Crazy Detective Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Who Is The Real Murderer?
Chapter 320: Who Is the Real Murderer?
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Although they had made great progress in the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, due to the lack of information seventeen years ago, the police detectives were unable to lock down any suspect. Theoretically, if they could find one survivor, they could figure something out. But most of the survivors had already became vacuum sealed corpses that were stored in the safety deposit box. They had yet to find out information about other survivors.

At about half past ten in the morning, Liu brought back a detailed information from the traffic department. According to the information, there was only one travel bus in the Qinshan Tunnel Incident. The report contained all information related to the vehicle and their owners, but it did not have the passengers' information.

Liu said that the traffic police officer that helped him with the information had been involved in the rescue mission back then. He could roughly remember that though the bus was trapped under the tunnel, there were many survivors! He could even remember that the driver, Zhang Hongran, was alive then!

It was a pity that Zhang Hongran died, so it was obvious that they could not find out what happened inside the bus from him. Miao Ying told Liu to get in touch with the owner of the vehicle to see what he knew about the incident. Liu left when the other detectives in charge of investigating the other victims' family members came back with updates one after another. According to the information, all six victims of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case took the travel bus that had gotten stuck in the Qinshan Tunnel Incident.

In other words, the only way to find out the relationship between the incident and the Bank Hidden Corpse Case was to clarify the survivors' claims about what had happened on that bus.

A travel bus, Qinshan Tunnel Incident, trapped for fifteen days, survivors, and the Bank Hidden Corpse Case! There must be something tightly knitting the situations together.

Just when Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were waiting for the investigation result, Zhao Yu's phone rang again. It was his mother again!

"Aiyo!" Zhao Yu took a glance at his watch and remembered that his mother wanted to make Zhajiang Noodles. But it was a crucial moment right now and it was impossible for him have lunch with her. He quickly answered the phone to explain the situation to his mother. The moment he answered the phone, he stumbled.

"Son, your dog is going crazy!" his mother said. "I couldn't take it anymore, so I brought him to the police station for you! I'm at the entrance of the police station but the guard won't let me in!"

"Oh, I'll talk to the guards. Wait for a bit" Zhao Yu had yet to finish his sentence, but he drew in a cold breath and thought, "No way! I can't let her come upstairs! I sent Miao Ying's photo to her, and if she were to see Miao Ying when she comes up, I'm in big trouble!"

Zhao Yu quickly stopped. "Mom, mom, momyou can't come up here, I'll come downstairs and get you!" Then Zhao Yu ran downstairs at rocket speed.

Who would have guessed that the guard was a softy? He heard that the old lady that brought the dog was Zhao Yu's mother and he violated the rules to let her go through! Fortunately, had Zhao Yu run fast enough to stop his mother in the hall.

The old lady held the leash as she said, "The dog was running around in the house and kept staring and growling at me. I can't cook with him at home so I brought him here!"

Zhao Yu took the dog and explained that he had an urgent mission, so he would not be able to go back and eat the Zhajiang Noodles. He finally convinced his mother to go home after much effort.

"Bark bark" Looking at the descending shadow of the old lady, even Daheng seemed to sigh in relief.

Zhao Yu was sweating. "Holy f*ck. If the old lady were to see Miao Ying, God knows what she would do!" he thought. Luckily, the worst did not happen. Zhao Yu brought Daheng back into the office.

After the operation and being cared for by Huahua, Daheng was not like the stray she had been before. The dog looked awe-inspiring, her hair was like a lion, and she was one size bigger than before.

"Good dog! Good dog!" Zhao Yu was holding Daheng as he praised her sincerely. He thought about contacting the police dog department to train Daheng to become a professional police dog.

Looking at Zhao Yu bring his dog in, the colleagues were shocked. But the police detectives roughly recalled the dog from when they were investigating the Mianling Case. After Zhao Yu explained, everyone seemed to loosen up. If they were to go after the criminal, the dog might come in handy.

After the chaos of Zhao Yu's mother bringing the dog, Zhang Jingfeng and Li Beini both returned from the newspaper office and TV station. The power of the media was strong. Who knew something that could not be found in the traffic department or medical department would be retrieved from the newspaper office and TV station! Not only did they find detailed information about the Qinshan Tunnel Incident, but they also found the name list of the victims and survivors.

The name of the seventeen survivors was on the list! Zhang Jingfeng said that the name list was from the reporters in the hospital back then. When they were finalizing the manuscript, they did not publish the list, so it was saved in the filing room.

The police detectives were fired up with enthusiasm. The case was getting clearer and clearer. The mysterious murderer of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case was among the seventeen survivors! With this information, the truth of the case would be revealed soon!

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying did not delay any further, but started investigating the survivors on the list thoroughly. At the same time, Li Beini got the live recording of the rescue scene from the TV station. The video recorded the moment when the survivors were saved. Then, Zhang Jingfeng quickly took the information to the missing persons department to look for a professional to do portrait analysis in order to get accurate information.

The entire Key Case Investigation Unit was bustling, and everyone was going in and out, making constant phone calls, the sounds of constant typinga scene of a bustling workplace.

At noon, before they could even eat lunch, they gathered before the whiteboard in the office to conclude what information they collected. Very quickly, the detailed information of the seventeen survivors was displayed before everyone's eyes. But among them, five of the survivors had passed away, and another six were victims of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case. There were only six survivors left on the list. In other words, the murderer was most likely one of the remaining six!

"One out of six," Zhang Yaohui said excitedly. "Should we just take action already?"

"Yeah!" Lan Bo agreed. "We need to arrest all six of them! Although there might only be one murderer, only God knows if he killed enough or not." The detectives were itching to take action.

"Hold on" Miao Ying had the style of a great general. She knew that at such crucial moment, one had to be more composed. She told everyone to calm down and pointed at the list of survivors. "From what I see, it's one out of four! This person is already eighty-two-years-old, so he shouldn't have anything to do with the case! Besides, this one got both his legs amputated, so I doubt he's the murderer!"

Miao Ying gestured, and everyone directed their focus to the remaining four people. Among the four of them, there was a thirty-year-old young man; a brawny middle aged man; a forty-year-old middle aged lady, and an old person that was slightly over sixty-years-old!

Thenwho is the real murderer?