Crazy Detective Chapter 296

Chapter 296: The Ruined Robbers
Chapter 296: The Ruined Robbers
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According to the confession of one of the robbers, Ding Guoxing, his mission was cracking open the safes. For this, he had already practiced many times before hand.

In the bank, just as he had cracked open a few large safety deposit boxes on the bottom row, he saw the big luggage inside one of the boxes!

Inside the bag was something bulky. When he touched it, it was heavy yet soft. Ding Guoxing was a little curious, so he pulled it out and opened it. But inside was something completely black, surprising him!

When his partners heard and came over, the few of them took a while to realize that within the plastic bags was a corpse!!! Even though they had been quite calm, everyone was scared stiff seeing something so terrifying. Their rhythm was broken.

Fang Yi himself was also shocked. No one would have imagined that there would be a corpse inside one of the safety deposit boxes. In their panic, they grabbed what they could and ran! It was because of this that they had not destroyed the goods inside the other boxes. Had they done so, it would have confused the police investigation even more. It was because of that that Zhao Yu's two-hundred thousand old bills were spared.

Once they escaped from the bank, the five of them acted according to their original plan and returned to the Old City's alley. Then they quickly took off their camouflage suits, left their weapons, masks, as well as other items within the car, then left with the stamps.

Fang Yi preemptively took apart the stamp book and split the stamps amongst his friends. As for the cover of the stamp book, he threw it into the toilet!

Fang Yi had predicted the police's hounds, so he told everyone to split up. Due to the disguises prepared ahead of time, they were not worried about being caught on camera at all. All of them left very relaxed, blending into the crowd flawlessly. Just as Miao Ying had said, these people had been on stage for many years, so their psyche was formidable. The process of robbing the bank was almost like a show.

Cheng Xing not only knew how to make props, but he also knew about make-up. He was confident that his disguises would not be discovered by anyone. Even though the plan had been partially ruined by the vacuum sealed corpse, they were confident that the police would not find them!

But they were wrong! It was not that their plan had been flawed, but that they had put too much trust in Fang Yi! The reason why Fang Yi had robbed the bank was not for money at all! But rather to fulfill his promise, to get the wrong edition Broadcast Gymnastic stamps!

Once Fang Yi had put in his all and finally got back the stamps which he had held a grudge for his entire life, all the repressed feelings he had held for decades made him mentally deranged. Thus, once he escaped the Old City area, Fang Yi did not even take off his disguise. Instead, he took the stamps and got on the bus back to Lingyun. As soon as he returned to Lingyun, Fang Yi headed straight for the cemetery, to his father's grave.

"Father! Father" Fang Yi knelt in front of his father's grave, holding the stamps with his two hands. He spoke maniacally, "Father! I found the stamps, looklook carefully The Broadcast Gymnastic stamps, wrong editionthe one you were collecting!"

In his excitement, Fang Yi's hands shook in the air, and he choked out softly, "Father! I was not a loyal son. It took me this many years to get the stamps back! Wait, I'll return them to you now" He took out a lighter and, without hesitation, lit the stamps worth millions on fire.

"Father!" Watching the fire, Fang Yi's tears flowed freely. "Father! I've burned them for you. Can you forgive me in death?! SobI was wrong, I knew I was wrongFatherI won't do it anymoresob"

Actually, according to their original plan, once all the robbers ran away, they were to remove their make-up, then meet at Cui Guosheng's Haval, then return to Lingyun together. The four of them waited at the Haval for a long time, but Fang Yi did not arrive. Obviously, they were highly agitated, but Fang Yi had not brought a cellphone, so there was no way for them to contact him.

In the end, they could only ride back to Lingyun by themselves. Fang Yi refused to show up, and the four of them finally became suspicious and slowly realized they had been tricked by Fang Yi. They immediately looked up the value of the stamps online, and asked around, then the finally learned the truth. The stamps were not worth tens of millions like Fang Yi had said. They had spent so much effort, risked their lives, and in the end, only for a mere two-million or so.

Cheng Xing and the others were infinitely frustrated. They suspected that the stamps Fang Yi had taken were priceless, and that they had been tricked by Fang Yi into taking the not valuable ones. If they had known this from the beginning, then they would have taken more from the safety deposit boxes.

In their anger, they started looking for Fang Yi. They originally thought that Fang Yi would have ran away, but Fang Yi had not gone anywhere, and unexpectedly went home instead.

The four of them immediately banded together and tied Fang Yi up, then asked where he had put the stamps. Fang Yi then finally confessed everything to them. The four of them heard, and could not help but be filled with regret. However, the Fang Yi who had already fulfilled his mission was clearly deranged. No matter how the four of them scolded and beat him, he did not respond at all, almost like a soulless shell.

Now, the four of them were even more helpless. Even if they wanted to let Fang Yi go, they worried about the man's mental problems, fearing that he would confess. With no other options, the four of them could only take turns keeping an eye on Fang Yi.

Even though they had not gained treasures worth tens of millions, these stamps were still worth quite a bit. The four of them started planning on how to sell these stamps. They knew that Lingyun City was quite small. If they sold them locally, they ran a huge risk of being exposed. Thus, they needed to find a way in a bigger city.

So, they decided to leave that morning, and sell the stamps in another city. These stamps were quite expensive, and the four men did not trust each other at all. In the end, they all decided to go together. But someone had to look after the mentally deranged Fang Yi. In the end, they were forced to tie up Fang Yi in the truck and bring him along.

Maybe it was karma or fate playing against them. Right before they left, the four of them wanted some haggis soup, so they stopped the car outside, and took turns eating breakfast. Yet, just as Ding Guoxing was eating, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying came in to investigate the case, and the rest was history.

Just as Zhao Yu had said, the stamps were all glued to Ding Guoxing's body. When they saw Ding Guoxing being captured, everyone's hope turned to ash. With nothing to lose, they decided to risk it all. They had already robbed the bank, so they might as well keep going. They collided with the police car, trying to get the stamps back. They planned to run away with the stamps and live as fugitives. While their plan was good, they had not expected the police would have guns. With Miao Ying's three shots, they were left with no way to resist.

And just like that, the Qinshan Bank Robbery case was finally closed. No one would imagine that behind such a carefully crafted bank robbery was such a colorful and complex story! But in the end, if there had not been so many accidents, the case would not have been so complicated or incomprehensible.

Interestingly, the entire process of solving the case was filled with coincidences. Even when all the criminals had confessed, Miao Ying was still stunned. She was still confused. Just how had she managed to catch the criminals?

Even though Miao Ying had no idea, Zhao Yu knew everything. Everything happened because of his Miracle System. But the hard work from the police was also crucial. If it had not been for the days and nights the investigators spent investigating and finding all the suspects, if not for the experts who had managed to recreate the suspects' true appearances, then no matter how incredible the Miracle System was, the case would not have been solved so quickly.

But no matter what, the Bank Robbery Case was solved. Regardless if it was Zhao Yu or Miao Ying, or the entire Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, everyone breathed a sigh of relief! Now, they only have one other big issue at hand, and that was the strange Bank Hidden Corpse Case!!!