Crazy Detective Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Ghost Bagua
Chapter 333: Ghost Bagua
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"What?!" Zhao Yu put down his chopsticks and asked, "You know these hexagram poems?"

The place where his mother pointed really was where Zhao Yu recorded the complicated hexagram poems from the system. Zhao Yu had looked for the explanation for very long but no one understood them.

Worn out the iron shoes hunting around, and it was found without even looking for it!

"Who knew, the one who understood was right before my eyes, and she is my mother!" Zhao Yu thought. "Goodness gracious. If I really could understand the hexagram poems, it would really help me with adventures in the future!"

"I'm not too sure though." His mother creased her eyebrows and said, "These things that you wrote down, I've seen them in a book at your grandfather's house. It was a handwritten copy, called The Art of Heaven Bagua! I asked your grandfather before! Your grandfather said that the Heaven Bagua was also called the Ghost Bagua—an ancient secret art that was lost! Sounds quite incredible. Hehehe…" Then she said, "Son, I don't understand, why would you have these hexagram poems?"

"I…" Zhao Yu was trying to make an excuse, "For a case! Yeah! It was for a case! I found it when I went to investigate a case! Mom, if you were to help me to solve this, it could be helpful for the case! Hurry up, tell me everything you know!"

"Mm…" His mother was touching the words on the notebook. She looked like she was trying hard to recall something. She said after a while, "These hexagram poems seem…to be…not what the words meant! So, it doesn't matter if you know the words, you just need to look at the orientation of the four corners and the five elements…

"Mm…sigh!" His mother suddenly sighed as she said, "It'd be great if your grandfather was still alive! I only gazed at it but never studied it before! Plus, this is lost to the world. It shouldn't be easy to understand!"

"Really?" Zhao Yu was depressed. " I…. How about my two uncles? Do they know?"

"Cough!" His mother pouted and said, "Don't bring up those two heartless b*stards, okay? They never do anything good, but only know how to fool around. Such an embarrassment to your grandfather! They are no match for me! At least I had no problem evaluating my daughter in law!"

"What the…" Zhao Yu held his mother's shoulder. "Mom, think again. See if you have any way to understand this. This is very important!"

"Son!" His mother pondered and said, "I vaguely remember your grandfather said that the Ghost Bagua was said to be very magical in the ancient book. It seemed that it could predict the future! Noh…" His mother pointed at the words in the notebook and said, "Hexagram poems were made up of four words in a group, and there are four groups in total. It includes Yin and Yang, and the five elements; very volatile. If one could master this, he could predict the future, using clues such as the four points of a compass and so on. Really mystical!"

"Oh…" Listening to his mother's explanation, Zhao Yu seemed to grasp the subtlety of it. These hexagram poems were not casually made up by the system but th ey contained a profound mystery.

"If I'm not mistaken, the hexagram poems show what miracle I am going to run into, under what circumstances, what time, what location and with who!" Zhao Yu thought. "If I could figure them out, not only could I increase my adventure completion rate, but also decrease the danger I come across during my adventures. This is definitely beneficial."

"I say, son," his mother creased her eyebrows and said, "I'm really confused. Why the drastic change? I remember, when I brought up anything about horoscopes, Bagua, physiognomy or palmistry in the past, you would resist me! You said everything was sheer nonsense and that I must believe in science! Why are you…interested in this now?

"If you are really interested, why not pick up physiognomy from me! I didn't learn anything else from your grandfather, but I mastered physiognomy. If you were to learn it, your grandfather would be so proud of you!"

"Mm… about that…can we talk about it later!" Zhao Yu would not change the topic but continued pleading, "Mom, you said that grandpa had a handwritten book about Ghost Bagua, right? Do you think you can find it?"

"It's hard to say. I have no idea what did your two useless uncles did with it!" His mother shook her head.

"Hurry up, call your brothers tomorrow and tell them to find it!" Zhao Yu shook his mother's arms. "Mom, it is really important to me!"

"Important?! What kind of drugs did the police station give you?" His mother cleaned up as she complained with disdain, "Only thinking about work everyday, solving cases, you don't even come home anymore! Look at your head, you are balding! I don't know if your hair will even grow back. Sigh!"

"Mom…" Zhao Yu was quite witty. He saw that his mother was not cooperating so he had an idea. "Mom, if I solve the case, there's a cash prize! Five-hundred thousand dollars!"

Plak! The bowls and chopsticks fell onto the table. His mother nearly jumped.

"What? Five…five-hundred…five-hundred thousand?!" His mother sat on the chair and stared into Zhao Yu's eyes. "Son, why…why didn't you tell me earlier? Look at what you've done…" His mother quickly took out her phone to call her brothers. Even though Zhao Yu reminded her that it was already past midnight, she did not care…

One hour later.

"Hoo…" Lying on the bed, Zhao Yu breathed out heavily. That very moment, his mother had put down the phone and went to bed too. The house returned to its tranquility. Although it was already late at night, Zhao Yu's brain cells were still extremely excited.

A few minutes ago, the system finally sent an ending notification. Zhao Yu's adventure completion rate had broke his previous record. He had gotten one-hundred and ten percent! The system gave him two grade one devices at once. One was called the memory flashback device. It could be used to look for anything in the past that he forgot or did not remember clearly. The other device was called the invisible hemostat. It could be used to instantly stop bleeding, regardless if it was internal or external bleeding. It was a single-use-only-item but it was an amazing device to save one's life!

Then and there, Zhao Yu had better understanding of the devices that the system awarded him. Even though there were various devices in his device bar, and every one of them was magical, none of them were used for attack! Not only was there no handgun or any offensive devices like a taser, there were never any destructive device either. All the devices were to assist him or provide medical aid. These devices could help Zhao Yu complete his task, to rescue but not to harm anyone!

The system seemed to follow some sort of principle. It would not have any dangerous device or one that was hard to control. But even though it only providing devices for assistance, it already made Zhao Yu even more powerful. He was content.

He also had some information related to the hexagram poem. Zhao Yu was extremely thrilled. If he could eventually understand the poems, he might be awarded with more powerful devices! Then, he thought about the Bank Hidden Corpse Case that had been solved, and also Miao Ying, who he yearned for day and night.

The more contact they had, the more Zhao Yu liked Team Leader Miao, who was bold and vigorous yet valued loyalty and friendship. He thought Miao Ying was his type and was irreplaceable!

Lying on the bed, every twinkle and smile of Miao Ying's was replaying in his mind. Zhao Yu was love sick. He was lying in his bed as he hummed a song, "Though I know love sickness is painful, I still think about you all the time. After much thinking, I'd rather suffer the pain…"