Crazy Detective Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Dont Need To Feel Sorry For Me
Chapter 305: Dont Need to Feel Sorry for Me
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Zhao Yu was kicked onto the ground by Lei Bin and he felt tight in his chest. Lei Bin did not give Zhao Yu any chance to rest but landed another kick on Zhao Yu's face!

Zhao Yu raised both of his arms up to defend himself, but his opponent was too heavy and strong. Zhao Yu walked back while he blocked the kick. Lei Bin then punched his shoulders and Zhao Yu stumbled. After exchanging a few moves, Zhao Yu could tell that Lei Bin was indeed an expert! Whether it was in speed, strength, or skill, he exceeded Miao Ying! His ability was even stronger than the SWAT member Zhao Qing. Even if Miao Ying came to help, the two of them might not win against Lei Bin, let alone Zhao Yu himself.

Looking at the situation, Zhao Yu starting thinking of a plan as he could only win against Lei Bin using some other way! So when Lei Bin attacked again, he leaped forward and hugged him to buy time to think. But Lei Bin was much stronger than what Zhao Yu had expected. When Zhao Yu leaped, Lei Bin pressed on his shoulders and hit Zhao Yu's chin with an uppercut. Zhao Yu flew in the air and fell hard on the ground!

"Oh" Zhao Yu felt a sharp pain in his chest and dizziness after the heavy landing.

"Ah-ya!" Lei Bin roared and kicked Zhao Yu again.

Zhao Yu did a few somersaults on the cushion, and there was blood on the corner of his mouth.

"Zhao Yu" Miao Ying wanted to help but Zhao Yaohui and the others that were familiar with Zhao Yu's personality stopped her.

"Hmph! That's what you can do? How dare you challenge me! Such a joke!" Lei Bin smiled contemptuously and walked towards Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu had two invisible invisibility suits. If he were to use one, even though he might not be able to seize victory through a surprise attack, he could use it to at least protect himself just like the fight with Mister Zhang last time. Zhao Yu had a strong will. He would rather use barbaric fighting methods like spitting than use any devices! He wanted to defeat his opponent using his own strength even though he knew that his opponent was extremely powerful.

Zhao Yu saw Lei Bin approaching him again. He quickly rolled over and stood up, then fought with him in a corner again. That time, Zhao Yu was still trying to get closer to Lei Bin by hugging him. But due to the spitting earlier, Lei Bin was extremely careful and would not let Zhao Yu to get close to him at all.

After a few rounds, Zhao Yu got in a few punches and kicks. The situation did not look good. At that time, Lei Bin was already familiar with Zhao Yu's fighting tactics. He could attack Zhao Yu at ease. He had defended against Zhao Yu's counterattack, cutting off the opportunity.

Dong! After a few rounds, Zhao Yu got punched in his face again. He was then on the ground with blood oozing out.

"No way! No way! Zhao Yu" Miao Ying screamed. She wanted to rush over and rescue him but her colleagues would not let go of her.

"Hehe" Lei Bin bent down and said with a poker face, "How about now? Can you get up? Do you want to surrender?"

"II'll f*ck your sh*t up!" Zhao Yu cursed and stood up. Lei Bin was waiting for the chance. He gave him a welcoming kick right on his chest! Although Zhao Yu had been kicked, he punched Lei Bin's legs really hard and sent him stumbling as well.

"Yo?" Lei Bin was surprised. He patted his thighs and attempted to kick Zhao Yu again, wanting to finish him off with one attack. But Zhao Yu seized the chance to go into a rage and grabbed onto his ankle! Zhao Yu wanted to replay the scene with Mister Zhang, to grab his ankle and run around! But Mister Zhang was nothing compared to Lei Bin. Lei Bin suddenly jumped up a meter high, raised his other leg up, and brought it down right on Zhao Yu's head.

Dong! Zhao Yu flew back and slammed on the ground. There was a trail of blood that was flew out.

Oh Zhao Yu's head was already wounded before. Under the powerful attack, he felt dizzy and extreme pain on his wound. He wanted get up, but he had no strength.

"Zhao Yujust surrender already!" Miao Ying shouted as she quivered.

