Ying was shocked, and immediately pointed her gun at the car!

Zhao Yu also could not imagine that there was someone else in the car! He immediately wen to back up Miao Ying, and even prepared to use the invisible bullet vest. Yet, the Ford Focus was clearly empty. Miao Ying finally realized that Cheng Gong meant the trunk of the car! She carefully walked to the trunks, and with a noise, opened the back. The contents inside shocked her!

Zhao Yu followed her immediately, and was shocked to see that within the Ford Focus's trunk was another person tied up! It was also a man. Not only was he tied up, but his mouth was taped as well. It was hard to tell how long the man had been tied up, but he was quite exhausted, and could not even keep his eyes open.

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying was completely dumbfounded. They did not understand at all. Just what was happening? From the way Cheng Gong nodded his head, these people should be the robbers that robbed Qinshan Bank! Butthe way they were captured was quite confusing. A lot of things were still chaotic.

Just why did these robbers take such a risk to try and hit them with their car? Also, why was there someone in the trunk? Why was he tied up? Was there an internal conflict between the robbers? Just whatwhat kind of situation was this?

Vroom, vroom The siren could be heard from the distance. The Lingyun Police arrived on the scene.

Zhao Yu immediately signaled at Miao Ying, and he took out their police badge just in case a misunderstanding arose. But Miao Ying's eyes were glued to the man in the trunk, as if she noticed something.

"What?" Zhao Yu asked.

"This guy" Miao Ying put her arms out and pulled the tape off the man's mouth, then pointed at his face. "Look, doesn't this guy look like him?"

"Oh" Zhao Yu finally noticed. Even though there were some differences, he could still vaguely see it. This man looked a bit like the disguised elderly man that rode the bus.

"It's him?!" Zhao Yu rubbed at the man's face. Unexpectedly, this man was quite old. It seemed like he was about sixty-years-old or so.

"Oh" Suddenly, Zhao Yu understood something. He immediately rushed over to the other suspects and started sifting through their bodies. But he could not find anything.

"Zhao Yuwhat are you looking for?" Miao Ying was a bit confused.

"Team Leader," Zhao Yu immediately pointed at the Ford Focus, "go check their car for the stolen goods! Mmwait" Just as Miao Ying was about to turn around, it seemed like Zhao Yu realized something. He immediately called out to Miao Ying, and returned to his police car, pulling out the balding man they caught first.

"You" Miao Ying was still confused, but Zhao Yu had already started stripping the man. Yet, after stripping him, they saw that there was a plastic document bag glued to the man's chest.

Rippp Zhao Yu ripped it straight from his chest. The man shivered in pain.

"See! See this?!" Zhao Yu opened the document bag, and revealed many stamps. The very first one was the Cao Guojiu Stamp that the experts had appraised.

"This" Miao Ying was even more confused. She asked, "Zhao Yu, how did you know?"

"Hehe!" Zhao Yu smiled and patted Miao Ying on the shoulder. "Team Leader Miao, you have to believe it now! Everything that happened was just so lucky! Lucky!"

"Lucky? What do you mean lucky?"

"Hehe!" Zhao Yu pointed at the balding man. "The stamps were hidden on this guy, yet this guy was the one we caught! So, that's why the other guys tried to hit us with their car! Actually, they weren't here to save their friend, but to get the stamps!"

"Oh" Miao Ying finally realized.

"If we didn't catch this guy in the haggis shop, then everyone else would've run off already!" Zhao Yu sighed. "Tell me, isn't this lucky or what?"

"Oh" Miao Ying nodded quietly. So it was like that.

Vroom, vroom. Within moments, a police car arrived in front of the two, and out came about ten police officers holding weapons. Zhao Yu and Miao Ying immediately showed their police badges and greeted them. Immediately after, ambulances came and took along both the culprits who were shot as well as the one in the trunk. Then, this strange chaotic situation came to a close.

As the two rode the car towards the Lingyun Police Station, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something, and started giggling uncontrollably.

"Youwhat's wrong now, Zhao Yu?" Miao Ying asked curiously. "Did you remember something again?"

"Hehe" Zhao Yu's eyes were as thin as a line. He said, "Team Leader Miao, setting everything aside, you lost our bet!!!"