Crazy Detective Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Lets Try Something More Exciting
Chapter 299: Lets Try Something More Exciting
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There was friction between the police detectives from the Key Case Investigation Unit and the special task force. As they solved the Bank Robbery Case, the case would be brought to trial soon. The police detectives from the Key Case Investigation Unit wanted to strike while the iron was hot in order to continue to investigate the Bank Hidden Corpse Case but they had been rejected by the Special Task Force when they asked for the latest updates on the case.

The special task force rudely said, "We were officially assigned to investigate the case by the higher-ups. We don't care about the Bank Robber Case, but we can't have the Key Case Investigation Unit lay hands on the Bank Hidden Corpse Case!" They even warned them that Rongyang Branch only needed to cooperate with the investigation. "Don't butt your heads into other people's business," they had added.

The police detectives from Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit took no nonsense. When they heard that, they argued with them on the spot. Zhang Yaohui leaded the team, first to reason with them, then argued to the verge of fighting!

"Hey? Bro Yu?" Just when Lan Bo was getting nervous that they did not have anybody very daring on their side, he saw Zhao Yu. He was thrilled and immediately asked for his help. When Zhao Yu heard the entire story, he scratched his head. He found it odd that they were asking for latest information from the special task force because it was unnecessary.

The Forensics Department would have to perform an autopsy on the corpse, and the Missing Persons Department would examine it as well. Therefore, all they needed to do to get complete information was just to head over to the two departments. But the detectives had purposely requested information from the special task force. What Zhao Yaohui and the others obviously meant to provoke the special task force.

"Is it that" Zhao Yu looked around but could not find Miao Ying. He then realized something. "Oh I understand now. Miao Ying must have had her anger bottled up, that's why she's asking for trouble from the Special Task Force," Zhao Yu thought. "Naughty! This Miao Renfeng is so naughty! She is on par with me!"

But he had his own standpoint and principles. If he was the team leader, he would have pushed it even further. "If so, why don't I help out?" he thought to himself.

Zhao Yu rushed towards the crowd to stir up more drama. He shoved Mao Wei with his shoulders. The tall and chunky Mao Wei then lost balance and hugged a member of the special task force!

"Hey?! What are you doing? Are you trying to pick a fight?"

"Look closely! You started it!"

This was the catalyst for both sides to start fighting. Detectives from both sides were rolling up their sleeves, getting ready to fight.

Then a clean looking man walked out from Team B's office and shouted, "Stop!" His thundering voice shocking all the detectives, and they put down their hands and went quiet.

"Can't you tell?" He was speaking directly to the members of the special task force. "They are here to display their seniority and power in this station!" This man was not very old, but he spoke with confidence and power. When he appeared, he attracted everyone's attention. The police detectives from the special task force seemed as though they found their backbone and moved to his side.

Although it was the first time Zhao Yu saw this person, he guessed that he was the team leader of the special task force, Wang Shengyao! Not only was he the vice captain of municipal criminal investigation team, but he was also Mao Wei's cousin. He was young and his complexion was as clear as jade. Even though he was not tall, he was full of enthusiasm and pride.

"Comrades!" Wang Shengyao smiled maliciously and said, "It's okay! Didn't they want the information? Didn't they want to investigate the same case as us? Alright. Give it to them! I don't like opponents that lose at the starting line!" Wang Shengyao's neutral statement hit the detectives from Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit like a ton of bricks.

"Hmph!" Wang Shengyao was annoyed. "Some people are so full of themselves after solving a few cases! You know what! Go ahead and investigate! I always wanted some competition. Hehehe!"

Tat, tat, tat As Wang Shengyao was laughing coldly, there was the sound of footsteps approaching. They then saw a beautiful silhouette in Team A's office. It was Miao Ying!

Just when Wang Shengyao saw Miao Ying, his smile got wider and more demonic. "HahahaI see. This was actually arranged by Team Leader Miao! Oh man!" Wang Shengyao started clapping. "The legendary Miao Renfeng is amazing! I finally get to see it with my own eyes! You showed us your power in this station and we are so intimidated" Wang Shengyao's sarcasm made the detectives from the special task force laugh hysterically.

