Crazy Detective Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Pointing At The Truth
Chapter 317: Pointing at the Truth
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Although Zhao Yu had a lot on his plate, he was still involved closely in the Bank Hidden Corpse Case investigation. Whether it was when the family members claimed the dead bodies from the post mortem room, or during interviews with the family members of the victims, he felt that the family members did not react strongly! Besides Tang Zhaolong's family who had caused momentary chaos at the police station, the other family members took it quite lightly.

"Why? he wondered. Is it thatthe victims and their family members were not on good terms? Oris it because of some other reason?"

Then, Zhao Yu wanted to look into the relationship between the victims and their family members. He wanted to look through the information thoroughly.

As per discussion, they worked in shifts around the clock. Miao Ying did not stay back at the police station that night but went home to rest. Looking around, most of those who stayed were from Team A. Zhao Yu then quickly shifted his gaze to Li Beini.

Li Beini could not take it anymore but slept on the table. Zhao Yu woke her up softly and said, "Beini, please pass me the information on the victims' family members."

"Oh, okay!" Li Beini opened her eyes and typed robotically on her keyboard, then she asked, "Bro, what's wrong with the family members?"

"I don't know! I felt that the family members didn't exactly cry enough! Zhao Yu answered lightly.

"What do you mean? Didn't cry hard enough?" Li Beini was surprised.

"Mmit's like, I feel, the family members aren't exactly sad. I don't know why!" Zhao Yu answered.

"Oh" Li Beini yawned as she found the information on her computer and printed a copy. "But when we found Gong Xiuzhen's body, Bureau Chief Tang and his relatives cried really hard! Plus, even though Bureau Chief Tang resigned, he paid close attention to his fifth aunt's case. He talked to Bureau Chief Luan quite a number of times!

"And I heard Bureau Chief Luan worked really hard with the Public Relations Department to keep this case unearthed, as not to let the media find out. Maybe they negotiated an agreement with the victims' families to not spread the word, so maybe that's why they didn't act strongly?"

"I am not sure!" Zhao Yu shook his head. "But keeping secrets and being sad are two different matters. I feel the family members reacted quite oddly!"

"Here you go" Li Beini passed the information to Zhao Yu and said, "But I heard Team Leader Miao said that there aren't many immediate family members!"

"Huh?" Zhao Yu cringed and quickly took the information. When he looked, it was as Miao Ying had concluded. Firstly, the first victim, Duan Dacheng, and the fifth victim, Gong Xiuzhen had no children. Although they had siblings, they were quite old.

Then, the second victim, Tang Lingling, had disappeared when she was widowed. Even though she had a daughter, the daughter followed her ex husband.

The third victim, Tong Yun, her mother died in a car accident. She and her father ran a minimart. When she disappeared, she had just gotten into a relationship with a guy and had yet to get married. When her body was identified, Tong Yun's father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so the relatives dared not break the news to him.

Then, the fourth victim, Zhao Zhenjiang, his wife and son were killed in a car accident. He never remarried after that. Even when he disappeared, he was single.

Among them all, the last and only victim, Zhang Hongran, who was a truck driver, was different. His parents were alive and he had a wife and children. He was the financial pillar of the family. When he died, the family was severely affected. But when they got the news, the parents were only busy dividing the family fortune with their daughter in law.

Looking at the information, Zhao Yu finally understood why. It wasn't because the family members were acting weird, it was because there were too few immediate family members of the victims. Hence, the solitude.

But something in the information caught Zhao Yu's eyes. Zhang Hongran's whole family was from Tongyang! Besides, Duan Dacheng, Gong Xiuzhen and Tongyun were from Tongyang too! Among the six victims, there were four from Tongyang. This definitely caught the detective's eyes!

"ThenTongyang, what does it have to do with the case? Maybe the murderer was from Tongyang?" Zhao Yu thought.

Tsk Tsk Zhao Yu thought he had found a new investigation approach, but from what he saw, there were more questionable points which made it even more complicated.

"Why were these people targeted by the murderer? Did the murderer have some sort of conflict with them?" he wondered.

According to Zhao Yu's understanding, if one wanted to take revenge, to starve them to death, that probably meant that the murderer and the victim had some serious grudge! It could not be any normal conflict.

"But these victims were not related. What is it"

Just when Zhao Yu was thinking, Miao Ying, Zhang Yaohui, and the others came for work one after another. They even bought breakfast for everyone. Ever since the appearance of the special task force, and the interesting relationship between Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, Team A and Team B were living harmoniously under the same roof. They fought side by side against the outsiders.

"How is it, my Sherlock Holmes?" Miao Ying had had a good rest and seemed extremely energetic. She had her normal valiant and heroic look again.

Zhao Yu was at loss of words when he looked at Miao Ying as he was still thinking about the case!

"Here, this is yours!" Miao Ying smiled and passed him a bag of breakfast.

Zhao Yu took the breakfast, and there were still water droplets on it. It seemed like the rain had not stopped.

There were three burgers in the bag! Zhao Yu was thrilledit meant that Miao Ying had specially prepared the bag for him. "If she prepared a different breakfast for me, does it mean that she's into me?" he wondered. "Hehehe" Zhao Yu was delighted.

"OhHero, please leave me my sweet dream" He had not even eaten the burger when his phone rang. He unlocked and saw his mother calling. He could not help but cringe. He wanted to decline the call but he was worried that she needed something urgently, so he answered.

"Hey! Son, you finally picked up my call! You frightened me!" His mother sounded anxious over the phone.

"What is it, mom?"

Zhao Yu asked and he looked at Miao Ying. Miao Ying heard Zhao Yu say "Mom", and she felt a bit odd, so she was looking at him curiously too.

"Aiya! Didn't you see the news?" his mother said. "I turned on the TV this morning and there was a news report about a police car accident during duty. The police officers were severely injured. It gave me a heart attack, I thought it was your car!"

"Mm?" Zhao Yu was stunned and asked his colleagues, "Have you all heard about the police car that got into an accident during official duty?"

"Yeah!" Xiao Liu answered, "It was raining last night, so the police car slipped and flipped over! But they were traffic police, if I'm not mistaken"

"Oh!" Zhao Yu quickly explained, "It's alright, mom! That's not related to us!"

"Oh!" His mother quickly said, "That's great, that's great! Then, are you coming back for lunch? I'll make you some Zha Jiang Noodle!"

"Alright! Sure!" Zhao Yu had not had Zha Jiang Noodles for a long time, so he agreed. "I'll try to be home!"

"Alright, I will go get some groceries! Oh, right, if your girlfriend is back, tell her" Plak! Zhao Yu hung up the phone and suddenly broke out into cold sweat.

Although Miao Ying had not heard, she stared at Zhao Yu as he looked ashamed. Zhao Yu lowered his head and started eating his burger.

When he had had two mouthfuls, he suddenly seized up as though someone had cast a spell on him! In a split second, a sudden thought crossed his mind, "Wait a minutecar accident?! Flipped over Isis there a possibility?"