Crazy Detective Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Distorted Truth
Chapter 334: Distorted Truth
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The next afternoon at Qinshan City General Hospital.

Sun Yihan, the survivor of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, woke up. Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, and a police transcriptionist had come to her ward to interview her. However, they were stunned by what Sun Yihan had to say!

"Officer, what happened is not what he said. The boy has some mental issues; he's crazy!" Sun Yihan, who was still weak, was filled with grief and indignation. She exclaimed, "His mother had already died when the tunnel had collapsed! It's not as he said! It's not…"

Tears welled up in Sun Yihan's eyes and forced their way out of her eyelids. Silent tears were rolling down her cheek.

"You… Don't be too agitated," Miao Ying consoled her. "Slow down, slow down…"

"Officer..." Sun Yihan was trembling and now looked pale. She exclaimed, "What I said is true! Although the vehicle didn't turn over at that moment, the back of the car had crashed because of a large rock. Several men were smashed on the bottom of it!

"His mother died when an iron beam pierced her back! However, the boy kept talking to his mother and fed her on milk, as if his mother was still alive. It was so scary. I still can't forget it…"

Ah!? All the detectives got goosebumps when they heard her words.

"The boy was not stuck; he could get out of his seat," Sun Yihan recalled, "But, no matter how much we tried to persuade him, he insisted that he was stuck in his seat, and refused to come out! He said his mother had told him not to move. It seemed like he had been cursed!"

"Right away we knew there were many dead people on the scene. We were all really scared!"

After saying this, Sun Yihan bent over and whispered, "However, the foods...the bags of food belonged to them. It contained a large packet of red dates, milk, milk powder, and so on. All were life saving things!

"Yes, we segregated their food and all these were started by the eldest man! But we didn't starve his mother to death. His mother died before that. You can check the autopsy report if you don't believe it. I'm not lying!

"Moreover," Sun Yihan exclaimed in a state of agitation, "We didn't starve anyone in the vehicle. We sustained ourselves using the food. We were stuck there for fifteen days. That was the only thing we could rely on! We ate it, but, are we wrong for doing it? Are we?

"At first, the boy was refused to eat; he definitely couldn't have survived if iI didn't feed him little by little after seeing him close to death. Officer, please believe me—if we could have taken his food and starved his mother, why wouldn't we have starved him too?" Sun Yihan trembled and said, "The boy was crazy! So… so scary! How could this have happened, where he killed all these people! It was so scary…"

After hearing Sun Yihan's words, the scene became silent. All the detectives never would have expected the story to be like this!

It was obvious that Qiu Xinyang might have been stimulated by some kind of psychological shift. He had refused to accept the fact of his mother had died, which resulted in him having some serious psychological trauma.

"I had a thought that after the accident, if we paid more patience and love to him, and comforted the boy, perhaps all these things might not have happened!" Sun Yihan was now sobbing. "But it turned out that we were all scared, and can't care for others!

"None of us could have expected this horrible thing to happen! Many people lost their relatives because of this incident. There's a guy whose wife was crushed by the car seat, and his son was killed by a falling rock! Then there was also a mother of a little girl, her head…. it was…

"Alas…no one would ever want that! I don't understand; why was this boy being so cruel? It was not easy for all of us to survive such a great disaster, and then be killed by him at last. Why? Why?"

Sun Yihan became more and more agitated as she spoke. It was clear she was on the verge of losing control. The nurses immediately came over to comfort her.

Zhao Yu and other police officers were forced to leave the ward.

Unexpectedly, Miao Ying received a message as soon as they left. Apparently Qiu Xinyang had been diagnosed with symptoms of schizophrenia by a professional, as well as possessing some paranoid tendencies.

Perhaps some of the things that had supposedly happened in the vehicle that year had only been his view of things.

The entire story of the Corpses In The Bank Case had been distorted. The truth had stunned everyone. This case had occurred unexpectedly mainly due to the psychological biases of Qiu Xinyang.

By now, what was considered the right and wrong of the entire case had become even more confusing and indistinguishable. The only thing they could do was solve the case as soon as possible.

Although the truth of the case was quite sad, they had made a vital contribution to Rongyang's Key Case Investigation Unit! Moreover, they had solved the Corpses In The Bank Case before the special team had. Undoubtedly, they had upgraded Rongyang Police Station's prestige. All the leaders were delighted, and all the detectives were very proud.

As a result, Bureau Chief Luan had taken the lead in convening the Key Case Investigation Unit. He wanted to hold a commendation conference before he entertained the praises from the media and his superiors.

During the conference, the Key Case Investigation Unit was highly praised by Bureau Chief Luan on their unity, tenacious spirit, and hard work.

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying received additional praise—Bureau Chief Luan raved about the two team leaders' capability, anointed them the pride of the Rongyang Police Station, and said that they deserved the name of detective!

Furthermore, the higher-ups had decided to promote Miao Ying to the Captain of the Key Case Investigation Unit, while Zhao Yu was promoted to leader of Team A.

Regarding the promotion, it was exactly what Zhao Yu had predicted this morning. He drew divinatory symbols of 'Zhen-Dui'; one represented status, while the other represented fortune.

Currently, the "status" symbol had been fulfilled, and the "fortune" would come soon. It turned out that the bonus of the Bank Robbery Case, which had been solved by Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, had been given out. He and Miao Ying would share a fifty thousand yuan bonus.

Seeing as the criminal had been caught by the two of them, the bonus was going to be shared. Although the amount was not huge, it did represent honor and recognition. Zhao Yu was delighted about his reward.

However, Bureau Chief Luan had also announced two new things at the end of the conference:

One task was that Team B's leadership position would be reserved for Mao Wei, who was still recovering since Miao Ying had been promoted; the second was that Peng Xin, who had originally been a member of Team A, would take over the Vice Department Leader position at the Department of Public Information.

Although Mao Wei was still a team leader after having transferred from Team A to Team B, he had been demoted. In contrast, Peng Xin had actually been promoted. She was simply too old to work at the Key Case Investigation Unit anymore. It was the best choice for her to be transferred and work as a Vice Department Leader at the Department of Public Information.

Subsequently, after the conference ended, none of the detectives held back their excitement; one of them had asked Captain Miao Ying to treat them to dinner, and another detective had requested Zhao Yu, the team leader, to buy them all baths and foot massages. Yet, they definitely would not missed Peng Xin, a future Vice Department Leader as well. They got to pay them a best treat...

However, they noticed that Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had managed to disappear while they were trying to hustle them for a reward!

Everyone began looking for them, and eventually found them in front of Team B's office. Originally, in line with the principle of revenge, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had tacitly blocked Wang Shengyao and his colleagues in front of Team B's office, who had been planning to leave at that moment

Both Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were penny-pinchers; surely, they would not forget there was a gambling debt that had yet to be paid!