Crazy Detective Chapter 338

Chapter 338: You Are My Daughter In Law
Chapter 338: You Are My Daughter-in-law
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In the end, Zhao Yu chose Depth of Breath Gymnasium to be the project he wanted to invest in because he found saw a lot of potential within.

Firstly, the gym could generate profit for him.

Secondly, he could help Blondie and his gang solve their unemployment problem by giving them jobs.

Thirdly, due to the recent cases, Zhao Yu felt the need to train his body properly and to pick up some practical skills. That way, he could fight criminals better! So, if he were to run a gym, he could at least reach his goal of getting in shape!

Fourthly, he realized that there were many places in the gym that had yet to be developed. He wanted to utilize the place to set up a wushu center that provided classes like sanda and boxing. He could sharpen his wushu skills, and at the same time, attract Miao Ying because of their similar interests.

Buying the gym would enable him to earn money, to train his body, to practice wushu, and to chase after his dream girl. Plus, he could even solve the employment issues that his brothers faced. Why wouldn't he do it?

Although Zhao Yu knew that government workers couldn't invest in businesses, he could run the business just as the previous boss had, and list Blondie Zhou Yang as the legal representative while he operated behind the scene. That was why he had asked Mr. Tao for help.

Zhao Yu was smart too. As he got the "Dui-Li" hexagram that day, which represented money and friendship, he thought of asking Mr. Tao for help.

Who would have guessed that Mr. Tao really could help him get in contact with the person in charge? If he really could take ownership of the gym, Zhao Yu would be one step closer to reaching his goal of being with Miao Ying. However, even though the idea was great, reality wasn't.

At about three in the afternoon, Mr. Tao told Zhao Yu that he had already contacted the chairman of Huabei Commercial Building, but it was rather troublesome when it came to the gym. It turned out, when the gym was revealed as an underground black merchant, it was sealed up by the police, and the ownership rights of the place were given to the government.

According to the normal hand-over procedure, only a close relative of the legal representative could take over the business, but Mr. Zhang had been arrested and imprisoned in the detention center, and he had no one.

So, the procedure for acquiring the gym was complicated then. It was currently a power vacuum. But Huabei Commercial Building, of course, didn't want the reputation of their building management to be affected, or for customers who already had memberships with the gym to complain. So the gym was actually still operating but under the commercial building.

Although the commercial building was managing the gym, they did not possess the rights to transfer ownership. Hence, it was actually a very troublesome matter. The chairman of the commercial building wanted to solve the conflict quickly and have someone take over, but no one dared to take over as everything was uncertain! So, even though Mr. Tao found the chairman of the commercial building, he had no way for Zhao Yu to buy the gym legally. Zhao Yu thanked Mr. Tao for his help and told him that he would figure it out himself.

From that afternoon till evening, Zhao Yu was looking into that matter, intending to look for a way so he could legally obtain ownership of the gym, and at the same time, for the least amount of money.

That night, Zhao Yu got lucky again. Although the completion rate for that day was only eighty-three percent, he received a shorter version of the invisible camera. Although it functioned in the same way, it could only last for twelve hours.

"Hey?" he thought. Looking at the invisible camera, Zhao Yu thought of someone. "That's right. If I want to solve the gym problem, why not look for him?"

The following day, Zhao Yu got a "Xun-Kan" hexagram. Xun represented family and Kan represented romance or women. It seemed, ever since the case had been closed, the system wanted Zhao Yu to lay back and enjoy life. But Zhao Yu had made plans the night before. Although he had the "Xun-Kan" hexagram, he followed his original plan and went to Guangyuan Tea House at the north outer ring early in the morning.

The boss of the tea house, Ji Chunhua was leisurely enjoying his tea. When he saw Zhao Yu storm in impatiently, he was frightened and nearly broke his expensive purple sand teapot!

"You…y-y-you… What do you want this time?" Ji Chunhua removed the plaster cast on his legs as he wasn't expecting to see that devil again.

