Crazy Detective Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Eye Opener
Chapter 335: Eye Opener
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Wang Shengyao knew something was not right. He wanted to seize the opportunity to run away while Rongyang Police Station was having their commendation, but he did not know that he was being watched. When he saw Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, the pair of great cavaliers, Wang Shengyao and all his teammates looked embarrassed and fearful. They had never thought that there would a day where elites transferred from each branch would lose to a bunch of nobodies from the Key Case Investigation Unit in a small branch.

"Wahaha…" Zhao Yu laughed maliciously. "Team Leader Wang, where are you going? Why didn't you bid us farewell? We could send you off nicely! Hey? You look good today. I think it's is a sign that you'll meet our fist when you leave!"

"Zhao Yu!" Wang Shengyao said angrily, "Do you think we are fools? Do you think I didn't know that you were the one who threw the anaesthetic smoke to knock us out? Otherwise, nobody would know who was the first person to catch the murderer! You cheated! What sort of ability is that?"

"That's right!" Hearing Wang Shengyao argument, the teammates followed suit.

"Sigh!" Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "Team Leader Wang, I'm sold! I thought I was shameless, but you seem to be more shameless than I am! Who found the clue first? Who found out that the murderer of the case was Qiu Xinyang first? Who fought a gun fight with Qiu Xinyang and handcuffed him? Don't you know?

"Quick, change the handcuff to ours!" Zhao Yu pouted as he mocked what Wang Shengyao said in an ugly voice. "Regardless, we caught the suspect first. Do you understand? Be quick! People from Rongyang Branch will be here soon… Wahaha… F*ck you!" Then, Zhao Yu gave him the middle finger.

"You!" Wang Shengyao was burning with rage and trembling with anger.

"Team Leader Wang!" Miao Ying said cooly, "I don't care about what happened between you and Zhao Yu. I only care about our bet. Now that you lost, hurry up, get your teammates to own up their mistake!"

"This…" All his teammates felt embarrassed.

"Aiyo? What is this? Going back on your word?" Zhao Yu joked mischievously, "Back then, who was the one who wanted to make things more interesting? What's wrong? Can't afford the bet? Mm… Team Leader Miao," Zhao Yu laughed lightly at Miao Ying, "I think Team Leader Wang is a strong man. Those three punches that you owe him, don't hit him on his face. It'd be bad if you were to disfigure his face!"

"Hahaha…" It was the Key Case Investigation Unit's turn to hold their heads up. Everyone was laughing and the other party was even more ashamed.

But a bet is a bet. Wang Shengyao had no choice to wave at the group of people behind him. They bowed down in front of the detectives from Key Case Investigation Unit and called them "Senior".

"Aiyo, is there something wrong with my ears?" Zhao Yu patted his ear and said arrogantly, "Is this what you call sincere? Come on, at ease… Attention! Do it one more time!"

"You!" Wang Shengyao was going crazy. He wanted to just fight Zhao Yu.

"It's enough, Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying suddenly waved and said to Wang Shengyao, "Team Leader Wang, I will exempt the punches! Actually, the reason why we stopped you here was not to embarrass you! I only hope that you remember not look down on others!" Then, Miao Ying waved handsomely, and all the police detectives returned to Team A's office altogether.

"Hmph, don't act like a snob in the future!" Zhao Yu said with disdain. "Remember, if you see anyone from Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, I think it's better to run!"

"Ugh…" Wang Shengyao gritted his teeth. The humiliation that day would never be forgotten. He vowed in his heart, "Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, don't fall into my hands in the future. I will get my revenge!"


After they shut the door, everyone in Team A's office was rejoicing. The detectives high-fived each other, looking extremely happy. Ever since the Lost Hand Case, they had gone through hell to solve a number of significant cases, and every case was solved beautifully.

At Qinshan's Police League, Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit was gaining fame and drawing everyone's attention! Not only did they solve the mysterious Bank Hidden Corpse Case, but they also got even with the elites from other branches. They were filled with pride and excitement! A celebratory dinner was, of course, a must!

As Miao Ying had been promoted to captain, the celebratory dinner was hosted by her. Miao Ying was happy that they solved the case, so she decided to bring everyone to a high class restaurant to eat some extremely good food!

At first, Zhao Yu and the other police detective did not take what Miao Ying said about a high class restaurant to heart. They didn't know what she meant by extremely good food either. Then, when they walked into the restaurant with Miao Ying that night, they were all dumbstruck.

The restaurant's name was in a foreign language, and everyone had no idea what it was called. Plus, the waiters in the restaurants were all foreigners! Most interestingly, Zhao Yu recognized the place. A while back, Liang Wanqian had been at one of the dining table when he gave Zhao Yu the bank card that had eight million dollars.

Although the exact situation was unclear, Zhao Yu knew that the restaurant was not somewhere anybody could dine at. Although it was not as glorious as Laoqin Renjia, the average price for a meal was way higher than Laoqin Renjia.

Among the detectives, some knew the ropes. Lan Bo said that the European restaurants were highly priced and that reservations had to be made beforehand. According to rumors, you needed to make a reservation one month in advance! Those who could dine there were highly respected people!

"Wow!" With Lan Bo's explanation, the police detectives looked at Miao Ying in a different light. The last time at Laoein Renjia, Miao Ying had casually bought everyone dinner. And at that time, it had still been incredible! There were so many people from the Key Case Investigation Unit; it would cost a fortune! Plus, there were so many people dining together. Didn't she need to make a reservation one year in advance?

Just as everyone was still in shock, Miao Ying understood and managed with ease. She led everyone up to the top floor. When everyone got to the top floor, they were dumbstruck. The rooftop garden had a long, old english table. The table was about ten meters long, just like the ones in European castle. At the side, there were over ten foreigners that were in European clothes standing by the side, ready to serve.

Zhao Yu gulped and looked at Miao Ying. Miao Ying was talking to a handsome guy that looked like the manager of the restaurant. They seemed to know each other well. That handsome guy was extremely good looking and gentle as Miao Ying talked and laughed cheerfully.

When everyone took their seat, the waitresses served various dishes one after another. It was said that those dishes were cooked by the main chef. Regardless of ingredients or cooking skill, they were on an international level.

Looking at the delicate dishes, the detectives looked like Granny Liu visiting the Grand View Gardens. They were at loss for what to do. Miao Ying demonstrated for everyone how to use the napkins and their dining plates and so on.

"Wow…" Lastly, there was a huge plate of humongous lobster served. Li Beini could not hold back. She asked in surprise, "Team Leader Miao, oh no, Captain Miao! This is so expensive! How much does this all cost?"

"Hehe…" Miao Ying smiled faintly and said to everyone, "Tonight is our celebratory dinner. Of course we have to have something good. Just eat, don't worry about anything else!" Then, Miao Ying snapped her fingers and told the waiter behind her, "Please open two bottles of Remy Martin 2000 for us! Thank you!"

"What the hell was that?" Liang Huan asked Zhang Jingfeng softly, "Team Leader Miao didn't say Remy Martin, right?"

Zhang Jingfeng nodded and shook his head unnaturally. He even drew a cross on his chest and mumbled to himself, "Today…I really lived a little!"