Crazy Detective Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Accident Accident
Chapter 318: Accident! Accident!
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"Tong Yun's mother died in a car accident." Zhao Yu asked everyone, "Who know what accident it was?"

Hearing Zhao Yu's question, the detectives stop eating their breakfast. But no one seemed to be able to provide an answer as they shook their head together.

"Zhao Yu, what do you mean?" Miao Ying was confused too.

"Tong Yun's information, who is in charge of it?" Zhao Yu did not answer Miao Ying but continued asking questions.

"It's me, it's me!" Lan Bo quickly raised his hand and said, "Bro Yu, I am in charge of looking for Tong Yun's information! His father has a terminal disease, so the family members didn't want to tell him the news! All the information was provided by one of her aunts!"

"Lan Bo, hurry up, give Tong Yun's aunt a call and ask about the accident that her mother got into!" Zhao Yu commanded solemnly.

"Okay! Alright!" Looking at Zhao Yu being so serious, Lan Bo did not dare to delay further but made a call immediately.

"And," Zhao Yu pointed at the whiteboard and asked, "the fourth victim Shao Zhenjiang, his wife and child died in an accident too! Who can tell me what accident it was?"

"Team Leader Zhao!" Ma Wei stood up and answered, "I did the investigation record, I didn't ask about it! Shao Zhenjiang was a sheep dealer. He didn't have many family members. I got his information from his neighbor."

"Then ask more thoroughly. See what accident his wife and child got into," Zhao Yu commanded.

"Alright! I'm on it right now!" Ma Wei quickly picked up his phone.

"Everyone listen to me." Zhao Yu pointed at the whiteboard. "Besides the two victims just now, I need everyone to check on the other victims and their family members, if they were ever in any sort of car accident. All in all, I need to know everything related to the car accident!"

"Okay!" With his command, all the detectives nodded and got going on the investigation.

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying came before Zhao Yu and asked suspiciously, "why did you want to check about the car accident? I don't understand, how does a car accident relate to the Bank Hidden Corpse Case?"

"Mm" Zhao Yu said solemnly, "Team Leader Miao, if I were to tell you I have no idea too, would you hit me?"

"You!" Miao Ying immediately flashed her fist at Zhao Yu.

"I'll say, I'll say!" Zhao Yu immediately rectified the situation, "Among the six victims, four of them were from Tongyang. Their ages weren't the same, and they weren't related in any way. So, I thought, how could they overlap in any way?

"Look, Shao Zhenjiang was a sheep dealer. According to the record, he always went around provinces in Qinshan. He most likely had some kind of trade going on in Tongyang!

"Then, look at Tang Lingling, a shoes wholesaler!" Zhao Yu held the information and said, "There was a huge shoe market near Tongyang train station! Tang Lingling and Shao Zhenjiang might be the same, always travelling back and forth to Tongyang!"

"But I still don't quite understand what you were trying to say!" Miao Ying shook her head.

"Travel bus!" Zhao Yu did not pause as he said, "Travel bus! If the victims overlapped with the murderer, the probability of them meeting on a travel bus is big, isn't it?"

"What you mean is" Miao Ying seemed to understand, "there was an accident on the travel bus and it hit someone. Then, the people didn't help so the murderer decided to kill them one by one. Butto starve them to death, seems"

"Regardless, we need to investigate further!" Zhao Yu said, "Besides the family members of the victims, I think we could look into the accident records in Tongyang to see if there was any record!"

"Tsk tsk" Miao Ying creased her eyebrows and thought. Zhao Yu's idea did seem somewhat plausible, but would a car accident lead to such severe consequences? A car accident was an accident after all. If these people were passengers, why would the murderer take out his anger on them? There seemed to be many unreasonable facets.

"II found it!" Who knew, Li Beini was the first that raised her hand. She quickly typed on her keyboard and read the information on her monitor, "Zhang Hongran had an accident before. He was a bus driver but he became a truck driver due to the accident!"

"Beini, what bus did he drive?" Zhao Yu quickly asked.

"Passenger transportation, wow!" Li Beini was shocked and said, "Tongyang to Qinshan!"

Wow Hearing the update, everyone was dumbfounded.

Zhao Yu was excited but Miao Ying was worried and shouted at Zhang Yaohui at the door, "Yaohui, shut the door!"

Miao Ying's intentions were obvious, she did not want their progress to be stolen by the special task force.

"Bro! TeamTeam Leader Miao! Turns out" Li Beini blanched. She looked at the screen and prevaricated, "Itit was in Qinshan Tunnel! It was an uncommon car accident!"

"What? Qinshan Tunnel?" Zhao Yu tried hard to recall but he could not think of any related information.

"M-millennium, the Qinshan Tunnel incident?" Peng Xin suddenly stood up and said, "Thatthat wasn't just a simple car accident!"

Millenium? Qinshan Tunnel? Zhao Yu finally found an answer in his mind. It was right before the year 2000, there was a severe accident in Qinshan Tunnel. An oil tank exploded after it lost control. The explosion broke the main support of the tunnel and led to a large surface area collapsing. Many cars were trapped under the tunnel!

"Oh my God!" Zhao Yu drew in a cold breath. He had not expected that his theory about the Bank Hidden Corpse Case had been too simple!

"Report!" Lan Bo finished his call and reported, "I asked. Not only did Tong Yun's mother die in the accident in Qinshan Tunnel, but Tong Yun was there too! She survived!"

Huh?! Hearing that, the detectives were shocked!

"Motherf*cker" Zhao Yu could feel his heart pumping. "Is the truth of the case revealing itself? Actually, was the Bank Hidden Corpse Case related to the Qinshan Tunnel incident?" he thought in disbelief.

"Report!" Ma Wei stood up to report. "I'm done with my call. According to Shao Zhenjiang's neighbor, Shao Zhenjiang, his wife, and child took the travel bus that was in the tunnel when it collapsed. Only Shao Zhenjiang survived!"

Everyone was shocked again.

"I found more too!" Liang Huan said, "Tang Lingling was also in the travel bus that was in Qinshan Tunnel too!"

"I've talked to Bureau Chief Tang Zhaolong too!" Peng Xin continued, "Duan Dacheng and Gong Xiuzhen were on their way to Qinshan to do some Spring Festival shopping. They were trapped in Qinshan Tunnel in the travel bus as well."

All information about the Qinshan Tunnel incident was discovered one after another. Everything pointed towards the incident in Qinshan Tunnel!

Miao Ying clapped her hands in anger and shouted at everyone, "You! All of you! Can't you be any quieter?! All of you, remember, do not let the other team find out about this!"