Crazy Detective Chapter 313

Chapter 313: The Seventh Victim?
Chapter 313: The Seventh Victim?
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"Sigh!" Zhao Yu's mother was sitting on the couch of the coffee shop when she complained, "Son, what were you thinking? If you didn't pull me up, I could've got two-hundred dollars from him! Why did you let them go?"

"Mom, can you stop, please?" That very moment, Zhao Yu's mind was in an impossible mess. He did not expect that his mother was an extortionist, and that totally changed his perspective of her.

"Butwhy do I feel like you are a different boy?" His mother turned around and said, "The police station did toughen you up! You were such a shy boy back then. Why are you so hot headed now? But anyway, what you did just now was impressive! Yeah, son, follow me back to our hometown someday! Li Ergou built his pigeon hut on our side of the wall and your dad was furious! You should go back and give Li Ergou a lesson in your father's name!"

"What the" Zhao Yu's mother had won him over. He finally realized the concept of blood is thicker than water. His blood was flowing within his mother's genes.

"Mom, can you keep quiet? I want to think!" Zhao Yu was going crazy. Leaving the chain of accidents aside, his mother right before his eyes was more than enough trouble for him.

"Oh, right!" Zhao Yu's mother did not care about his feelings and continued, "Auntie Xiao Qin called earlier! There was a mistake! She thought I was looking for a girl for your brother. She didn't know that it was for my second son! That's why she picked Jin Yuanyuan who's nine years older than you. Sigh! I'm getting old. It's my fault for not making it clear to her! This is"

Zhao Yu wanted to shut his ears, but two beautiful ladies in nightgowns stood before Zhao Yu. The lady in blue asked sheepishly, "Officer, can Ican I have your WeChat ID? Youdid you come for the blind date?"

"I" Zhao Yu looked up and saw the two pairs of eyes full of admiration. He felt odd. If it had been before, he would be confident that he could get laid with any one of them. But, at the very moment, he had no intention to do such a thing.

"Yes! Sure! If I wasn't here for the blind date, why else would I be here with my mother?" His mother took the cue and said, "You saw that, my son's a wonderful man. Don't miss your chance!"

"What the Do you think you're selling vegetables?" Zhao Yu looked around dully and realized that the females in the room were looking at him in a different light. It seemed that his ferocious actions had achieved an unexpected effect. If they were on If You Are The One, almost all the female guests would hit the light for him. But Zhao Yu was not in the mood for that. Plus, he had finally gotten one step closer with Miao Ying. He did not have room for anyone else in his heart.

"Son, son," The old lady suddenly told Zhao Yu mysteriously, "These two won't work. One has a sharp nose bridge, no good fortune. The other one has lips like a fish, can't get any sons! Come on, let me look for a better one for you Mm This onedefinitely!"

Zhao Yu did not know what to say, so he replied, "Take your time to choose, I have something to discuss with these two beautiful ladies!" He pulled the two ladies in nightgowns aside.

The two of them thought Zhao Yu was interested in them and they looked shy. But they were shocked when Zhao Yu started the conversation. He asked them, "Excuse me, can you tell me more about Jin Yuanyuan? Do you know how she disappeared?"

"Officerhow did you know we know Jin Yuanyuan? This" The lady in blue asked, "Are youare you in charge of her case?"

"You can say that!" To get to the point, Zhao Yu exaggerated the situation. "Let me get be straightforward, Jin Yuanyuan's life is at risk. We have to find her at once!"

"Huh?" The lady in red was in shock. "That serious? It can't be!"

"Officer, we are from the same travel agency!" The lady in blue said, "We bought the tickets for this group blind date together. But after we bought the tickets, Jin Yuanyuan disappeared two days ago She didn't even come to the office!"

"Yeah!" The lady in red continued, "It's not like Jin Yuanyuan! She is a very punctual person and doesn't skip work without reason. Our boss got in touch with her family, but they said she went to work. So, they filed a police report, but there hasn't been news since. It's worrying us to death!"

Hmph! Zhao Yu thought, "Worrying to death! If you are worried to death, why are you here for group blind date?" Zhang Jingfeng said that Jin Yuanyuan was the manager of the travel agency, but these two did not seem to be close to Jin Yuanyuan!

"Thenwhere did Jin Yuanyuan stay? Who else is in her family?" Zhao Yu asked again.

When the two heard the questions, they shook their head, unable to answer.

"Thenwhy do you think she disappeared?" Zhao Yu asked again.

"Mm Jin Yuanyuan is a workaholic," the lady in blue said. "She would not disappear for no reason! But she doesn't seem like someone who'd have any enemies either!"

"Then" Zhao Yu wanted to ask more questions but his phone rang. When he unlocked the phone, he saw it was Miao Ying. When he answered, Miao Ying said angrily, "Zhao Yu, are you done with your blind date? What is it about Jin Yuanyuan that you mentioned? Why are you so sure that she'll be the seventh victim? Please, can you please be honest for once? I heard that the special task force found something, and they went out to do fieldwork already! If we don't find any new clues, we really will lose!"

"Oh? They took action?" Zhao Yu was panicking. "Team Leader Miao, I ran into this missing person. I feel that her disappearance is similar to the victims from the Bank Hidden Corpse case! We need to look into it carefully!"

"You" Miao Ying said unhappily, "You are a professional detective, how can you go along only with your gut feeling? I worked with the Missing Person's Department, there were more than seventy missing people in Qinshan this past month. Youwhat sort of coincidence is this?"

Hearing Miao Ying say "coincidence," Zhao Yu then wanted to mention his "friends from above". But Miao Ying guessed it before Zhao Yu said anything. "Are you going to bring in your friends from above? Zhao Yu! I am really really confused about you!

"Yesterday, we kissed! But you went on a blind date this morning?! Then, you just randomly came up with this seventh victim for me to investigate! Plus, youyou went to the cake shop! Let me ask you, did you find anything weird about the cake shop? Did you investigate Qu Ping's case behind my back? Zhao Yu, can't you be honest with me? Zhao Yu!!!" Miao Ying sounded hysterical over the phone.

Then, something happened that made her even more emotional: Zhao Yu's mother ran over and shouted, "Son, son! Come quick! Number nineteen seems like a good choice. Come and see"