Crazy Detective Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Vanished
Chapter 314: Vanished
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As the old lady spoke at the wrong time, Miao Ying misunderstood Zhao Yu and the phone was cut off viciously. Zhao Yu tearlessly grieved but his mother did not notice, and continued to pick her future daughter-in-law happily. As Zhao Yu was overcome with grief and indignation, he decided to seize the opportunity to escape! Although he knew the consequences of him escaping would be bad, the case investigation was urgent and he was not in a mood for blind date. Zhao Yu finally ran out of the coffee shop and he quickly called Zhang Jingfeng to look into Jin Yuanyuan's missing case.

Although he did not get the "Gen" hexagram that day, according to Zhao Yu's experience, he felt that it was not a coincidence that news of Jin Yuanyuan's disappearance was repeatedly brought up. Plus, there was something fishy about Jin Yuanyuan's disappearance. It was very similar to how the other victims of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case disappeared.

Although Miao Ying said that there were dozens of missing person cases, Zhao Yu was aware that the targets were either minorities, like kids, teenagers or seniors, or people who had a criminal record or a complicated background. It was rare to see something like this happen to an ordinary person like Jin Yuanyuan!

As Zhao Yu had always solved the cases unexpectedly, Zhang Jingfeng and the others believed in his ability, so they took Jin Yuanyuan's case seriously. They got in touch with the officers that were in charge of Jin Yuanyuan's case to get detailed information. Then they personally went to where Jin Yuanyuan had gone missing and looked at the surveillance cameras around the area.

According to the information, although Jin Yuanyuan worked in a travel agency, she was a conservative person with a regular routine. She was not someone that would just drop everything and go. Hence, there must be something off about her disappearance!

When the officers recovered the surveillance videos, something even more fishy happened! According to Jin Yuanyuan's parents, she showed no suspicious signs on the day she disappeared. She took the bus to work as usual. But she had been missing since then.

According to the surveillance videos that the police retrieved, Jin Yuanyuan did go to work. She did not get into any accident on the way and arrived at the unit safely. The travel agency that Jin Yuanyuan worked at was located in a building, and according to the surveillance videos outside the building, Jin Yuanyuan cleary entered the building that morning. But when the police looked through all the surveillance videos inside the building, there was no sign of her at all. She seemed to have vanished in the building! The police detectives talked to many workers and her colleagues in the travel agency but no one seen her in person that day.

Receiving such a result, Zhao Yu and the rest could not help but suspect that Jin Yuanyuan's disappearance was related to the Bank Hidden Corpse Case.

"Buthow did the murderer make a living person vanish into thin air in a building that is filled with surveillance cameras?" Zhao Yu wondered. "That's weird!"

Jin Yuanyuan!

Jin Yuanyuan?!

Zhao Yu looked at the photo of the pretty lady and became worried. Ifhis guess was right, Jin Yuanyuan had been captured by the Bank Hidden Corpse Case murderer, and she might have already been imprisoned for a few days! If the murderer was not arrested soon, Jin Yuanyuan might end up like the other victims, to be vacuum sealed by the murderer and turned into a pitch black corpse!

Zhao Yu thought to himself, "But Jin Yuanyuan was in the building. Why are there no clues?! Tsk tsk What the hell is going on?"

"Zhao!" Zhang Jingfeng suggested, "Let's go look for the surveillance cameras outside each entrance of the building and see whether or not there was any suspicious person that left the building!"

"And," Liang Huan said, "we can also look into Jin Yuanyuan's personal relationships to see if there's some hidden info."

"Mm!" Zhao Yu nodded. As of then, he could only investigate according to the traditional way.

"Alright, let's go and get it done!" Zhang Jingfeng reminded Zhao Yu, "You are a team leader now, you don't have to do it yourself anymore. Go ahead and wait at the police station!"

But the idea to head back to the police station made Zhao Yu cringe. He replied, "I think I would rather follow you two to go investigate. We can save more time with more people, right?"

