Crazy Detective Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Reward And Farewell
Chapter 342: Reward and Farewell
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Although it was a terrifying, soul stirring day for Zhao Yu, he should not fail to mention his reward.

Firstly, he at least had a long due, heartwarming meal with his family, accompanied by a beautiful lady. That was definitely an uncommon experience for Zhao Yu—warmth and emotion.

Besides, the tea house boss, Ji Chunhua, was really amazing. In a day, he visited the court, procuratorate, prison, and even Huabei Commercial Building. In the evening, Ji Chunhua finally gave Zhao Yu a call, and told him to bring the money to Depth Of Breath Gymnasium the next day to sign the contract! The transfer fees would be three million, and the operation fees would be five hundred thousand, so it would be settled with a total of three million and five hundred thousand dollars. The price was slightly higher compared to when the underground black merchant wanted to sell it, but it was within Zhao Yu's budget and expectations.

Actually, according to normal market rates, to contract such a gym would normally cost more than four million five hundred thousand. As the gym was involved in illegal business, and the commercial building was in a hurry to let it go, they offered it at this price.

Overall, it was considered a very good deal, and most importantly, the contract was legal, so Zhao Yu would not need to worry about any complications.

When he got the update, Zhao Yu quickly got in touch with Blondie and his gang to tell them to be there the next day to sign the contract. As it was inconvenient for Zhao Yu to make an appearance, he decided to give Zhou Yang and the rest responsibility to act on his behalf. In the future, Zhou Yang would be the boss!

When Blondie heard, he felt as though he was dreaming. He could not believe it. He was only a gangster on Yu Xi Street that was always receiving disdainful looks, and then he became the boss of a top gym. That feeling was even more surreal than winning the lottery! Zhou Yang cried his eyes out and said that they would put in all their effort to run the business, and they would not disappoint Zhao Yu and all that he had done for them.

At first, they wanted to ask Zhao Yu out to buy him a good meal but Zhao Yu did not agree as he needed to plan the future development of the gym, and he had to manage some other things.

After settling the issue with the gym, Zhao Yu felt relieved. He hoped that he would get better and better each day and close the gap between him and Miao Ying!

Speaking of Miao Ying, Zhao Yu could not help but get carried away by what happened with Miss Miao earlier that day. He was a player; he could tell that Miao Ying was definitely interested in him! Otherwise, she would not bring up the beautiful ladies opposite them, the girl that called him 'Godfather', or the female nurse that he almost slept with!

It must have been because of her jealousy that she brought those things up!

Though Zhao Yu was arrogant, he knew himself well enough. He knew that the distance between him and Miao Ying was huge; even if Miao Ying really liked him, they would face many challenges!

"I have to work really hard to marry Miao Ying fair and square!" he thought.

Because of his strong will, Zhao Yu felt that his life had become meaningful. Regardless of solving cases or earning money, he felt confident and energetic…

After the torturous dumpling making, Zhao Yu's completion rate was not low either, it was ninety-five percent, and he received an invisible power jamming device! Last time, Zhao Yu had used it in Rongtian Building. When it was used with the invisible night vision, the effect was incredible! He had both devices, so he felt happy.

Of course, there was not only one thing to be happy about. After Zhao Yu's mother saw her son with a girlfriend like Miao Ying, she felt that one of her burdens had been eased, so she decided to go back home the next day! Of course, she remembered to head over to Zhao Yu's uncle's house to look for that ancient book!

Although Zhao Yu felt awkward when his mother was home, he somewhat dreaded the idea of her actually leaving. At least he had had someone to take care of his three meals a day, so there was no need to get take out. Plus, although the old lady was very pushy, Zhao Yu, who had always felt lonely, felt happier having someone always nagging at his side.

At first, Zhao Yu made it clear that he wanted to take his mother to the station. But when he woke up the next day, he realized that his mother had already left. When he called, his mother said to Zhao Yu, "Son, I am not stupid yet. I don't need you to send me off! And if you sent me off, you'd have to spend a few more dollars on the bus fare! I already bought my bus ticket to go to your uncle's house directly. Just wait for my good news!"

"Then… take care! Be careful!" Zhao Yu felt uneasy not sending his mother to the bus station.

"Son, I left five thousand dollars in your refrigerator," the old lady said. "Don't send so much money back home, we can't spend it anywhere! Now that you have a girlfriend, buy something nice for her, make her happy. See how good she is. Don't let her go!"

"Yeah! Yeah!" Zhao Yu agreed as tears formed in his eyes.

Then the old lady continued to lecture him about a lot of other things, such as not putting his life on the line at work, retreat when there was trouble, not to cause more trouble with the opposite sex but to love his body, etc… Zhao Yu agreed one by one, and he felt a surge of emotions in his heart. They talked until the old lady got on the bus, then they hung up the call.

Zhao Yu looked up at the clean, bright house. He missed his mother. The house used to be messy, but ever since his hardworking mother came, the house was clean and tidy!

Sigh! A mother's love is the greatest! No wonder people always say, "A mother's love is hidden within daily life, easily unnoticed!"

"Achoo!" A breeze blew in and Zhao Yu sneezed.

"Miracle System activated." All of a sudden, the miracle system started talking, "'Gen-Zhen' hexagram! Gen Mountain, Zhen Thunder. Thunder buried at the back of the mountain, do not afraid of hidden floods, the cloud dispersed to expose the day, do not debate, do not conform."

As the system had always spoke instead of showing writing, it was difficult for Zhao Yu to write down everything correctly as there were many characters that varied due to the difference in tones. Plus, hexagrams were normally played once only, and there was no chance to replay it. If he did not listen carefully, he would not be able to follow.

His mother had explained to him the principle of Ghost Ba Gua. These hexagram poems were most likely not explained with words, but with tones to convey its real meaning. Zhao Yu hoped that his mother would be able to find the book quickly so that he could solve the hexagram poems. Then he could solve his daily adventures better!

But… Zhao Yu took a walk down his memory lane. He did not understand why he got a "Gen-Zhen" hexagram that day.

"I am going to sign a contract at the gym today. I will take on another role after signing the contract, which corresponds with "Zhen" hexagram," he thought.

But what was the "Gen" hexagram for?

"It can't be," he thought. Zhao Yu felt afraid and helpless. "Is there a new case today?! Just how bad is Rongyang's society? There was just a chain of magnificent cases. Does it need to continue or something? Can't you just let me rest?"