Crazy Detective Chapter 339 1

Chapter 339: The Horrifying Dumpling Making Part 1
Chapter 339: The Horrifying Dumpling Making (Part 1)
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When Zhao Yu ran home, he saw a scene that he could have never imagined—the heroic Miao Ying in her police uniform making dumplings in the kitchen with his mother!

Miao Ying was rolling out the wrappers while his mother made the dumplings.

"What the…" Zhao Yu's jaw dropped. He could not believe what was happening before his eyes.

"Son, you came back early today." His mother didn't lift her head while she spoke. "Look, what a coincidence today! I thought that because you have been alone for so long, you must not have had dumplings in a long time, so I went to buy Chinese chives! And so, guess what, I ran into your girlfriend. She was buying pancakes and I looked at her, okay! It has to be lively to make dumplings, so I decided to invite my future daughter in law over for some help…"

Zhao Yu gulped and looked at Miao Ying. Miao Ying didn't seem to be angry, but she was rolling out the wrappers attentively.

"Oh god" Zhao Yu thought. He was in cold sweat. He saw his mother not lifting her head, so he quickly signalled to Miao Ying with his eyes and called her over. Miao Ying cleaned her hands and walked to the bedroom with Zhao Yu.

"Team Leader Miao… Captain Miao… This… What is this?" Zhao Yu was puzzled.

"Hey!" Miao Ying was angry. She asked him, "Shouldn't I be the one asking the questions? I suddenly get picked up by an old lady, how much more interesting could it be?"

"Hm…" Zhao Yu racked his brain and suddenly figured out why this was happening. He quickly explained, "Captain Miao, really… I'm really sorry! Sorry to have put you in such an inconvenient situation! Please, let me explain! Do you remember the group blind date? My mother forced me to go and get her a daughter-in-law, and said that if I didn't, she was going to be sick! I had no choice, so I showed your photo to her and said that you were my daughter in law—wait… No, my wife—No! My girlfriend! Her future daughter-in-law…"

Looking at Zhao Yu stutter all over the place, Miao Ying shook her head.

"Captain Miao, it's my fault!" Zhao Yu apologized, "If you can help me get out of this, I will remember what you have done! I would plunge into a raging fire and boiling water to help you, even at the loss of my own life! Mm… Look, if I can settle my mom's sickness, I can put all my effort towards my work. Am I right? Please, please…"

"Now that's better!" Miao Ying couldn't help but tease Zhao Yu. "Who would've guessed that Gangster Zhao has a soft spot too! Seeing you crawling to your mother made me feel good! I will help you! But remember what you said…."

"This!" Zhao Yu patted his chest and said. "A promise cannot be taken back once it is made! Thanks, Miss Miao. If there's anything my mom said that offends you, please put up with it! Put it on me…" Zhao Yu clasped his hands together and made a praying pose.

Miao Ying couldn't help but laugh. She then returned to the kitchen as she shook her head, then continued rolling the dumpling wrappers!

"Aiya, my daughter in law…" She had just walked in, yet Zhao Yu's mother couldn't hold back her compliments. "I wonder how my bastard son Zhao Yu managed to get me such a beautiful daughter-in-law. Look at him; his head is already balding! My dear daughter, don't you leave him! Even though my son doesn't have very good qualities, he is an honest man, and wouldn't cause you any trouble…"

"Is she serious?" Zhao Yu thought to himself.

The dumpling wrapper Miao Ying had been rolling fell onto the floor. She looked towards Zhao Yu and shot him a contemptuous look. Zhao Yu had just stopped sweating, but now he had started again.

"Mom… Mom…" Zhao Yu called his mother, again into his bedroom.

"Mom, do you realize how rude you're being?" Zhao Yu quickly asked. "How could you suddenly invite her to the house? Our relationship is not very stable!"

"I didn't!" his mother said innocently, "All I said as we bumped into each other was why not have a meal together! Making dumplings is nicer with more people, so she came! Son, forgot the rest. This girl is not bad! She has a proper wealthy look. If you were to marry her, you wouldn't have to worry about living for the next half of your life. But I haven't seen her ears, so I'm not sure if she can give birth to son or not…"

"The f*ck!" Zhao Yu quickly stopped her. "Mom, I'm warning you, don't do anything just because you feel like it! Let me be clear!" Zhao Yu pointed at Miao Ying, who was outside. "She is from a very wealthy family. The cars she drives are worth millions. She's the daughter of a rich and powerful family, do you understand that?"

"Huh? You… Why didn't you tell me earlier?" His mother's face changed as she wiped her face with her apron. "Is she really that wealthy? I… Like I said, my judgement skills are pretty on point. Hey… You bastard, why didn't you tell me earlier…"

Then, before Zhao Yu could respond, his mother ran into the kitchen and said to Miao Ying, "Aiya, my dear daughter, aren't you tired? Go take a rest and let Zhao Yu bring you a glass of water. I'll do the rest! You two just wait!"

"It's okay!" Miao Ying smiled and said, "What's so tiring about this? We are just making dumplings!"

"Then… Look at you, you're still wearing your uniform. Zhao Yu!" his mother shouted, "Turn on the air conditioner! Don't let my dear daughter suffocate."

"I'm alright, I don't feel stuffy." Miao Ying wasn't acting awkward at all; she was actually being quite natural. She was even putting more effort into rolling out the dumpling wrappers.

Zhao Yu's mother didn't say much else after that. She sat down to make more dumplings. Then, the kitchen resumed its silence. Zhao Yu's mother and Miao Ying got along very well. They were making dumplings while talking about family trivialities .

"Whoo…" Zhao Yu sighed. He finally relaxed and went to wash his hands in the bathroom.

Miao Ying did not believe in Buddhism. She was respectful towards Zhao Yu's mother, but not so much towards Zhao Yu. She seized this opportunity to mock Zhao Yu. She told his mother, "Auntie, you said Zhao Yu is an honest guy! I don't think you know that there are two beautiful ladies staying opposite him. They come over to Zhao Yu's place quite often!"

Zhao Yu had been washing in hands in the bathroom, but he jumped when he heard that. He was a player, and he could obviously tell that Miao Ying had intended for him to hear what she had said.

"Eh? Could it be that… Is Miao Ying jealous?" Zhao Yu thought to himself.

"Right! That day when I came over, I saw one that sent the dog!" His mother was now following suit, saying, "Let me tell you, I can tell that the woman is not a proper lady. I told Zhao Yu to stay away from her! My dear daughter, don't you worry. With me here, this bastard wouldn't dare to cheat. Otherwise, I'll peel his skin off for you!"

Zhao Yu gulped again. But, just as he had swallowed his saliva, the doorbell rang.

Zhao Yu ran towards the door and looked through the peephole. "Oh my goodness," he thought. The person ringing the doorbell was none other than Huahua, and Yang Hong was standing right behind her!

"The f*ck!" Zhao Yu was freaking out. "What kind of sick coincidence is this?!"

"Oh…" Suddenly, Zhao Yu understood. "It must be the doings of the Miracle System!" he thought.

"Bro!" Zhao Yu was going crazy because of the system. He was pleading within himself, "Can we stop this nonsense? I might die…"