Crazy Detective Chapter 322

Chapter 322: An Intractable Accident

Chapter 322: An Intractable Accident
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"I almost guessed it!" Liang Huan said. "That year, they were buried under the tunnel for fifteen days. Something totally inhumane must have happened down there. Perhaps someone took the food that belonged to Qiu Xinyang and his mother, which led to his mother's death.

"Qiu Xinyang has been nursing a grudge since then. He's now carrying out insane acts of revenge, letting them starve to death!"

"Certainly!" Da Fei nodded. "How could these tragedies have happened if he did not experience something like it! Well, it seems that no one would kill people randomly. 'There's a liter of tears behind every crime'. What a true sentence!"

"What?" Upon hearing this remark, it immediately attracted Zhao Yu's attention. He questioned, "Da Fei, why does this sentence sound familiar to me?"

"Yeah!" Da Fei immediately exclaimed, "I used to hear it from Captain Jin. Sometimes, we just look for the victim and the murderer in a case. We rarely care about the involved parties' feelings, as well as the cause of the crime!"

"Alright, Da Fei!" Peng Xin heard Da Fei say this many times before. She immediately interrupted him and uttered, "Let's focus on catching the criminal! Could you get over this obsolete expression? A world without sin only exists in the good wishes of people like you!"

Without any reason, Zhao Yu seemed to be touched when hearing Da Fei and Peng Xin's comments. However, right now was the most critical moment; he could not be distracted. They needed to catch Qiu Xinyang before anything else!

Right after the car entered Moyang area, Zhang Jingfeng called Zhao Yu and informed him that Qiu Xinyang's cellphone had been shut down and there was no way to track his location in advance.

Zhao Yu understood what Zhang Jingfeng meant and immediately told the members to get ready to catch the criminals.

Who knew, but as soon as he hung up the phone, Miao Ying called.

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying seemed particularly agitated on the phone. "I got bad news. When we got there, Su's family said Sun Yihan was missing!"

"Ah!? What?" Zhao Yu was shocked.

"Sun Yihan was supposed to be on a business trip," Miao Ying explained. "Her family thought she left, but since they couldn't get in touch with her, they realized that she hadn't boarded the train after all! Thus, they just reported it! She's been missing for four days in total!

"Zhao Yu, if Sun Yihan is not going to flee, there's a big possibility that Qiu Xinyang, who you are investigating, is the murderer of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case. You guys must be careful!" Miao Ying exclaimed. "Moreover, if he is the murderer, Sun Yihan's disappearance might be connected as well! Don't forget to search around after you catch the guy!"

"Okay!" When Zhao Yu agreed, his heart was surging with turbulent waves.

No one would have expected that it would be such a thorny case. If Qiu Xinyang really kidnapped and imprisoned Sun Yihanwas she even still alive? Or was she the seventh victim of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case?

Tsk tsk

Sun Yihan and Qiu Xinyang were the sole survivors of the bus crash! Did Qiu Xinyang really kill all the survivors? Had what happened on the bus that year caused him such distress?

After hanging up the phone, the car had already entered Xin Yuan Street. As Da Fei described, it was sparsely populated and unusually deserted. A lot of nearly identical two-story western houses stood on both sides of the street. However, few residents were there. The walls of the houses were peeling off from the alkaline environment, and there were even weeds growing on some corners and curbs on both sides of the street. It was obvious that this place had been neglected for quite some time.

As Xin Yuan Street was a winding route, located in a hilly area, they could see the legendary 'Ghost City' from a higher place.

A few kilometers away, there were numerous tall buildings and various villas. But those buildings were discarded, and some were even covered in stories of scaffolding!

Although this place was quiet, it did make people feel depressed. Few cars were sparsely parked on both sides of the street, and some cars even seemed like they had turned into zombie cars! It was hard to see how a few shops could be running normal businesses here. Only a few mini markets and some garages were opened.

"Opening a bookstore in such a place is definitely a losing situation!" Liang Huan exclaimed. "I wonder, if Qiu Xinyang is the murderer of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, how does he live here? Where did he get money to rent the safety deposit boxes?"

"Li Beini already checked it!" Zhao Yu immediately answered. "This so-called 'A lean camel is bigger than a horse', although Qiu Xinyang's father's company was closed down, the wealth left he inherited is enough to feed him for the rest of his life!"

"Oh He definitely won't run away!" Liang Huan sighed. "Without any worries, he could concentrate on getting his revenge! The psychological welfare of this guy is completely twisted!"

While Liang Huan was speaking, the car suddenly slowed down. The detective who was driving turned around and announced, "Leader Zhao, we're here! Look, that's the suspect's bookstore!"

"Ah!?" Unexpectedly, Zhao Yu and Peng Xin exclaimed as they caught a glimpse of it. They saw a familiar car parked in front of the bookstore! The make and the license plate apparently belonged to Rongyang Police Station!

"Sh*t!" Seeing this car, Zhao Yu could not help himself and yelled, "Wang Shengyao, f*ck you!"

No wonder Zhao Yu was so angry. These cars were obviously from Wang Shengyao's special task force! Did it meanthey already found out the news as well?

"No way?" Liang Huan also was annoyed. "There didn't seem to be much going on with them earlier this morning! How could they get here before us?"

"B*tch! They must have been spying on us!" Zhao Yu was clenching his fist and seemed like he was about to try and fight them. He had been trying to get over them these past few days! However, Zhao Yu was annoyed since he kept getting beaten by them. He opened the car door before the car came to a full stop!

Zhao Yu intended to bolt into the bookstore. However, as soon as he got out of the car, he heard a dog barking from the trunk, and realized that he had come with Daheng! Immediately, he ran back to the trunk.

"Daheng!" Zhao Yu lowered his head and whispered, "You just bite anyone you see once I let you enter later. Bite until they die, got it? Especially those who in police uniforms! Don't let go or loosen your grip even if I tell you to, got it?"

"Woof!" Daheng seemed as though it understood the instructions, barked, and nodded.

"Good job! We're relying on you to save our face!" Zhao Yu stroked his dog's head. He pointed to the ground and asked him to jump out of the car. However, Daheng just stared at the ground from where he was and did not move. Alternatively, he just took few backward, and his eyes were filled with fear.

"Why? You?" Zhao Yu suddenly remembered that Daheng leg had just been operated on; he couldn't do any intense physical activities yet!

So depressing! In such a situation, how could Daheng bite people randomly!?


Just as Zhao Yu was sighing, there was suddenly an accident in front of the bookstore.

Although Zhao Yu didn't bolt into the bookstore, Da Fei, Liang Huan, and Peng Xin, and the team were anxious and already made their move towards the bookstore, their guns out. Whether or not the special task force has arrested Qiu Xinyang, they had to dash into the bookstore first.

However, just when they rushed in, everybody ran out. As everybody was retreating in a hurry, Peng Xin accidentally fell down!

Zhao Yu noticed the movement and hurriedly glanced at the door. Immediately, he was thunderstruck!