"Team Leader Wang, excuse my etiquette!" Miao Ying smiled coldly at Wang Shengyao. "This was a misunderstanding. My teammates don't have any bad intentions! We didn't know that we would solve the Bank Robbery Base so quickly! Since we have spare time, we would like to help. We could share your burden!"

"Ohhh Hehehe" Wang Shengyao smiled. "Thank you so much! Xiao Liu, go and make a copy of the latest update for Team Leader Miao! They want to help us. We can't be so rude!"

"Hold on! It's okay, forget it!" Miao Ying crossed her arms and said with her chest out, "Team Leader Wang made it clear, we can't get an inch! We don't need the information, we will work do it ourselves! Team Leader Wang, I'm impressed at what you said about not liking your competitor to lose at the starting point. But on the contrary, I prefer our competitor to get a head start as it will make our victory that much sweeter!"

Miao Ying spoke lightly, but everything she said refuted what Wang Shengyao had said. It was so destructive that all the detectives from the special task force broke out in cold sweat.

"Hehe" Wang Shengyao smiled and complimented her, "Miao Renfeng is really clever and eloquent. Bravo! Bravo! Alright then. If so, there's no need to beat around the bush. But" He looked Miao Ying up and down and asked, "Team Leader Miao, I'm not sure if you want to make our competition even more exciting."

Silence consumed the office after Wang Shengyao's comment. Every detective was curious. No one knew what he meant by "more exciting."

"Hehe" Wang Shengyao saw Miao Ying stern stance and he laughed. "If you don't want to, that's fine! If you are not up for the challenge, I'll let you off the hook. If you don't want to, it's really fine. It's not that embarrassing!"

"You" Miao Ying felt humiliated. "Okay, tell me! How do you want to make it more exciting? Place a bet?"

"Bingo!" Wang Shengyao gave her a thumbs up and said, "Let's make a bet! If we solve the case first, Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit has to call us 'senior', and you have to apologize to my cousin, Mao Wei, in person. How about that? Do you dare?"

"Oh?" Miao Ying raised her eyebrows. "Thenwhat if you lose?"

"If we lose, it's vice versa. We'll all respectfully call you 'senior'." Wang Shengyao smiled. "And I will have to take three of your punches in front of everyone! What do you think?"

Looking at Wang Shengyao being so confident, Miao Ying felt suspicious. She was worried that the special task force had made great progress in their investigation and were trying to set her up!

"Hehehe" Wang Shengyao smiled again. "Hesitant? Are you scared? It's okay. Like I said earlier, it is not embarrassing to decline the challenge! We understand, right?"

"Exactly!" The detectives from the special task force laughed, and those from Rongyang were forced to bow down.

"Okay! We agree! What's there to be afraid about?" At that crucial moment, Zhao Yu appeared next to Miao Ying and laughed hysterically. "Hahaha This is so exciting! Team Leader Miao, let's do it!"

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying thought Zhao Yu was agreeing rashly, and pressed his shoulders. But Zhao Yu signalled her with his eyes and looked at Wang Shengyao. "Team Leader Wang, go home and put on some cement on your face! Our Team Leader Miao's fist is extremely hard! She might accidentally break your dog head! Wahaha" Zhao Yu's laughter gave the police detectives from Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit a boost of confidence, and they started laughing too.

"Alright! That's a deal!" Wang Shengyao kept his smile and stared at Zhao Yu. "I suggest you prepare to lose!" Then he waved and left with the members of the special task force.

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying pulled him forward and complained, "You are too reckless! They are setting us up! Mm You" Miao Ying had yet to finish her sentence when Zhao Yu suddenly took out a flash drive.

"Team Leader Miao, do you know what's exciting? When you were fighting, "Zhao Yu put on his demonic smile, "I went around their office for a bit!"

"Ahhh You" Miao Ying took the flash drive and realized that it might have the case information from their opponents. Just when she took the flash drive, she heard someone screaming in Team B's office, "Ah!!! This That b*stard scraped our whiteboard?! My Someone touched my computer Ugh"