Crazy Detective Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Life Is On The Precipice Of Death
Chapter 348: Life is on the Precipice of Death
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It was uncertain whether if it was the Miracle System's doing or if it had been pure coincidence, but one of Zhao Yu's bullets had shot through the monitor screen. Consequently, a part that had flown out from the screen had landed right in Sis Shuang's right eye.

Sis Shuang suddenly covered her eyes and fell to the ground. There was blood running down her fingers.

Another bullet hit a computer desk, which was of poor quality, and hit Chen Hao, who had been hiding behind it!

Chen Hao fell on the ground and groaned in pain. The bullet had hit him in his butt!



The gun war was still going on. Zhao Yu was getting better, and was visible in the walkway.

If I am not afraid of bullets, why do I have to stand in one spot to shoot them? I could just walk closer and shoot.

Zhao Yu walked towards the SWAT soldier that had pulled open the curtains. The SWAT soldier that had almost emptied all his bullets was shocked that Zhao Yu was walking towards him with the gun, so he quickly hid under the table.

Halfway there, Zhao Yu saw Sis Shuang hiding behind a cupboard. He raised his hands to shoot at her without hesitation!

Although Sis Shuang's eye was injured, her movements were still quick. She dodged the bullet by leaping forward.

Wow! I can't even hit her like this?

Zhao Yu, upset, quickly ran towards her. But the cupboard suddenly fell as he was chasing after her.

Zhao Yu quickly stepped back and avoided it. He then noticed that it was the bald guy, Tarzan, that had pushed the cupboard over trying to squash Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu didn't delay, and shot at him. Tarzan was quick to respond; he quickly rolled over on the ground and dodged the bullet.

"F*ck you!"

Zhao Yu did not wait for him to recover as he shot another bullet and hit him in his back.

"Ohh" Tarzan paused, then dropped to the ground.

Zhao Yu couldn't afford for him to get up, so he quickly shot at him again. But he couldn't pull the trigger anymore; he had run out of bullets!

Damn it!

"He's out of bullets! He's out of bullets!" Then, Chen Hao suddenly said, "Hurry up, go get him! It's like seeing a ghost during the day!"

This time, the only one among the SWAT soldiers who wasn't hurt wasthe one who had been using the computer earlier. He heard Chen Hao and he leapt forward from behind the table.

Pak, pak

Although he knew that Zhao Yu was not afraid of bullets, he insisted on firing the last two bullets at Zhao Yu, then began beating him up at a corner.

"Motherf*cker!" Zhao Yu gave it all he had. He suddenly hugged the guy and ran towards the computer desk.

Following a bunch of loud noises, the two of them knocked over a big table. The SWAT soldier used the back of his head to hit Zhao Yu's face, while Zhao Yu pressed on the SWAT soldier's neck so that he couldn't use all his strength.


Suddenly he could hear a woman's roar out of nowhere. Sis Shuang suddenly popped out of nowhere and and delivered a flying kick to Zhao Yu!

"Monster! Monster!" Sis Shuang wiped away fresh blood from the corner of her eyes and roared, "I don't care what kind of monster you are, I must kill you today! A-ya!"

The woman came at Zhao Yu again. It was almost as if she was crazy.

Zhao Yu was not stunned. He quickly took one of the computer monitors and smacked the woman with it. But he didn't expect the woman to be as fast as she was. Just as he raised the monitor, the woman's kick had already landed.


The woman's kick landed on Zhao Yu's chest, and he flew back instantly. Zhao Yu fell onto another working table as he dropped the monitor on the ground.

Zhao Yu covered his chest as he coughed vigorously. He hadn't expected the woman to be good at fighting too. Her kungfu didn't seem to be any weaker than Miao Ying's!

But the stronger she was, the more Zhao Yu wanted to win! He stood up from the pile of trash and yelled "motherf*cker!" as he dashed towards Sis Shuang again.

But, the SWAT soldier who was on the ground regained conscious and tripped Zhao Yu by clamping both Zhao Yu's legs with his own. Sis Shuang saw this and she quickly performed another flying kick, which was heading for Zhao Yu's face.

Zhao Yu took his right leg and kicked the SWAT soldier. He then quickly raised both his hands to guard his face against Sis Shuang's kick.

But the woman's legs were strong. Even though Zhao Yu had blocked the kick with both of his hands, he was sent to the ground.

"Let me do it! I'll kill him!" The SWAT soldier who was a computer expert was going crazy. He picked up a chair and launched it towards Zhao Yu. Seizing the moment Zhao Yu dodged, he leaped forward and hugged Zhao Yu around his waist!

"Ugh! I am going to kill you!" He held Zhao Yu and ran towards the pillar in the middle of the warehouse.

Zhao Yu hit the SWAT soldier's back with his elbow, but the guy didn't feel a thing at all. The soldier slammed Zhao Yu onto the pillar.

Ah! Zhao Yu groaned in pain. There was blood spilling out from the corner of his lips.

But, Zhao Yu was not one to be trifled with. Although he was hurting all over, he held each of the soldier's ears with his hands and pulled down hard. He tore half of the person's ear off!


It was the SWAT soldier's turn to groan. Zhao Yu seized the opportunity to headbutt him, which knocked him onto the floor!

Cough, cough

When the person loosened his grip, Zhao Yu could taste something sweet in his throat. He couldn't help but cough. He spat out blood.


Zhao Yu held in the sharp pain he felt in his chest and threw a punch at the bastard. After the punch, Sis Shuang dashed towards him again!


That woman made a weird noise and kicked Zhao Yu in his back. The strong kick sent Zhao Yu flying, and he rolled over for a few times once he landed on the ground. He ended up by a pillar.

Zhao Yu felt as though he had fallen from the fifth floor of a building, and all his bones had shattered! The pain suddenly spread all over his body, which hindered him from fighting further.

"Hey! Cui Yan!"

Sis Shuang squatted to touch the SWAT soldier that Zhao Yu had knocked down. When she saw that his ears had nearly been torn off, she was raging with anger.

She roared, "Ugh! This bastard! I I will kill you! Ugh"

Sis Shuang leaped forward as if she was crazy and kicked Zhao Yu in his chest.

Although Zhao Yu was severely injured, he raised his arms instinctively and blocked her kick. He blocked one leg, but he didn't block the other one. The woman flipped sideways and slammed a kick onto Zhao Yu's cheek.


Zhao Yu flew to the side once again and landed hard on the ground. This time, Zhao Yu's organs had been hurt, and his whole body had broken down. He had lost his ability to counterattack!

Die, die! Oh

Sis Shuang wanted to rush at Zhao Yu and give him one final kick, but her eyes were still bleeding, so she had to cover them with her hands.

Just as she covered her eyes, she saw the electric gun that had dropped on the floor! She didn't know the electric gun had been cut off, so she picked up the gun immediately and pulled the trigger, aiming at Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu, on the other hand, was struggling to stand up on his feet again.

"Ugh! Damn it! Damn it!" Seeing that the electric gun didn't work, Sis Shuang threw it on the ground angrily. Then she saw the dagger on the floor.

"This time I'll see whether you can die or not!" The woman picked up the dagger and ran towards Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu swallowed a gulp of fresh blood and dodged the attack with his last bit of breath.

However, Sis Shuang deceived him and flew into the air. She then performed a weird and unpredictable move, and stick the dagger into Zhao Yu's back!