Crazy Detective Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Make A Determined Effort
Chapter 337: Make a Determined Effort
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With his promotion and cash prize of twenty-five thousand yuan, Zhao Yu's "Zhen Dui" hexagram was completed perfectly. His adventure completion rate was now at ninety-three percent, and he had gotten the invisible bullet proof suit, which was really hard to get more than once!

Zhao Yu used the invisible bullet proof suit twice, and found it to be both powerful and practical. Upon using it, although it was invisible, it was resistant against all weapons and ammunition; he didn't even have to worry about being shot in his head.

There was one flaw, however; the bullet proof suit would only last for thirty minutes. The suits he had gotten in the past had lasted for an hour.

Zhao Yu had dealt with a similar situation back then. This was similar to the invisible fluoroscopic device, which varied between ten minutes of usage and one minute of usage. It seemed that all the system devices had "light" versions!

But this made sense to Zhao Yu. With the invisible fluoroscopic device, there was both an advanced and light version!

"Regardless, it is good enough that it works!" Zhao Yu thought to himself.

It was another late night. Zhao Yu decided to open another hexagram. He got a "Dui Li" hexagram, with "Dui" representing money, and "Li" representing friendship.

"I wonder what adventure is waiting for me in a new day," Zhao Yu thought.

Zhao Yu had previously been occupied with case investigation, which left him no time to manage his personal matters, such as his stack of old notes and potential investments. Zhao Yu knew that he was a billionaire, but compared to Miao Ying, there was still a world of difference between them. Because of this, he decided that starting tomorrow, he would look into investment projects and perform well in them!

The very next morning, Zhao Yu finally resumed his normal routine of running in the park with Daheng. Daheng was leashed, which made the situation much better than it had been before. The older generation wasn't as afraid of her as they had been.

After he finished running, he took a shower. He then came out of the shower to find that his mother had prepared breakfast for him. Being able to have breakfast at home was also a blessing.

Zhao Yu's mother told him that his two bastard uncles had yet to find the ancient book! She was considering heading back to her hometown herself. Zhao Yu nodded in agreement quickly and said, "The book is too important. You must figure out a way to find it!"

His mother then replied that if he were to get the five hundred thousand, he mustn't forget to give her her share of the profits! After the conversation with his mother, Zhao Yu brought Daheng along to work.

Though there was no emergency cases, the office wasn't relaxed. The follow-up tasks for the Bank Robbery Case and the Bank Hidden Corpse Case needed to be completed by the police detectives.

Plus, because he had been promoted to team leader, there was a lot of official business that required Zhao Yu's attendance, such as meeting the higher-ups, reporting materials, public meetings, etc. He had to attend all of these things with Miao Ying. This was an all-day affair; he was busy the entire morning. Thankfully, Zhao Yu was able to finally find some alone time during lunch.

Right after work, Zhao Yu left the police station in a rush to a quiet restaurant in Xihuan. He had made an appointment to see someone there. That "someone" was Mr. Tao from Qinshan Bank.

Mr. Tao had already ordered food for Zhao Yu. The two of them made a toast and began chatting.

"Police Officer Zhao Yu, sometimes I always think that you are my saviour!" Mr. Tao said emotionally. "I've already troubled you once about my child! Who would have thought that I would have to rely on your help again to save us from trouble in the bank!"

"You flatter me!" Zhao Yu replied politely, "As a policeman, that is my responsibility. I'll do all that I can!"

"No no no," Mr. Tao said, "I've heard about how the Bank Hidden Corpse Case was solved dangerously! I heard that you even exchanged fire! Plus, the murderer used anaesthetic smoke. Sigh! It's all our fault that you have to take the risk. We are so sorry!"

"Mr. Tao, we are old friends. You don't have to be so formal. Otherwise, I'm going to get goosebumps!" Zhao Yu smiled faintly.

"Hehe, Police Officer Zhao is very humorous!" Mr. Tao complimented. "Actually, I am quite close with that murderer's parent! Who knew that child would become a murderer in the Bank Hidden Corpse Case! That's really surprising!"