Actually, Zhao Yu did not want to go back to the police station because he did not know how to explain himself to Miao Ying when he saw her. The relationship between the two of them was now very delicate; it was ambiguous yet complicated. As their relationship was unclear, Zhao Yu had no idea how to deal with it.

As Zhao Yu insisted to investigate at the scene, Zhang Jingfeng and the rest did not argue further but went to work after delegating the tasks. Zhao Yu stayed in the hall of the building to watch the surveillance videos. In the surveillance room, he could clearly see that Jin Yuanyuan had entered the building and walked through the hall. But she did not appear in any other videos!

"Tsk tsk" Zhao Yu looked at the surveillance videos and looked at the hall, trying to figure something out. There were six to seven surveillance cameras; it would be impossible for a human being to just vanish!

"There must be somewhere that you can't see Hey? I know!" he realized. Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled that he had an invisible detector running in his mind. "That's right, I should take a walk according to Jin Yuanyuan's route," he thought.

Zhao Yu quickly took his laptop and walked to the entrance of the hall. Very quickly, the invisible detector showed the location of every surveillance camera and the surveillance range of every camera.

Zhao Yu started walking along Jin Yuanyuan's route in the hallway. He could see the blindspot of every surveillance camera. Although it seemed that the surveillance cameras covered a huge area, in actuality, it had many blind spots.

Zhao Yu started walking through the area with the most blind spots and reached a door in a corridor that led him to the right. The corridor was connected to a deep part of the building, but there was no surveillance camera at the door. If one entered, it would not be captured by any surveillance camera.

Zhao Yu looked around carefully. If Jin Yuanyuan did not turn back according to her original route, this was the only place where she could avoid the surveillance cameras!

"Did Jin Yuanyuan walk here?" he thought to himself. "But the travel agency is located in area A of the building and this is area B. The is the opposite direction. Thendid Jin Yuanyuan walk here? Shewhat did she want to do?"

When the police detectives were searching the building, they did not search around that area.

Zhao Yu looked at the directory, and it showed multiple companies located in area B. The building was not big but there were many companies and many employees. With a strong curiosity, Zhao Yu walked to the stairs of area B. But, very quickly, another surveillance camera appeared in his sight!

"That's weird?!" Zhao Yu thought. He creased his eyebrows. "If Jin Yuanyuan were to walk in from here, she would be captured on the surveillance camera, right?"

He looked around and realized that there was an obscure place to his left. It was an emergency staircase that led upstairs. If she took the emergency staircase, she could avoid the surveillance cameras in the corridor.

"Tsk tsk" Although he thought of the possibility, Zhao Yu was uncertain if Jin Yuanyuan really had gone there. But as he was already there, he would not give up halfway. He went to enter the staircase, but the door was locked and he could not open it.

"What?" Zhao Yu knew that the emergency staircase was so that people could escape in an emergency, so it was impossible that it was locked!

"What is going on?" He instinctively felt something was off, and he used all of his strength to pull on the door. The weak lock suddenly loosened and the door opened!

The emergency staircase had no surveillance cameras. He looked up. The staircase was empty, with no people whatsoever!

He walked up up the stairs. He realized that there was no exit from the first to the fourth floor, so he had to go all the way up to fifth floor to exit! When he got to fifth floor, the exit was not locked, and when Zhao Yu opened the door to exit, his detector quickly showed the location of a camera in his mind. He looked around and figured that fifth floor belonged to a renovation company and that no one was there.

He quickly called Zhang Jingfeng to have him obtain the surveillance footage there to see if Jin Yuanyuan had been there. After the call, Zhao Yu went back to the emergency staircase and planned to go further up to take a look. When he got to sixth floor, there was a whiff of a foul smell!

Zhao Yu suddenly realized something and ran up. When he got to a turn, he was frightened when he saw afemale corpse!!!