Crazy Detective Chapter 297

Chapter 297: The Living Sherlock Holmes
Chapter 297: The Living Sherlock Holmes
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The moon was bright but there were few stars. The air still felt like the beginning of summer. The night sky fell as the police cars from Rongyang Branch gathered speed on the highway. They were sent to escort the criminals away. The five bank robbers were being held in custody in the car right in the middle of the convoy.

And the last police car in the convoy was a Tuscan. The bearded Da Fei was driving while Lan Bo sat next to him. Meanwhile, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were already sleeping in the backseat! The both of them were worn out from working so hard for the past few days. They could not help but fall asleep.

"Bro," Lan Bo felt bored and decided to chat with Da Fei. "So, what do you think after you heard the whole story about the Bank Robbery Case? What are your thoughts?"

"Cough! What other feelings could I have?" Da Fei was driving as he answered, "It's great that the case was solved! But those robbers were amazing! The plan was perfect!"

"Tsk tsk" Lan Bo pouted. "But I think they aren't that amazing. Their plan wasn't that perfect!"

"Oh? How so?" Da Fei was surprised.

"Hmph, if I was a robber, I would be more amazing!" Lan Bo vowed. "Haven't you realized it yet? Actually, they could've taken many other items. There was no need to only steal the stamps!"

"Oh? Really?" Da Fei said, "I remember the criminals stated that if they took too many items or something too big, it would've been difficult for them to escape!"

"That's true," Lan Bo said. "But if they had changed their plan a little here and there, they could've pulled it off!"

"Oh? How?"

"Actually, the first half of the plan was amazing except for the last bit which was their escape plan!" Lan Bo said seriously, "If I were them, I would prepare two rickshaws in the alley, one disguised as a parcel delivery vehicle, and I would pack all the stolen goods in the parcels! The other one could be disguised as some company vehicle moving goods, but it would really be to escape. Then, it would be easy. Plus, it would not have been captured by the cameras, and I wouldn't need makeup!"

"That's smart!" Da Fei nodded.

"Not only that, but I also have a plan B!" Lan Bo said proudly, "Wasn't there a toilet near the car? They could've thrown all the goods into the sewer. After a few days, take the septic tank and collect the goods along with the feces! Then, the case couldn't possibly be solved. How could you solve it?"

"Oh God!" Da Fei looked at Lan Bo with his mouth hanging open. "Lan Bo, are you possessed? What is in your brain? How could you come up with this idea? Thisisn't it too dirty?"

"Hehe, just saying!" Lan Bo laughed. "Actually, what I meant was, if Fang Yi was not traumatized, maybe it would have been even more perfect! Even more difficult for us to solve!"

"This is already difficult enough!" Da Fei replied. "Actually, Fang Yi was quite pitiful! He traded his father's stamp for a video game console, which was a mistake. But this mistake shouldn't have ruined his life!"

"Oh?" Lan Bo was surprised.

"Although it led to severe consequences," Da Fei said solemnly, "Fang Yi won't do it again. He should be forgiven."

"What? What do you mean?" Lan Bo was confused.

"Actually" Da Fei replied emotionally, "Put yourself in the other's shoes. Fang Yi's father would never want to see his son end up like this. What father doesn't hope for the best for their children?

"Fang Yi was held back by his stubbornness and lost himself. If someone had talked to him, he wouldn't be like this! Just for that stamp collection, Fang Yi bet on his entire life! It's not worth it! Pathetic indeed"

"Oh" Lan Bo realized something and looked at Da Fei in shock. "Bro, what you said is profound! Did you take some psychology classes?"

"This is criminal psychology, we've learned this before!" Da Fei said, "We might think that the stamp buyer was the chief culprit. Am I right? What he did led to Fang Yi's miserable life."

"Yes!" Lan Bo nodded.

"But based on human consciousness and criminology, the consequences were due to people's' lack of understanding in cognitive psychology." Da Fei continued solemnly, "Have you ever thought that his father's death was an accident! But Fang Yi himself and his relatives wall blamed him! Then, Fang Yi secluded himself and thought that he would need to find the stamps if he wanted to free himself! If not, his life would be meaningless!

"Technically, if he had gotten a professional counselling, or if his relatives had shown more sympathy and compassion, he would not have ended up where he is now! Lan Bo," Da Fei replied sincerely, "behind every case, there's a liter of tears! As police, we're responsible for more than just arresting criminals. We have a duty to analyze the criminal's motives, so we can avoid more crimes in the future!"

"A liter of tears?" Lan Bo said. "Why does that sound so familiar? OhI remember now, Captain Jin said it before, right?"

"Mm!" Da Fei nodded.

"Mmexactly! You're right!" Lan Bo nodded. "It sounds kind of sacred! Hehehe" Lan Bo stretched as he spoke, and he caught a sight of the backseat out of the corner of his eyes. He told Da Fei, "Hey, Da Fei, look at those two"

Da Fei looked back and saw Zhao Yu and Miao Ying sleeping soundly. More interestingly, their heads were leaning against each other, forming an irregular triangle that supported their heads as they slept. Da Fei smiled and kept silent.

Lan Bo laughed. "Team Leader Miao and Bro Yu are amazing. The two of them are like the living Sherlock Holmes! They went to Lingyun and solved the case in half a day! Itit's superhuman!"

"Yeah! It's odd too!" Da Fei said softly, "I heard someone saying, this kind of thing has never happened before. The two of them arrested five robbers at once! Incredible!"

"Heheheh Who cares!" Lan Bo pointed at Zhao Yu and Miao Ying in the back. "Relying on these two Sherlock Holmes, we can solve all kinds of cases! Just follow them and you can live a good life! Eh Look, they changed their position again"

Da Fei looked again, the two of them were tangled together as they slept. Zhao Yu was lying on Miao Ying's lap, and she was lying on his back. They were piled on each other.

"What the" Lan Bo gulped and said carefully, "Da Fei, if I were to take a photo of them, what do you think would happen?"

"MmI think you would die miserably!" Da Fei replied sternly.

"Okay, then forget it! Sigh!" Lan Bo put his hands behind his head and said, "Da Fei, we already solved the Bank Robbery Case, what's next? Are we going to solve the Bank Hidden Corpse Case?"

"Of course!" Da Fei laughed genuinely. "This time, we can focus on solving one case! Just you wait, we will overtake the special task force and solve the case!"

"Yeah, that's right! We have a pair of living Sherlock Holmes!" Lan Bo added, "What expert? What elite? We will blow their minds!"

Lan Bo's phone rang before he finished. It was a notification for the latest official news. When Lan Bo finished reading the update, his face grew grave.

"What is going on? What happened?" Da Fei noticed Lan Bo's change of emotion.

"Latest update!" Lan Bo said awkwardly, "The special task force just found a new vacuum sealed corpse!!"

"Huh?" Da Fei did not hold the steering wheel tight enough, and the car shook vigorously as he got a shock.

Zhao Yu was swung off the back seat but he did not wake up as he was extremely exhausted. He continued sleeping soundly even as he landed on Miao Ying's feet