Crazy Detective Chapter 301

Chapter 301: The Golden Boy And Jade Girl
Chapter 301: The Golden Boy and Jade Girl
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Zhao Yu knew if he did not investigate with all his heart, the "Gen" hexagram would not be easily achieved. So, he had to give his all regardless of whether if he got "Gen" hexagram to assist him.

Looking at the few whiteboards with information on the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, Zhao Yu felt nostalgic! Just like the Lost Hand Case back then, he felt that there was a clue right before him, but he had yet to find it!

"Whatwhat is it? Is it Is it about the motive? Murderer, why did you starve these people to death?" Zhao Yu wondered. "If the murderer was a bloodthirsty maniac, thenhe would've chosen a gorier method in order to suit his needs. Why did he opt to starve the people to death? Tsk tsk"

Zhao Yu dully looked at the photos of the corpse, but his mind was running trying to look for a new clue.

"Is it that Did the murderer experience some sort of hunger games? He wanted the others to get a taste of it. They have some serious psychological issues Butwhy did he choose these people?" Just as Zhao Yu was deep in thought, he suddenly seemed to have realized something.

Just then, the office door opened. Bureau Chief Luan, Secretary Song Chao, and Office Chief Lim walked in together.

"Bureau Chief Luan." The detectives stood up to salute him.

The Key Case Investigation Unit was well informed. They had already heard some rumors. Due to Bureau Chief Luan's good job handling the mess left by the previous bureau chief, and her good connection with the higher-ups, Luan Xiaoxiao was officially promoted as Rongyang Branch's Bureau Chief.

"Comrades, thanks for the hard work!" Bureau Chief Luan greeted everyone with a smile. "You just solved the Bank Robbery Case, and you were supposed to take a good rest, but here you are, still investigating. I'm really sorry about that! Everyone is working too hard!

"Actually!" Bureau Chief Luan continued, "We were supposed to have a commendation ceremony to celebrate, butas you already know," she pointed towards the door, "this is a very crucial moment. Although we solved many significant cases and contributed so much, we have to work harder to prove our capability! If we solve this case before them, no one would dare to come around and challenge us!"

Clap, clap, clap! There was enthusiastic applause in the office. What Bureau Chief Luan said hit everyone's heart, and it felt encouraging.

"I do not need to say anything more! I have full confidence in the Key Case Investigation Unit!" Bureau Chief Luan gave an impassioned speech, "The Mianling Case and Bank Robbery Case have been solved. I believe the Bank Hidden Corpse Case won't be a problem wither!"

"Don't worry, Bureau Chief Luan!" Miao Ying saluted her respectfully.

Bureau Chief Luan shook Miao Ying's hand and said, "Next, I have three pieces of good news that I need to announce! Xiao Song, are you ready?"

Song Chao was holding on a stack of documents when he nodded.

"Alright!" Bureau Chief Luan smiled and said, "The Mianling Case's cash reward is here! Five-hundred thousand cash reward, the highest in Qinshan Police history. We proudly claimed the honor! I've allocated the cash reward according to our usual rules. The allocation table is here. You will receive your cash reward this afternoon after you sign the acknowledgement form."

"Woohoo" The police detectives were excited and cheering happily when they heard that they were collecting their cash reward.

"Secondly," Bureau Chief Luan looked at Zhao Yu and said, "due to Zhao Yu's outstanding performance, the higher-ups have decided to assign Zhao Yu as the temporary team leader for Team A, in order to solve the Bank Hidden Corpse Case with Team Leader Miao!"

"Wow!" Everyone was surprised at the promotion. Although some knew that Zhao Yu's promotion was only a matter of time, they thought that he was going to take over Miao Ying's position in Team B, and Miao Ying would be the captain of the Key Case Investigation Unit!

Who would have guessed that Zhao Yu would take over Team A straightaway! Team A had an official team leader! Plus, there were many experienced police detectives, such as Peng Xin, Liu Xueshan, etc. Zhao Yu was just a small potato that had just been recognized, but he climbed above them in rank. That kind of promotion was definitely the first.

"Congratulations, Zhao Yu!" Bureau Chief Luan immediately congratulated him after she announced the promotion.

Zhao Yu cringed and asked, "MmthatBureau Chief Luan, what the hell is this temporary promotion? When do I get promoted officially?"

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying reminded Zhao Yu of his attitude when she saw him acting so shamelessly.

"Hehehe" Bureau Chief Luan knew Zhao Yu well. She laughed and said, "Zhao Yu, I knew you were going to say that! If you solve this case and give us the spotlight again, an official promotion is inevitable, isn't it?"

"Oh" Zhao Yu stood up straight and saluted her. "Don't worry! I, Team Leader Zhao, will complete the mission!"

Suddenly, Zhao Yu's shamelessness blew everyone away again

"Miao Ying!" Bureau Chief Luan turned around and consoled Miao Ying, "Technically, you should be the captain, butbecause of what happened a while back, it can't happen just yet! Be patient! It won't be too long before Mao Wei recoveres!"

Oh Everyone understood after Bureau Chief Luan explained. It seemed that when Mao Wei recovered and was discharged from the hospital, he would be the team leader for Team B! The day Mao Wei became team leader, Miao Ying would become the captain of Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit!

"Hehehe" Zhao Yu laughed and taunted Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao, if you aren't promoted, thenit means that we are at the same rank! Wahaha! Who knew it'd be like this!"

Miao Ying rolled her eyes at Zhao Yu, and he pushed again."Hehehe, Team Leader Miao, your advice and comments are well appreciated! Bureau Chief Luan, don't you worry! We, from Team A and Team Bmmthe Golden Boy and Jade Girl! When we are here, we are a formidable combination. Just you watch!"

Pfft! Listening to Zhao Yu's shameless speech, all the detectives nearly fell on the ground. Those who were weak even felt nauseous.

"Yes! A formidable combination! Golden Boy and Jade Girl!" Bureau Chief Luan gulped as she was in shock too.

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying's knuckles were cracking as she was trying to restrain herself.

"Oh, right! The third piece of news!" Bureau Chief Luan changed the subject at the most crucial moment. "The third announcement is also great! I just received a document from the higher-ups. Congratulation, Li Beini, you have completed your trainee probation and have officially become one of the members of the police force!"

"Wow!" Zhao Yu immediately gave her a warm applause and congratulated her. Li Beini was caught by surprise.

"Silly girl!" Zhao Yu held her shoulders and shouted at the detectives, "Let me tell you, Beini is my sister, and my sister has officially joined the squad! I am very happy! Tonight, we are going to Hanshen Hotel! It's on me! Whoever's not coming is my enemy!"