Crazy Detective Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Felt Like Home
Chapter 341: Felt Like Home
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When someone knocked on the door again, even Zhao Yu's mother and Miao Ying were dumbstruck! Especially Miao Ying. What she said earlier had already happened twice. She was excited and she wondered if it really was the female nurse knocking on the door. If it was, she would really think that her mouth was blessed!

Zhao Yu was already pissed. He was not pissed at Miao Ying but at the system. He thought everything happening was tricks being pulled by the system. Before he opened the door, he shouted, "Who is it?"

Someone answered bright and clear, "I'm here to eliminate pornography and illegal publications and to arrest all the gangsters. Hurry up, open the door!"

"What the… I'd rather have Yao Jia here!" Zhao Yu thought.

Zhao Yu's mother quivered with surprise, and her chin nearly fell to the ground. She asked, "Son, aren't you a police officer? Why are there police coming here? You…did you commit some crime?"

Zhao Yu quickly waved his hands at his mother and opened the door. He saw that the person standing outside was Lan Bo.

"Hehehe…" Lan Bo grinned. He was obviously pulling a prank on Zhao Yu. He took huge strides into the house as he said, "Bro Yu, Bro Yu, that b*stard really did take action! The court, the procuratorate, and the prison too… Mm… Mm mm.."

Suddenly, Lan Bo was shocked when he saw a surprised old lady and Miao Ying, with dumpling wrappers next to her.

"Oh my God!" he thought. Lan Bo was shocked and he was puzzled. He subconsciously saluted Miao Ying and called her 'Captain Miao" multiple times. Then he turned around to talk to Zhao Yu softly. "See…seeing parents? Bro…Bro Yu…I…"

Zhao Yu was worried that Ji Chunhua was playing tricks on him, so he sent Lan Bo to monitor him secretly. Lan Bo had come to report back to him, but Miao Ying was there so they could not say anything much!

Zhao Yu quickly signalled at Lan Bo with his eyes. Lan Bo was smart enough to salute Zhao Yu, then said, "Team Leader Zhao, I have completed the report you asked me to do! I'll send it to your cellphone now. Then…my task is complete. I'll leave first, I'll leave first!"

"Why not stay for some dumplings?" Zhao Yu pretended to ask.

"I just ate! Hi Aunt…Auntie, I got to go first!" Lan Bo greeted Zhao Yu's mother then fled.

Hoo… At that very moment, Zhao Yu was about to collapse. "Who would've guessed that he would visit at this time…" he thought to himself.

"Son, what…what is going on? Isn't he here to eliminate pornography and illegal publications? How come he changed it to a report?" His mother was confused too.

"Oh, he's my colleague. He was just joking. Hehe!" Zhao Yu forced a smile.

"He called you "team leader". You…did you get a promotion?" his mother raised her eyebrows and asked.

"Something like that!" Zhao Yu answered uncomfortable while looking at Miao Ying. But Miao Ying was just doing her own thing, not paying much attention.

"That's good. It's good to get promoted!" His mother said proudly, "If your dad finds out, he would be thrilled! Your balding head did not go to waste!"

"Hehe…" Miao Ying was happy to hear what Zhao Yu's mother said.

"Mom!" Zhao Yu asked in a hurry, "I just want to ask, are we still eating dumplings?"

"Yes, we are. It'll be ready very soon. Hehe!" Zhao Yu's mother quickly put the pot on the stove, and smiled at Miao Ying. "Hungry, he's hungry!"

Miao Ying kept quiet and continued rolling out the wrappers with a smile on her face. She then stopped mocking Zhao Yu.

Beep... beep. Just when everything was under control, Zhao Yu's phone rang. When he opened the message, Zhao Yu was left dumbfounded again! Yao Jia had transferred eight thousand dollars over and sent a voice message.

"The hell!" he thought.

Zhao Yu was quick to act. After he accepted the transfer, he deleted the message. He did not dare to listen to the voice message.