"Hahahaha" Lei Bin laughed maliciously. "Can you hear that, son? My junior asked you to surrender! Don't worry! I will finish her up like how I'll finish you! I will let the two of you regret fighting against me!"

"I F*ck you" Just when Zhao Yu wanted to curse again, he heard the system speak in his mind, "Today's adventure has been completed. Adventure completion pate is one-hundred and one percent. Congratulations! You have been awarded with an invisible device, please accept!"

"F*ck! Why would it end now? What does it mean?" Zhao Yu thought to himself. He battled his exhaustion and opened up the device bar with great effort. The system introduced the item, "Energy booster. Level 1 Device. After activation, it will boost your energy from three to five fold with no side effects. The time limit is ten minutes."

No way? Energy Booster?! Boost energy?

"Hehehe" Looking at the device, it was Zhao Yu's turn to laugh maliciously. He was thinking in his heart, "System, what is this? You felt sorry watching me get beat up? Oh, so you gave me an energy booster to see if I can turn the tables and win the battle?"

"Ow" Sucking up the pain, Zhao Yu supported his body and stood up. Then, a devilish smile appeared on his face.

"Stupid! Fool! Don't stand up. Don't" Miao Ying was panicking.

"Hehe" Lei Bin laughed coldly and got in front of Zhao Yu. He used his right foot to trip Zhao Yu, and his right elbow to hit Zhao Yu's chest. Zhao Yu fell to the ground again!

"Hehehe" Zhao Yu was laughing maniacally on the ground. "Systemthanks! But, youand all of youbelittled me! I don't accept charity. I endured so many fierce battles back then without falling! I won't fall now either!" he thought.

"Hahahaha" Zhao Yu laughed hysterically and Lei Bin was shocked. "What is it? Did I hit too hard and damaged your brain?"

"Hmph" Zhao Yu wiped away the blood on his face and supported his body as he got back up once again.

"Don'tdon't stand up! Zhao Yudon't stand up!" Miao Ying's voice was growing hoarse.

"Alright then! You asked for it, don't blame it on me!" Lei Bin clenched his teeth and raised his leg, prepared to finish Zhao Yu with that one last kick.

But just as he raised his leg, Zhao Yu suddenly dashed towards him! Lei Bin quickly kicked Zhao Yu's stomach, but Zhao Yu did not seem to feel anything and continued running at Lei Bin. Lei Bin quickly raised his fist to punch Zhao Yu's face, but Zhao Yu did not dodge, and raised his fist to hit Lie Bin's face as well.

Dong! Both of them took each other's punch at the same time but Zhao Yu was like the legendary Hunk. His eyes shimmered with brutality, and he continued to smash Lei Bin's face continuously!

Lei Bin was stunned and quickly used his hands to block while he kicked Zhao Yu's stomach again! Zhao Yu held on to Lei Bin's thighs as he was kicked. Everyone was astonished when opened his mouth to bite Lei Bin on his thigh!!!

"Ahhh." Lei Bin groaned in pain. It rang loud and clear across the whole Taekwondo studio. Zhao Yu's gory bite took out a chunk of flesh through his clothing!

"Ah! Ah!" Lei Bin was groaning in pain and slapped Zhao Yu's head repeatedly! But Zhao Yu could not feel anything so he leaped onto Lei Bin and the two of them rolled to the corner!

After rolling around, Lei Bin's screamed again! Zhao Yu had bit Lei Bin's shoulder! Lei Bin's white Taekwondo uniform was dyed red on his shoulder.

"Ugh!" Lei Bin roared and pushed Zhao Yu away.

Zhao Yu's atrocious methods had been revealed. He spit a mouthful of fresh blood onto Lei Bin's face. Lei Bin was covered in blood. In the blink of an eye. He was thrown off balance and was screaming in fear!

"Pfft!" Zhao Yu spat and punched Lei Bin in the eyes so he could not see anything! "Pak!" Then another punch to Lei Bin's nose bridge, breaking it!

Zhao Yu kicked Lei Bin to the floor and he started raining down punches. Even though Lei Bin defended himself, he was bleeding from all the ferocious punches that Zhao Yu landed on him. He had no more strength to fight back.