Crazy Detective Chapter 307

Chapter 307: A Peculiar Revenge
Chapter 307: A Peculiar Revenge
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"Don't, don't, don't. It's my fault. My bad. Don't leave yet!" Miao Ying wanted to leave but Zhao Yu quickly pulled her hand. "Team Leader Miao, let's talk about something serious. I promise I won't act like a gangster, okay?"

"Serious? Since when you do serious?" Miao Ying replied, but she did not struggle when Zhao Yu held her hand.

"We are all detectives, so don't try to sweep things under the carpet," Zhao Yu said straightforwardly. "Tell me, why did you act so abnormal today?"

"Abnormal?" Miao Ying was confused.

"Hehe, don't tell me that there's nothing between you and Lei Bin. I am Sherlock Holmes! Tell me, what is going on?"

What Zhao Yu said struck Miao Ying, and she looked embarrassed suddenly.

"Team Leader Miao!" Zhao Yu caressed Miao Ying's hands and said, "There's no good in keeping it in. Sometimes it's better to let it out! Come on, tell me"

"Sigh! I can never hide from you!" Miao Ying replied. "When I saw Lei Bin today, I just wanted to leave. I didn't want to be bothered! Butthere was that conflict so I couldn't leave. Luckily, you were there!" Miao Ying sighed again before taking a trip down memory lane. "I was about thirteen-years-old back then. Lei Bin was my senior when we were training in Taekwondo. He was four years older than me! I have to admit, he was very good looking. Every girl taking Taekwondo was in awe of him, including myself

"This is the trauma that people talk about! As I was infatuated with him, I couldn't concentrate every time I fought against him. That's how I lost nine times! I never found out if I really couldn't win against him or if it was because I was secretly admiring him."

"Mm" Zhao Yu asked, "What happened next?"

"Next?" Miao Ying said, "I was traumatized! When I saw him earlier, I recalled my immature self! Actually, I really wanted to fight him again, but there was too many distracting thoughts and worries!"

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu could not help but say, "II thought the two of youhad something! So it was only about fighting?"

"Yeah, is that not good enough? For a martial arts practitioner, it's unacceptable to have some psychological hindrance! That's very embarrassing!" Miao Ying then recalled and asked, "Zhao Yu, what did you was going on? You are so dirty minded!"

"II didn't say anything." Zhao Yu laughed. "Don't worry. I am very forgiving. I do not care about your past! I only cared about your body, your money, and your Phaeton! When we are dating, can I drive the car?"

"Sigh! What's the point? What's the point?" Miao Ying rebuked, "You have a gangster's mind, there isn't much in your head!"

"Alright." Zhao Yu chuckled and was still pulling on Miao Ying's hand. "No matter what kind of trauma it was, I settled it for you! How are you going to thank me?"

"Thank you?" Miao Ying shook her head. "Instead of me thanking you, I'd rather just solve the case as soon as possible! If not, there may be a new victim! When people find out about the existence of such a killer, it will affect the masses! We need to give our all, either for public or personal reasons."

"Mm!" Zhao Yu released his grip on Miao Ying as he said about the case, "If so, we need to talk to the Missing Persons Department to have them pay close attention to the people who have gone missing recently."

"I've informed them, Zhao Yu!" Miao Yu asked solemnly, "Regarding the case, I have no idea what are your thoughts are. Why don't you tell me"

"Hehe! Is what I think so important?"

"Nonsense! Which case in Rongyang Branch was not solved by you?" Miao Ying replied, "Like I said, I don't like you, but I admire your capability!"

"Alright then. Let's go home and roll around in bed. I shall tell you after that!" Zhao Yu replied playfully and Miao Ying pulled his ears. Then he quickly said, "I'm joking! Just joking! I'll say, I'll share it now

"Cough What I think is!" Zhao Yu reorganized his thoughts as he said, "The only thing that I don't understand is the motive. Why did he starve them to death? Why? An eye for an eye. If this were some common revenge, no one would use this kind of method!"

Miao Ying listened carefully. Zhao Yu could find a different perspective everytime.

"To starve someone to death, vacuum seal the body, and put them in the bank," Zhao Yu analyzed, "is a rather long process. The murderer must be very patient! He also would need a location that wouldn't be disturbed. Plus, the safety deposit boxes were paid for ten years in advance, so he must be filthy rich!

"Someone who is rich and free, and has a peculiar habit of starving people to death!" Zhao Yu asked, "Do you think that it makes sense?"

"We looked through the files," Miao Ying replied. "At least in Qinshan, never once has anyone tried to starve the someone else to death!"

"Exactly! Why would you want to starve someone to death?" Zhao Yu started speculating. "Maybe the murderer was someone who valued food a lot? He didn't like seeing anyone waste food, so he starved them?"

"I've thought about it before!" Miao Ying said, "Gong Xiuzhen and her spouse were janitors. The two of them lived a very poor and simple life. They should lived economically, never wasting food!"

"True!" Zhao Yu agreed. "Then, the victims should be people who are fat! If he wasn't targeting people of a specific type, then that means he was getting revenge!"

"Getting revenge?" Miao Ying asked, "Didn't you say no one would get revenge like this?"

"Yes! Not usually, butI wouldn't eliminate this being some special type of revenge!" Zhao Yu said.

"A special type of revenge?" Miao Ying was confused.

"Yes!" Zhao Yu guessed, "For example, maybe the murderer was held captive before and nearly died of starvation! So, he decided to take revenge by starvation."

"But," Miao Ying shook her head, "we couldn't find any similarities between the six victims. They didn't know each other at all!"

"Human trafficker!" Zhao Yu suddenly said. "How about human trafficking? If the six of them were human traffickers, they didn't give him any food then, and now he turned the tables and took revenge."

"Oh please!" Miao Ying shook her head. "When we place a file for investigation, we have to do a thorough background check. It would be impossible for us not to know if the suspect or the victims were involved in illegal activities. Plus, Tongyun was killed when she was twenty-three-years-old. If the murderer had been a victim of human trafficking, that it must have happened long ago! And Tongyun was just a kid back then!"

"Then, it must be the murderer's son was had been the victim, and these people starved him to death. So the murderer took revenge!" Zhao Yu guessed again.

"Like I said, the victims are not human traffickers! Gong Xiuzhen and her spouse were honest janitors. How could they have been human traffickers?" Miao Ying objected. "Let's think about it again. Could there be any other reason? I think, your guess might be close to the truth! If the murderer isn't killing randomly, we might find him!"

"Yes! Let's think Let's think" Zhao Yu had the same feeling. Just as he was deep in thought, there was a breeze from the window and he sneezed.

"Ah-choo" After sneezing, the Miracle System was activated and hexagram selection begun