Crazy Detective Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Ghost Town
Chapter 321: Ghost Town
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As professional detectives, they would not make random guesses on who was the murderer! As there were only four survivors left, they could take action accordingly with these four suspects!

Miao Ying and Zhao Yu were gathering their teammates to allocate tasks to them. Zhang Jingfeng ran in with the latest piece of information. "Everyone, hold on. Look at this video first. I think we may be able to reduce the scope of our search!" Then, he quickly inserted a flash drive and connected it to the display for everyone to watch the video.

In the video, people could see the live rescue scene that had been recorded by the media. There were many rescuer cars and ambulances. Very quickly, the first batch of survivors were carried out on stretchers. Although it was not very clear, they could roughly make out the faces of the survivors.

The detectives looked closely while Zhang Jingfeng was introducing each and every survivor in the video. The detectives then understood that the seventeen survivors were rescued from the tunnel in batches. At that time, the area of collapsed tunnel was quite wide. Besides the bus, there were many private cars that were buried underneath the rubble. Some of these cars were further away, so they were not rescued at the same time but over the course of the day.

In the video, those who were killed in the Bank Hidden Corpse Case were not among the first few survivors pulled out, but were the very last group. The detectives saw Duan Dacheng, Tongyun, and the others

"Oh" Miao Ying look at the screen and said, "It means, the bus was trapped at the end. The murderer and the victims were all among the last batch of the survivors!"

"Correct!" Zhao Yu nodded. "Then the origin of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case is that travel bus!"

"We made some comparisons!" Zhang Jingfeng showed them a screenshot of the comparison analysis of the photos and video made by the experts. "Here, among the last batch of the survivors, besides those who were victims in the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, there were three other people. One was Tongyun's grandmother. She was rescued with Tongyun but she passed away after!

"The remaining two are Sun Yihan and Qiu Xinyang!" Zhang Jingfeng compared their background information and stated, "Sun Yihan, female, forty-two-years-old this year, accountant in Tongyang Bureau of Animal Husbandry! Qiu Xinyang, Male, thirty-one-years-old this year, runs a bookstore!" When Zhang Jingfeng finished, there was a short pause.

Every detective was thinking, "Among those three, who is the murderer? Tongyun's grandmother was, of course, out of the picture. There was only Sun Yihan and Qiu Xinyang left!"

"Would it be her?" Li Beini was biting her lips when she guessed, "Seventeen years ago, this woman was only twenty-five-years old, and Qiu Xinyang wasonly fourteen!"

"It's not about their age!" Zhao Yu responded. "If Duan Dacheng was the first victim, he was killed seven years ago, and the fourteen-year-old was already twenty-four by then! He was capable of killing on his own!"

"Do you remember the video from the bank?" Liang Huan said, "From what I see, the height and silhouette of these two looks like the person who put the corpses in the bank!"

"Wow!" Lan Bo exclaimed. "Whatwhat ifthey ganged up to kill the victims?!" When he said that, everyone was caught by surprise.

"We can't wait any longer!" Miao Ying said. "Everyone, get ready, we need to go and arrest them! We will discuss further after we arrest the two!"

"Alright!" The detective could not wait anymore.

Miao Ying and Zhao Yu immediately made arrangements to arrest Sun Yihan and Qiu Xinyang separately. The others would stay back to analyze the two suspects and their relationship with the other survivors.

As Miao Ying and Zhao Yu were team leaders for Team A and Team B, they lead one team each. Miao Ying led Team B's elite to question Sun Yihan, and Zhao Yu led Team A to arrest Qiu Xinyang.

As they were heading out to arrest the main suspect, the detectives got fully geared up before they left. They went to the ammunition depot to get guns and bullets, and bullet proof vests as well. Zhao Yu and the team then got into two cars and sped towards the destination.

According to the information, Qiu Xinyang was running a bookstore on Xinyuan Street in Moyang Area. Just like Shun Feng Street, the shops there were multi-story with a store downstairs and residents upstairs!

"Xinyuan Street?!" Da Fei looked at the GPS and said, "I went there to investigate a case before. It's a really remote area. Moyang Area was also called the development zone, as it had newly developed area. But as there was policy reformation, the projects were laid aside! It is now more dead than alive, not a very lively area!"

"I know, I know," Liang Huan was wearing his bullet proof vest and said, "Ghost Town is there! It was on the national news! Multibillion dollar projects stopped all of a sudden and it was left with a lot of unfinished buildings. It is so creepy that even hobos don't dare to go there!"

"What? Ghost Town?" Peng Xin said, "That was such a big story. It would be a good place to hide people! Do you think the murderer kept all of the victims there and starved them to death?"

"Sis, now we're not sure if Qiu Xinyang is the murderer or not!" Da Fei said, "I think it wouldn't be that straightforward. Who knows, the murderer might be the female!"

"No!" Zhao Yu was very sure. "There is no other possibility! Qiu Xinyang is the murderer of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, for sure!"

"Oh? Why so?" The detectives were confused and nervous because of all the uncertainties.

"Li Beini sent me their detailed information!" Zhao Yu said, "During that incident, Sun Yihan was alone and without a companion! Plus, she was pregnant. After she gave birth to a child, she lived a happy life. Why would someone who was happy do such a thing?"

"Oh" The police detectives finally understood.

"But, Qiu Xinyang was different!" Zhao Yu read aloud the information on his phone, "On the travel bus, there was two pregnant ladies. One was Sun Yihan and the other was Qiu Xinyang's mother!"

Huh?! Everyone was shocked and they knew something bad was coming.

"Yes," Zhao Yu said solemnly. "Qiu Xinyang's mother did not make it, along with the kid in her stomach. The two of them passed away! Qiu Xinyang was only fourteen-years-old. That incident psychologically wounded him!

"Actually, Qiu Xinyang's family is pretty well off. His father was a property developer and his mother was a bank manager." Zhao Yu continued, "Qiu Xinyang's mother was from Tongyang. She planned to bring her child home for new year! But as Qiu Xinyang's father was too busy, he did not send them off himself, but let them take the travel bus instead.

"Qiu Xinyang's parents were deeply in love. After the incident, the father was frustrated and his business was not doing well. After the company closed down, he was depressed and became ill. He then died from his illness!

"Look, everyone!" Zhao Yu raised his cellphone in front of everyone, "His father died eight years ago, and seven years ago was when the first Bank Hidden Corpse Case took place!!!"

Ah Suddenly, the police detectives had goosebumps all over. Was it Was he really the murderer in the Bank Hidden Corpse Case?