Crazy Detective Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Inadvertent Happiness
Chapter 332: Inadvertent Happiness
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When the truth of the case was revealed, the Bank Hidden Corpse Case had immediately aroused great repercussions throughout the entire police station. Everyone was busy. The police superiors were actively discussing and finalizing the procedure to close the case, trying their best to handle the aftermath of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case properly.

Although the case was solved and the truth revealed, the members of Rongyang's Key Case Investigation Unit felt complicated after they had worked hard for days and nights. Apart from a slight sigh of relief, there was not much joy among them. The only thing that they felt was deep fatigue and uneasiness from the backstory of the case—a boy mentality distorted by hatred plotted to kill six victims. Behind the ruthless and cruel murder, there were many thought-provoking things, causing people to come to some sudden realizations.

Zhao Yu was extremely exhausted. It was midnight when he finally finished reviewing the case. By now, he wanted nothing but to go back and sleep. Besides sleep, there was one thing he had to do, and it was very important to him too. Moreover, before doing this, Zhao Yu was extremely anxious and puzzled, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead.

After work, Zhao Yu did not leave. Instead, he followed Miao Ying quietly until they reached a women's bathroom. Now that the case was solved, Miao Ying was also physically and mentally exhausted, thus she did not notice that someone was following her.

Zhao Yu waited at the entrance of the bathroom. Finally, with the sound of flushing water, Miao Ying came out.

"Miao… Hey! There you are!" Zhao Yu slyly walked towards Miao Ying, frightening her, and even making her assume a defensive pose.

"Zhao Yu, what's the matter now?" When Miao Ying recognized it was Zhao Yu, she started washing her hands and asked at the same time, "Are you here asking for credit? Okay! I admitted it, you contributed a lot to this case. Major credit will go to you, and the culprit was also caught by you. Don't worry, the bonus…erm…" Miao Ying went on with her casual comments when suddenly she saw Zhao Yu bring a red box in front of her.

"You…" Miao Ying was surprised at that moment.

"Here." Zhao Yu stealthily looked around again. After he confirmed no one was there, he opened the box nervously and stammered, "Hey, I…I bought it for…for…for you…" Zhao Yu was stuttering for the first time in the face of a highly intense moment.

"Are you…" Miao Ying was astonished when she saw a pair of shiny earrings inside the casket. Although Miao Ying face was filled with uncertainty, underneath she was delighted, and her face flushed slightly.

"I broke your ear studs last time!" Zhao Yu was also embarrassed. He lowered his head and said, "This is compensation! I…I had chosen the most expensive ones in the mall; nine thousand plus per pair! The receipt is inside the box! I am serious—not joking! … Hmm…do you like it?"

"No… you don't have to!?" Miao Ying's face was slightly red. She was also shy and lowered her head and said, "I already forgot. It doesn't…doesn't matter!"

No one knew why, but it seemed like the nervousness was contagious. Formerly, the two of them were just like enemies, but now they looked nervous and reluctant, exactly like a young couple. In fact, although Zhao Yu was a playboy in the past, and even fell in love with Yao Jia in his previous life, he had never given any gifts to his lovers before. Now, he felt sheepish facing Miao Ying, the loveliest woman ever.

"Just…just take it!" Zhao Yu stuttered. "It must be nice! Hahaha…yeah…nice…"

That was absolutely a lie. Miao Ying had a mushroom-shaped haircut, yet, her ears were not exposed, so it was impossible to see the earrings. How could he tell whether or not the ear studs would look good on her? However, Miao Ying was delighted by his comment. She sheepishly accepted the earrings. Afterward, she felt a bit awkward and clueless, and just stood there as if she was a maid holding a box of precious jewelry for her master.

"Hmm…so, I'll leave first!" Zhao Yu was very happy when Miao Ying accepted the ear studs. "Since she accepted them, does that mean she's a little interested in me?" he wondered.

Zhao Yu turned around when he saw that Miao Ying nodded. But after he took just two steps, Miao Ying called him suddenly, "Hey, Zhao Yu, that's it?"

"Huh? What?" Zhao Yu's face was filled with surprise.

"Since you gave me the earrings, you should put them on me!" Miao Ying chastized him and handed the studs to Zhao Yu.

"Oh? Oh, oh, oh, oh…" Zhao Yu was overwhelmed at that moment, then quickly leaned forward to pick up the earrings, still trembling.