"Don't worry, don't worry!" Zhao Yu took a seat next to Ji Chunhua and extended his hand to pour himself a cup of tea. He said, "I'm not wearing my police uniform today. I'm looking for you because I have something that I need your help with!"

"You?" Ji Chunhua was overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. There was anger, annoyance, anxiety, and fear. He didn't know what trick the devil was trying to pull on him.

Zhao Yu made himself at home. He took a sip of tea and told Ji Chunhua straightforwardly that he wanted to take over the gym. Of course, he couldn't say that he wanted to buy it, but that he was doing his friend a favor.

"Mr. Ji, I know that you are an expert when it comes to these matters! You have your ways and connections." Zhao Yu smiled maliciously and said, "So, I came to look for you!"

"Zhao Yu, I really don't understand what you are thinking of? If it's something the police can't solve, how could I possibly solve it?" Ji Chunhua rolled his eyes and said, "I'm sorry, you came to the wrong person for help! I really can't help you with that!"

"Oh, okay then! Forget it!" Zhao Yu replied casually. Just when he finished saying that, he suddenly clasped his hands together and started chanting at Ji Chunhua, "Abracadabra, Taishang Lao Jun please make an appearance. I can see that your forehead is turning dark. You might be in trouble…"

"Here it comes again! Again…" Ji Chunhua was going crazy. His instincts told him to chase Zhao Yu away, but Ji Chunhua knew how mysterious Zhao Yu was. He immediately stopped him.

"Alright, alright! Stop being crazy, okay? Please!" Ji Chunhua quivered and said, "Alright, regarding this, I'll settle it for you. But we have to agree that I will be the middleman! My operating fees and cut can't be reduced!"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu was surprised. "Can you really settle this? Legally?"

"If it wasn't legal, would I dare to settle it for you? You are a cop, okay!" Ji Chunhua replied helplessly. "About how I work, stay out of it. I will get you a legal contract! I won't be able to do much about the price!"

"Aiya!" Zhao Yu didn't reply directly but shook his head as though he was having a stroke. "Mr. Ji, your chin is turning dark. I think you might have a problem; a peeping tom problem… It will be hard to solve…"

"Aiyo, the f*ck… I concede, alright!" Ji Chunhua was close to kneeling before Zhao Yu. He quickly folded his hands and bowed, "Alright, Detective Zhao, I will give up my share, okay? And I will help you reduce the contract price to its lowest, okay? I will not be able to cut any other cost!"

"Amitabha!" Zhao Yu put his hands together and replied, "It looks like you have some intention of being kind. I will help you to solve the disaster then… Noh… Here's my phone number, call me when you're done!"

Zhao Yu wrote down his number on the notebook before him and left.

Ji Chunhua was already sweating. When he looked down, he let out a roar again, "Aiya? My…my purple sand teacup… Why is one of them missing? Zhao Yu… Ah…"


Back in the car, Zhao Yu was stroking the purple sand teacup in his hands. He thought to himself, "Ji Chunhua's tea leaves are really nice to drink. I should always come over to try the tea in the future."

There seemed to be progress for the gym, and Zhao Yu was in a good mood. But he was so occupied by the thought of getting his gym, he forgot about the hexagram that day. In the end, when he was leaving, Miao Ying called.

"Zhao Yu," over the phone, Miao Ying sounded funny, "I need to tell you something! I was buying breakfast at the Chinese pancake shop near the police station. Do you know which one?"

"Yeah! Why?" Zhao Yu had never heard Miao Ying speak like that before, so he was curious.

"Then, an old lady ran over to me and said that I was her daughter-in-law!" Miao Ying continued.

"Hehe… That's interesting. There must be something wrong with the old lady… Mm…" Suddenly, Zhao Yu understood something and was stunned, as if he had been struck by lightning.

"And she said she had a son named Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying clarified Zhao Yu's concern. "So, Zhao Yu, can you explain it to me?"