Miao Ying sensed something was off but she never asked.

"Hoo… Phew…" Zhao Yu was panting as though he had just finished a marathon. Luckily, Yao Jia transferred the money through WeChat instead of visiting in person. Otherwise, it would have been a really hectic day!

"Son!" Zhao Yu's mother did not notice Zhao Yu awkward behavior. "We only have to boil the dumplings. Look, my dear daughter is hot. Isn't there some watermelon? Hurry up and cut it for her!"

"Oh…oh…oh…" Zhao Yu finally had something to do. He quickly went over to cut the watermelon.

Twenty minutes later, the terrifying dumpling making experienced ended once the dumplings were served.

At the dining table, the three of them were chitchatting. It was a very harmonious atmosphere. Zhao Yu's mother told Miao Ying about things Zhao Yu did as a kid, and Miao Ying was laughing happily.

The dumplings that Zhao Yu's mother made smelled delicious, and Zhao Yu felt the warmth of a home. With Miao Ying there, Zhao Yu felt extremely delighted and blessed.

Looking at the beautiful Miss Miao, Zhao Yu began to daydream. He hoped that one day she really could become his wife, and their whole family could dine in together at the dining table. Besides mocking Zhao Yu earlier, Miao Ying had been quite cooperative, and her behavior was natural and poised. The fact that she could chit-chat with an old lady from the country was remarkable.

At the dinning table, Zhao Yu's mother kept nagging him about paying attention to his own safety, to not risk his life, and to be loyal to Miao Ying. Zhao Yu patted his chest and assured her that he was an innocent, loyal, and committed man. That made Miao Ying shoot him a disdainful look…

After lunch, they had watermelon, and Miao Ying helped his mother wash the bowls and chopsticks. Zhao Yu left the house with an excuse that he had to work.

Before he left, Zhao Yu's mother held Miao Ying's hand and told her, "My dear daughter, don't you worry. If Zhao Yu bullies you, I will get justice for you! You just give me a call, and I'll come to beat this b*stard up for you!"

Miao Ying nodded repeatedly while Zhao Yu was having a headache…

After they walked on Shun Feng Street side by side, Miao Ying could not walk any further. She was holding onto the lamp post and laughing hysterically. She nearly suffocated herself from laughing!

"Hahaha… Hahaha… Zhao Yu…" Miao Ying was laughing hysterically as she said, "You…finally got a taste of your own medicine! Your mother gave me her phone number. In the future, if you try to pull your gangster act, I'm going to call her immediately!"

Miao Ying could not stop laughing but Zhao Yu could not do anything besides swallowing his saliva. He did not know why he felt like laughing when he saw Miao Ying laughing.

"Haha… Hahaha…" Zhao Yu followed suit, but after a while Miao Ying suddenly pressed on Zhao Yu's neck with her elbow and slammed him into the wall! Miao Ying pressed hard and Zhao Yu almost could not breath.

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying said angrily, "You b*stard had quite a secret. Your life is pretty good, huh! Pretty girls sending dog food, goddaughter sending watermelon, even sending my teammates to do your personal business? Huh?"

"What, what?" Zhao Yu quickly explained, "Captain Miao, don't be jealous. Don't worry. You're the only apple of my eye. I'll like you until the sea dries out and the rocks turn to dust."

"Shut up!" Miao Ying shouted. "Remember this, we are not related in anyway. Jealous? Don't you dare sugarcoat your words! Hmph!"

Miao Ying pressed on Zhao Yu's neck as she called Lan Bo on her cellphone. When he answered, Miao Ying asked coldly, "Lan Bo, you are smart. If I were to hear any rumors in the police station later, do you know what the consequence would be?"

On the other side of the phone, Lan Bo's teary voice said, "I know, I know! I dare not, I swear! Don't worry, Captain Miao, I don't know anything, I didn't see anything!"