"Oh? You knew each other?" Zhao Yu was surprised.

"Yeah!" Mr. Tao said, "The child's mother was one of the stockholders of the bank, but her goals were really high, so she was transferred to the headquarters quickly! Plus, the safe deposit boxes in all the banks were developed by her! That woman was really capable!"

"Her husband was a property developer. I knew him because I had bought houses from him before! I still remember that I have an impression of seeing the child!" Mr. Tao took a sip of his tea and said emotionally, "You never could have guessed that that child would become a murderer! If it wasn't because of the accident, maybe he would have been Qinshan's business idol! Such a pity…"

"Yeah, you never know! Behind every crime case is a liter of tears!" Zhao Yu had suddenly repeated Captain Jin's well-known saying. He toasted with Mr. Tao.

The saying had stunned Mr. Tao. He quickly asked Zhao Yu what it meant. After Zhao Yu explained it to him, Mr. Tao complimented him.

"I never would have thought that Police Officer Zhao was not only good at solving cases, but also knew such profound theories. It's rare; really hard to come by… Oh, by the way…"

Mr. Tao took out a check and passed it to Zhao Yu. "Police Officer Zhao, forget about the other things! I promised that if you were able to help the bank get out of trouble, we would give you your due. Here's one billion! It is from us stockholders. We hope you can make the most of this! If it's too inconvenient, I could do the same as Mr. Liang, and issue you a certificate of authenticity!"

"No no no," Zhao Yu refused immediately, " Mr. Tao, you misunderstood me. The reason I asked you out today is because I needed your help. I am not here to take credit! I definitely cannot keep the money!" Zhao Yu rejected the money wholeheartedly.

"Oh? I don't understand, what can I help you with? Tell me; I will try my best!" Mr. Tao was now curious.

"Well," Zhao Yu said straightforwardly, "I have a friend that wanted to take over the Depth Of Breath Gymnasium in the Huabei Commercial Building. But something happened to the gym previously, so it got delayed! He couldn't connect with anyone, so I was wondering if you could help!"

"Oh…" Mr. Tao thought about it, then replied, "That shouldn't be difficult. I've seen the chairman of Huabei a couple times. I could talk to him through some of my connections!"

"That's great! My friend told me that the price is not a problem as long as he can take over!"

"Hehehe…" Mr. Tao suddenly smiled. "Bro Zhao, you were saying that you see me as a friend! So, honestly, are you planning to start up a business with the money Mr. Liang gave you?"

"Hehe…" Zhao Yu smiled and thought to himself, "This guy is definitely an old fox. He saw through my intentions right away."

Mr. Tao passed him the check again and said, "If so, the money is to congratulate the auspicious opening of your shop!"

"No no no," Zhao Yu refused immediately, "I can't take this money. I know that the bank robber case and Bank Hidden Corpse Case had severely affected your bank's business. If I were to take your money now, it would mean I have no morals! Honestly, Mr. Tao, I might need your help in the future! I can't take the money!"

"Mm.. Alright then! I thank you on behalf of the shareholders of the bank!" Mr. Tao put the check away and said, "Police Officer Zhao! This heavy loss was a small matter. What's most important is that we saw our own flaws because of this tragedy! Don't you worry. We are making amendments to regulate our safe deposit boxes more securely so that there will be no loopholes for the criminals!"

"Yes, come on; cheers!" The two of them toasted with tea.

"But," Mr. Tao said again, "If you really are looking into investing, our bank has some pretty good plans! If you are interested, I'll ask my assistant to recommend you some!"

"Wahaha, that'd be great! Much appreciated!" Zhao Yu said, expressing his gratitude. "But I can't be greedy. I want to settle into the gym first! I can only do more once I've done one well!"

"Okay! Police Officer Zhao, I respect you more and more! You give yourself a solid foundation to build from!" Mr. Tao complimented, raising his teacup again. "Come, let's toast again!"