Crazy Detective Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Not An Easy Clue
Chapter 324: Not an Easy Clue
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"Expert fecal detector! Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu thought.

When Zhao Yu saw the public toilet, he was depressed and slapped Tycoon's butt indignantly. He reprimanded it, "Hey, I said look for people! People means people!"

"Woof! Woof" Daheng leaped up half a meter in pain, yet he continued to bark at the public bathroom.

Although Zhao Yu knew Daheng very well, other detectives misunderstood Daheng's actions. They assumed that the criminal was hiding in the public bathroom, so they started surrounding it with their gun as Daheng kept barking!

"Hmm" Zhao Yu failed to find a reason to stop them.

Finally, the detectives bolted into the men's and women's bathrooms. Unfortunately, there was an old lady in the women's restroom at that moment. Seeing a group of heavily armed policemen rushing in and pointing a gun at her, the old lady was shocked and almost fell into the toilet bowl.

Depressed! Zhao Yu felt hopeless and led Daheng back to the police car. Other detectives were confused and clueless as well.

When they went back to the bookstore, Miao Ying and others had finished searching the entire bookstore. However, they failed to find any trace of Sun Yihan. Although the second floor seemed wide, it was only about eighty square meters. It was hard to hide people in such place.

"Team leader!" Lan Bo came to report, "There are residences on both side of the bookstore, but the residents do not stay here often. We are trying to get in contact with them!"

"We conducted a search in Qiu Xinyang's bedroom," Liu said. "We only found a little cash, and nothing like personal belongs such as bank cards, wallet, or cell phone. I guess Qiu Xinyang brought them with him when he was running away!"

"Same issue with the computer!" Ma Wei reported. "There's no other information related to the case left on the computer, only the bookstore's information."

"Team leader," Liu reiterated, "I think Qiu Xinyang did not stay here frequently. We couldn't find any photo albums or pictures in his room. If Qiu Xinyang really cared about his parents, it's doesn't make sense that there are no photos in the room."

"Wellyou guys must search again," Miao Ying said. "I will ask Li Beini to check if Qiu Xinyang owned other property as well! Zhao Yu," when Miao Ying saw Zhao Yu, she inquired, "how's your dog?"

Zhao Yu reluctantly shook his head.

"Well, I'll get some professional police dogs from headquarters!" As she spoke, Miao Ying picked up the phone and made a call to headquarters. She demanded the supporting team to get more information about Qiu Xinyang, including his relatives and friends in order to find him.

"Team leader!" right after Miao Ying put down the phone, another detective came over and reported to her, "Wang Shengyao and his special team have arrived, butthey sent all the police force to the nearby area of Xin Yuan Street. It seems like they have begun a house-to-house search for the suspect."

"B*stard!" Zhao Yu cursed. "If they didn't stir up trouble, we would've already caught the criminal. Yet, they again tried to come here to steal the credit, shame on them!"

"Just let them go ahead if they want to search every house themselves!" Miao Ying ordered to the detective, "Now, don't do anything else, just keep an eye on them and report to me immediately if anything happens!"

"Noted!" The detective ran away with the assigned task.

"I'm so curious!" Zhao Yu shook his head and exclaimed, "How did Wang Shengyao find Qiu Xinyang, and why are they one step ahead of us?"

"The Special team had informers with each victim's family," Miao Ying explained, "and when they found out there the Bank Hidden Corpse Case and the Qishan tunnel incident are related, they of course would come here for clue as well. However, I do not believe that they have figured out that Qiu Xinyang is the culprit. Otherwise, they wouldn't have fallen into his trap."

"Yeah! That's exactly what I'm thinking. So," Zhao Yu asked, "what should we do next?"

"Sun Yihan has been kidnapped for four days. It's very dangerous to go without food or water for four days!" Miao Ying was worried. "Now, our priority is to catch Qiu Xinyang in order to find Sun Yihan. We can't afford a seventh victim in the Bank Hidden Corpse Case to die in front of us again!"

Zhao Yu nodded silently. Meanwhile, he dug through his brain, trying to come up with a plan.

Qiu Xinyang? Where would he go if he ran away from here? How could they catch him?

The respirator was hanging on the tree. Zhao Yu was pondering. Had Qiu Xinyang set off some anesthetic gas and ran away with the respirator while the other detectives all lost consciousness?

At that moment, there had been a detective who had chased him upstairs. Ultimately, the detective had fainted Moreover, there was a respirator hanging on the tree. Apparently, Qiu Xinyang had jumped from the second-floor window and must've been in quite a panic, and hurried while he was trying to escape. If he ran away in such a condition, undoubtedly, he must have gone as far as possible.

But what how about Sun Yihan? Where did he hide Sun Yihan? Was Sun Yihan still alive? Would Qiu Xinyang find her?

While Zhao Yu was thinking, Miao Ying's phone rang suddenly. It was a call from a Team B investigator. They told Miao Ying that a transaction under Qiu Xinyang's name had occurred two minutes ago. His bank card had been used at the ATM in China Construction Bank at Feng He Street. He had withdrawn a total of 7,300 Yuan from the card.

What!? The news lifted Miao Ying's spirits. Immediately, she accessed a digital map and checked.

"Look!" Miao Ying pointed to the map and proclaimed, "Feng He Street is located on the west side of Xin Yuan Street. There's a Qinshan West Railway Station if you go further. He knows we might freeze his card soon, thus he withdrew all his money in advance."

"Since there's a West Railway Station, he's planning to run away!" Ma Wei exclaimed. "Team Leader, be quick, we need to stop him before he's gone!"

"Okay!" Miao Ying immediately ordered. All of Team B's Mobile Squad members got into the car and left together to go get Qiu Xinyang.

Wrong, something was wrong! However, at that moment, an unfamiliar thought came into Zhao Yu's mind.

"The Bank Hidden Corpse Case case was so meticulous, secret, and extremely audacious!" Zhao Yu thought. "Apparently, the murderer is a very cautious person. Since he knew that he would expose himself once he withdrew money from the ATM, why did he still do so?"

What on earth was he trying to do?

"Zhao Yu, would you come with us?" Miao Ying asked once she got into the car.

"Hmm" Initially, Zhao Yu planned to voice out his thoughts. At last, he shook his head as he felt that his ideas were still immature. "I should stay here, in case something changes! You all go first!"

"Alright! Be careful!" Miao Ying closed the door. Immediately, few cars headed to the west side.

Something was wrong! Zhao Yu felt something was strange, especially after Miao Ying and the rest of Team B left. If Qiu Xinyang was the murderer of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, he had paid a huge amount of money whenever he opened a safety deposit box Apparently, this guy was not in a desperate need of money. So, why would he expose himself in such a tense moment with just 7000 Yuan? Maybehe had another trick up his sleeve?

Suddenly, Zhao Yu revived his idea. Reflecting on the past seven years of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, he believed that the murderer was an extremely obsessive person. Such person would do anything in order to get his target!

Did it meanQiu Xinyang had exposed himself intentionally for some other reason?

Tsk tsk

Zhao Yu stood on the street and gazed at both sides of the road. Suddenly, he saw the 'Ghost City' which was exactly located on the east side of Xin Yuan Street.

"Oh, My Goodness!" he exclaimed in his head.

Instantly, a possibility had come into Zhao Yu's mind. Hadthe real clue been right in front him all these days?