Crazy Detective Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Special Class Item
Chapter 298: Special Class Item
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From the darkness came a soft rustling noise. "Oof" A woman roused within the darkness, emitting a low moan. When she opened her eyes, she could not see anything other than pure darkness in front of her.

"Mm" The woman raised her two hands to search, but other than the cold wet floor, she could not feel anything else. "Wherewhere am I?" Slowly, the woman woke up, but a sudden fear lurked within her heart. She immediately searched her body, and noticed that she was without a scratch, nor was she tied up, or stripped. Only her bag was missing. She immediately started shuffling around for her bag, looking for her phone. But there was nothing on the ground around her.

"Thiswhere is this place?" The woman felt afraid, and her heart sped up. She climbed up from the ground with difficulty, but it was difficult to maintain her balance in the complete darkness, and only dizziness greeted her.

After a long while, she finally found her balance and began moving slowly. Yet, her hand quickly touched another frozen object. After a touch, the female could feel that it was a wall with ceramic tile. On the wall was a strange rotten smell.

"Justjust where am I? Is anyone here?" She tried to yell out, but realized that her voice did not carry far. Within moments, she suddenly realized that she was in a very tiny area. Fear and hopelessness crawled into her heart again, and she felt frozen to the core.

Within the darkness, she tried to search as best she could as she walked around with her hands on the ceramic tiles. It did not take long for her to realize her situation. Just as she had guessed, she was trapped inside a small room that was barely three to four meters wide! The wall and the floor of the room were made of smooth ceramic. There was only a very narrow metal door in the room.

"Is, is there anyone here?! Help! Help!!" The woman was terrified. She started slamming on the door and yelled out, "Help! Help! Is there anyone here? Anyone"

Due to the wet environment, the metal door was dripping with water. It seemed like the door was covered with wood. The sound of the woman's fist on the door was almost completely muffled. Soon, it was as if her fearful cries were swallowed up by the darkness, slowly fading away

"Ah" On the soft bed, Zhao Yu yawned loudly. He stretched so far that his head almost hit his ankle.

"Thatwas the best sleep" he thought to himself. In his grogginess, Zhao Yu opened his eyes. The summer sun was especially beautiful, its glowing rays spread across his bed. He checked his watch. It was currently 10:15 in the morning. Since he had come back last night, he had not even eaten dinner or slept until now.

So good! Zhao Yu stretched lazily. In his sleepy trance, he suddenly remembered the dream he had had the day before. Yesterday, he had had a bunch of strange dreams. First, he dreamed Miao Ying was like James Bond and shot endlessly, each shot hitting its mark. At first, she was shooting enemies, but soon, she was shooting ducks, then, the ducks turned into barbecue chicken

Oh He relaxed his body, and thought to himself it was true that the more you think, the more you dream. Yesterday, after capturing the five bank robbers, he was constantly thinking about how to get his kiss from Miao Ying. Since he won the bet, he could mess with Miao Ying without any guilt.

But when he remembered Miao Ying's fearless attitude while shooting the robbers, he simply could not speak up! Once again, he witnessed Miao Ying's strength. If he wanted to mess with Miao Renfeng from now on, he definitely had to do it when she did not have a gun.

The Bank Robbery Case was over! Despite all sorts of strange situations, the case was closed. Now, they could finally breathe easily! They knew for sure that the Bank Robbery Case had nothing to do with the vacuum sealed corpse. All that was left was to do was to put all their focus on the Bank Hidden Corpse Case!

Zhao Yu had already heard that the special investigation team found another vacuum sealed corpse yesterday. This corpse was also found inside a safety deposit box. But so far, no new information emerged.

They could tell that the case was becoming scarier and more complicated by the minute. Everything considered, six victims appeared! If they had all been killed by the same culprit, then this case could be considered a serial murder! If the public found out, without a doubt, there would be a huge wave of shock. The influence of this case would be no less than the Mianling Kidnapping Case!

Thenwho was the culprit? Why did he decide to murder these innocent victims? Why did he want to starve them all to death? Also, could it bethere were more victims than just the six that had been found? Just how many people were killed?

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu immediately got out of bed and took shower. He planned on first going to the police station to work, to see any new progress had been made. But it was not until he was almost done showering that he remembered something important. He had not even checked out the new item he got! Yesterday, he had heard the ending notification from the system in his dream, but since he was sleeping so well, he did not wake up. He still did not know his completion rate from yesterday, nor did he check out the new item.

Since he had solved the Bank Robbery Case, Zhao Yu figured he probably got a high completion rate. He could not see his completion rate anymore, but he could still check what item he got.

He saw that there was indeed a new item. Once he clicked on it, the system started its introduction: "All-purpose antidotea special class item. After use, this item will quickly rid your body of any poison. Works on any type of poison. Note: this is a single use item, and can only be used for one poison. If there is no poison in the body, the item will be wasted."

All-purpose Antidote?! Special class item?! Zhao Yu could not help but be excited. He knew that items that were as powerful as the invisible defibrillator were first class. But for there to be a special class item, this would definitely be something good! The all-purpose antidote could cure any poison. This was definitely the cream of the crop as a lifesaver! Amazing, incredible!

As he praised the item, Zhao Yu also felt some regret. He really wanted to know just how high his completion rate was. But since the system did not keep any record, he could not look it up anymore. Now, Zhao Yu only had one important thing left to doopen a new hexagram for himself.

Thus, after some violent coughing, the new hexagram came: "'Zhen-Dui' hexagram! Zhen for thunder and Dui for marsh. Thunder before marsh, happy things abound, there will be no resistance, and all truth will be revealed"

"Zhen-Dui" hexagram? Zhao Yu was not surprised by this hexagram at all. Usually, solving an important case would be followed by this hexagram. One represented a increase in status, and another meant he would gain some reward money!

But, compared to these two hexagrams, Zhao Yu's favorite was still "Gen". Only when the "Gen" hexagram appeared would there be progress made for the case. The more he thought about it, the bigger of a hurry he was in to learn about the case progression. Thus, as soon as he finished showering, he headed towards the police station.

By opening the hexagram, he had set himself on the path of little peace.

As expected, Zhao Yu had just arrived at the office, and he could already see that the members of the Key Case Investigation Unit were once again arguing with the special task force