"Why are you trembling? Are you okay? Don't poke another hole in my ear!" Although Miao Ying was murmuring, she still pulled back her beautiful and sleek hair with her right hand.

Looking at that snowy white neck and mellow, full rounded earlobe, Zhao Yu's heart could not help but beat rapidly. Fortunately, he managed to restrain himself and immediately put the studs on Miao Ying.

Apparently, you cannot wear only one ear stud and leave the other one alone. Zhao Yu quickly went to her other ear to put on the second one on for her. Seeing that Miao Ying was not doing anything, Zhao Yu stretched out his hand and gently pulled Miao Ying's hair back. Miao Ying's hair exuded a kind of attractive scent which was fascinating to Zhao Yu, and made him just want to push her down on a bed. However, before the ear stud was completely putting on, Lan Bo, one of the detectives was rushing towards the toilet from outside.

Lan Bo was having a upset stomach at that moment. As he was heading to the bathroom, he saw Zhao Yu helping Miao Ying put on the earrings. He was surprised and suddenly stopped, standing there stunned!

Zhao Yu gulped while Miao Ying was bowed her head with a blushed face. However, Zhao Yu reacted fast. He quickly shouted at Lan Bo, "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen an earring before? ! Back off, go to the second floor!"

"Yes, you are right…" Lan Bo was so smart too. He immediately pretended he was blind and muttered, "Oh, I feel dizzy. Why do I keep hallucinating…hallucinations… I didn't see anything…"

"Haha…" Miao Ying smiled at Zhao Yu while he was laughing.

Because of Lan Bo's interruption, the awkward atmosphere had been broken. Seeing that the earrings were on, Miao Ying hurriedly lowered her head and said goodbye to Zhao Yu, then left like the wind.

"Hehehe…" Zhao Yu stood there, smirking, and his heart was filled with joy. Surprisingly, he never expected that Miao Ying would ever feel embarrassed. "It seems that I have the greatest chance to win over the beauty," he thought to himself.

Zhao Yu happily brought Daheng back home. At the doorstep, he even sent a WeChat message to Miao Ying to asked if she had gotten home okay. He asked her to get some rest early and so on.

Unexpectedly, when the door opened and Zhao Yu was about to step inside, he was frightened by the situation in front of him. He almost fell on the ground!

"Woof-woof…" Daheng was also startled and immediately barked at the house.

They just saw an old woman standing firmly in front of the door. She looked exactly like a ghost with her solemn face.

"Oh, my! You scared me to death!" Zhao Yu got up from the ground and patted his chest and grumbled, "What are you doing here? Why aren't you asleep. It is midnight!"

"You're such a bad boy. I've been waiting for you to come back so I could prepare a hot meal for you!" His mother exclaimed, "Couldn't you tell me in advance before you came back? I could have gotten the food ready for you!"

"Woof…woooo…" Daheng became obedient as soon as she had rolled her eyes at it. Immediately, it went to the balcony and slept by itself.

Zhao Yu had just eaten a bento box for dinner, so he was slightly hungry now. His mother quickly heated up the food she had prepared for him. Even the old Zhao Yu, the one originally from this world, had not had his mother's food for a long time. Immediately, he started to feast while on the delicious foods.

Ding-dong… There was a message notification. When Zhao Yu opened it, it was a reply from Miao Ying: I'm home, you must be tired too, go to sleep early! Good night!

Although the message was simple, it caused Zhao Yu to feel warm. Zhao Yu's happiness was at its max as he ate his mother's delicious cooking and read the warm response from his crush.

Recalling the tragedy that had happened to Qiu Xinyang, he could not help but cherish the happiness that he had experienced. Happiness in the world is often found in these casual moments but is often ignored.

However, there was another happy thing awaiting Zhao Yu.

When he was almost finished with his meal, his mother suddenly took Zhao Yu's dairy over and sat beside him. She seemed to be interested in something in the book.

"Mother, could you please stop messing with my stuff? Just tell me, what are you doing with this? If I'm not mistaken, you're not very literate, right?" Zhao Yu asked.

"Yeah, I don't read, but," his mother pointed to the hexagrams in the book and said, "I still know some of these Ba Gua terms! It seems like the 'The Art of Heaven Bagua', which has been lost a long time ago?"


Pu… Zhao Yu was shocked and nearly spit out all the food that he had eaten...