Crazy Detective Chapter 331

Chapter 331: The Avenger That Lost Himself
Chapter 331: The Avenger that Lost Himself
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Although Sun Yihan was rescued, and the murderer of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, Qiu Xinyang, was arrested, to those in the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, the follow up tasks had just started: interrogating the criminal, recording the confession, medically treating the officers, examination of evidence, and much more. There were still many things that need to be done. Hence, all the detectives were busy from afternoon until late at night.

Zhao Yu's duties has also drastically changed. When he arrested the suspect back then, he could take a break, but as a team leader, he had no time for leisure anymore!

The task of interrogating the criminal fell upon his and Miao Ying's shoulders. By that point, the evidence was conclusive. Qiu Xinyang had been caught red-handed, so he confessed everything and told them everything there was to know about the Bank Hidden Corpse Case.

Although Zhao Yu was mentally prepared, hearing the tragic story from the travel bus still made him uncomfortable. Captain Jin's words replayed in his mind, "Behind every crime, there was a liter of tears." If it had not been for that incident, Qiu Xinyang would have a completely different life!

According to Qiu Xinyang's verbal confession, when his mother, and his unborn brother inside her stomach died, his father's psychological health went south. He blamed himself for what happened. He wished he could go back in time and stop them from experiencing that tragic accident. From that point on, his father's company went from bad to worse. When the company closed, his father fell ill and passed away shortly after.

From then on, Qiu Xinyang's determination to avenge the death of his family was officially ignited. He thought that his mother's death had been due to the survivors on the long distance bus. If they had not stolen his food then, his mother and his unborn brother would not have died. His father's company would not have closed. Their family would still be a happy family.

But his mother had died, and his father had died too. Everything was different! He vowed to make everyone who had had his food pay the price. He was determined to avenge his mother!

The year he decided to take his revenge, Qiu Xinyang had just turned twenty-four. To take revenge, he became unsociable and eccentric. He kept himself to himself, drifting away from normal life. To carry out his plan, Qiu Xinyang had taught himself many skills, and he had prepared the basement in ghost town in advance.

The reason why he made Duan Dacheng his first victim was because Duan Dacheng was the first who had taken his food, and because what he had done worsened his mother's condition.

But Qiu Xinyang never thought that his revenge plan would work so well. He used his homemade anaesthetic smoke to knock Duan Dacheng out. After he tied Duan Dacheng up, he put him in the car trunk and brought him to the basement in ghost town. On the way there, to prevent Duan Dacheng from waking up, he injected him with more anesthesia.

Qiu Xinyang lacked empathy and was a complete psychopath. After Duan Dacheng was captured, he was held captive in the basement! From then onwards, he did not care about anything else! Sometimes, he sat quietly on the couch in the basement and listened to Duan Dacheng's call for help and his helpless knocks on the door.

One day, two days, three daysuntil he stopped hearing movement in the basement, then he would opened the door again. Under such torture, hunger and thirst intertwined, their heart swarm with fear, and one normally could not withstand such horror for more than a week. Duan Dacheng was very old, so he starved to death quickly.

Qiu Xinyang's reasons for getting his revenge in such a way was clearhe wanted Duan Dacheng to taste the experience of being starve to death!

Then, according to his original plan, Qiu Xinyang vacuum sealed Duan Dacheng's corpse and stuffed it into a suitcase, then deposited it into the safety deposit box at Qinshan Bank.

Just as Zhao Yu had expected, the reason why he put the corpse into the safety deposit box was a tribute to his mother since she had developed the safety deposit box service in the first place!

Even since Duan Dacheng's death, Qiu Xinyang never considered stopping. His lust for revenge made him lose his mind once and there was no turning back.

Qiu Xinyang's plan was carefully organized. He knew that if he were to kill frequently within a short period time, he would draw the police's attention. So after he killed one, he would use another year to observe the next victim and be prepare himself so that there would not be any mistake. Then he would take action!

So, one victim per year, until the very lastSun Yihan.

What surprised the police was, although Qinshan bank had had a big bank robbery case, Qiu Xinyang, who was disconnected from the outside world, did not know that the corpses had been found! He was still preparing for Sun Yihan's murder, and was ready to starve her to death and go deposit her corpse in the safety deposit box.

Only when the detectives from the special task force came to question him did he realize that he was being watched by the police. However, the detectives only wanted to ask him about the situation but they did not know that he was the murderer.

So, Qiu Xinyang excused himself to make tea, and he opened the anaesthetic smoke to knock them out. But one of the police detectives fought with him and chased him to the second floor before they fainted. Qiu Xinyang then jumped off the building and ran. His gas mask was hanging on tree, leading to what had happened after.

As for his process afterwards, Zhao Yu was right on the money! Qin Xinyang was confused by the hatred in his head. Even when he was being chased by the police, he only had one goalto bury Sun Yihan along with his mother! He did not care about anything else! So, he purposely revealed his location to lure the police out of ghost town.

That moment, Qiu Xinyang knew that although Sun Yihan had been in the basement for a fe days, she was definitely not dead yet. So, he wanted to head back and vacuum seal her alive!

He had not expected that the police had already found his nest. Qiu Xinyang couldn't care less as he was driven by his strong urge to get his revenge. He chose to fight against the police. He used the anaesthetic smoke in his car to knock out Liu Xueshan and the others. Then, he took Liu's gun and intended to rush into basement to kill! But he had not anticipated that Zhao Yu had not been knocked out by the smoke, and that he was impervious to bullets! Zhao Yu then dashed upstairs and violently restrained him!

When Qiu Xinyang was questioned by Zhao Yu, he still did not understand how Zhao Yu had done that. He saw the bullet shot Zhao Yu before his eyes. Even if he wore a bulletproof vest, how could he not be injured at all?

Zhao Yu seized the chance to educate him, "Everything has its own destiny! The sin that you have committed needed to be paid as well! And I am the person to put you away!"

After the interrogation, Zhao Yu stood up and asked Qiu Xinyang before he left, "I really want to know, if the last survivor Sun Yihan had been starved to death and deposited into the safety deposit box, what would you've done next? You took revenge for your mother. Did youdid you really feel, in your heart, that you were happy?"

Hearing Zhao Yu's question, Qiu Xinyang looked at Zhao Yu quietly. He did not say a word, but his dispirited eyes showed that he had been reduced to nothing more than despair. Actually, when he had caught the last survivor, Sun Yihan, he had completed his only goal in life, and he had no idea where to go next! Whether or not he had gotten his revenge, he would be an unfortunate person!

"Sigh!" Zhao Yu sighed helplessly. He suddenly felt that Qiu Xinyang's story was just like Fang Yi's from the Bank Robbery Case. If he had been given professional counselling after he went through the tragedy of losing his mother, could this serial murder case have been avoided?

Behind every crime, there was a liter of tears!

Regarding the tragic Bank Hidden Corpse Case, maybe the people could not comment on and describe what was right or wrong! But Qiu Xinyang's choice to take revenge with such brutal method was wrong.

Back then, when the travel bus was trapped underneath the rocks, when Qiu Xinyang's mother had been stroking her child's hair, her only thought was the hope that her child would live on, that he would live a happy life, not that he would take revenge!

Qiu XinyangQiu Xinyanghis mother had hoped that maybe he would be like his name. She hoped that he would be full of youth forever and that he would always go forward!