Crazy Detective Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Death Match
Chapter 349: Death Match
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Zhao Yu moaned as he fell!

The sharp dagger had pierced his upper back, and Zhao Yu suddenly felt all his strength being drained from his body. His head was now shrouded with a terrifying shadow of death.

This was not the first time Zhao Yu had felt threatened by death! In his previous life, there had been many times where he had been injured by flashes of cold steel; his ears had been hurt before, and even his head had been slashed a few times, to the point where his hair couldn't grow back nicely.

Now he was on the ground because of the injury, but Zhao Yu was still very conscious. Lying down on the ground, he saw the electric gun that had been abandoned by the woman. Suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered something. He immediately lunged forward and grabbed the electric gun, then turned around and aimed it at the woman!


Sis Shuang thought the electric gun had lost its function, so she ignored it and charged towards Zhao Yu. She raised her legs ready to kick Zhao Yu, wanting to send him to his death bed.

Zhao Yu then shut down the Power Jamming Device in his mind and used his last breath to pull the trigger of the electric gun. A purple bullet suddenly shot out and hit Sis Shuang in her chest. The bullet immediately sparked with lightning.


Sis Shuang quivered and fainted!


Zhao Yu was worried that the woman would wake up very soon, so he withstood the pain he was feeling and stood up. He then aimed at her and pulled the trigger. But the electric gun could only shoot one bullet at a time, so right now it was useless!

Pak pak

With the sudden surge of electricity, the lights in the warehouse began creating sparks due to broken power cords.

Oh Hoo hoo

Zhao Yu panted and felt the wound on his back getting worse. If he was not treated anytime soon, it would be very dangerous. He knelt down on the floor, raised his right hand to his back, and finally found the handle of the knife.


Zhao Yu pushed through the extreme pain and pulled the knife out from his back. At the same time, he activated the invisible hemostat in his mind.

The hemostat could stop any wound from bleeding, but could only focus on one wound at a time. Zhao Yu directed it towards the wound on his back according to the tips of the device. With the invisible hemostat, the wound miraculously stopped bleeding.


Zhao Yu was drenched in sweat. He collapsed.

But his strong awareness told him that the woman would be awake very soon. So, he seized the opportunity to deal with her!

Zhao Yu held the dagger tightly and slowly walked towards the woman. Even if he couldn't kill her, he had to at least make sure she wouldn't be able to hit him with a counterattack

Just as Zhao Yu aimed for the woman's thigh with the dagger, there was a loud thud behind him. When Zhao Yu turned around, he saw the rack in the air flying towards him!


It was a flash of blue for Zhao Yu. The rack was flying towards him with lightning speed. He couldn't dodge it, and got squashed under the rack.

Then, a brawny man walked through the mist of dust. It was the same man that had gotten shot, Tarzan! No one would've guessed that after getting shot in his back he would still have enough strength to fight.

When he saw Zhao Yu squashed under the rack, he ran forward like a maniac and stomped on the rack, trying to squash Zhao Yu to death!

"Die! Die!" he roared as he stomped his feet. The rack was rumbling with loud noises. But, just as he went to stomp for the fourth time, the rack suddenly rose and flew towards him.


Tarzan roared, then used his arms to push the rack away from him. He wasn't expecting Zhao Yu to be able to kick the rack away.

How did he kick away the rack?!

The sunlight poured down from the windows above. Through the ray of lights, the dust was seen dancing around the warehouse. It looked as if the warehouse was filled with smoke.

Among the dust, Tarzan was astonished at the sight of Zhao Yu standing up straight with his shirt off, revealing his solid muscles. Zhao Yu glared at him with a murderous look as though he was a beast from hell!

This This is

Tarzan could sense Zhao Yu's aura, but he didn't seem to care. At the same time, the wound in his back hurt, so he had to press on the wound.


Zhao Yu spatted and took huge steps towards Tarzan.

Zhao Yu had used another device at a very crucial moment, which was the energy booster that had been awarded to him by the system a while back. After using the device, it could increase one's energy three to five folds for ten minutes.

Previously, when Zhao Yu had fought against Lei Bin, he felt it was unfair to fight with the device, so he didn't use it. But it was different now; the person he was facing was a ferocious and wicked criminal. There was no need to follow the code!

The device was really magical. After activating it, Zhao Yu felt his body surge with energy as though Hercules possessed his body. He walked towards Tarzan, wanting to fight him!

Tarzan was almost two meters tall, and was famous for his extreme strength. Although he had been shot in the back, his strength was not weakened. Looking at Zhao Yu dashing towards him, he welcomed him and fought with Zhao Yu!


Tarzan landed a punch on Zhao Yu's cheek. Had it been someone else, the punch would have been strong enough to knock out an adult.

But hitting Zhao Yu was like hitting a monster. Zhao Yu's head moved slightly to the side, but he wasn't affected otherwise.

"My turn!"

Zhao Yu clenched his fist and punched Tarzan in his face!


Tarzan took a step back and spit out blood. Tarzan was furious as he roared and waved his oil hammer-like fist at Zhao Yu's body.

Zhao Yu did not dodge, but swung another heavy punch at Tarzan's body!

The two of them seemed to have reached a mutual understanding. They were punching each other without defending themselves at all!

The warehouse was suddenly filled with punching noises as Zhao Yu and Tarzan continued throwing heavy punches that could shake the entire mountain. After ten seconds, Zhao Yu's face was covered in blood, but his fist was not growing any weaker; he was still punching his opponent's body.


Zhao Yu slammed a punch into Tarzan's face. It made his eyes and mouth crooked, and knocked a couple of his teeth out. Tarzan bore the pain and returned the favor with another punch to Zhao Yu's face!

But Zhao Yu changed his fighting strategyhe lowered his head to dodge the punch. Then, he swung at Tarzan's back and landed a punch right on the gunshot wound!


Tarzan let out an ear-deafening roar as he felt pain all over. It felt as though he was being torn apart! Zhao Yu seized the opportunity to hold his neck with his arms and flipped him onto his back!

Just as Zhao Yu flipped Tarzan on his back, the guy whose ears had been torn off woke up. He was getting up to grab some type of knife to help Tarzan.

Zhao Yu saw this and pulled the sturdy Tarzan in front of the guy, then kicked him in his stomach.

Zhao Yu still had the energy booster, so the kick sent the SWAT member flying. His back landed heavily on the pillar. He didn't even groan before he fainted!

Tarzan was trying to catch his breath as Zhao Yu strangled him, and tried to slap him on the back. On the other hand, Zhao Yu was punching Tarzan in his temple as he tried to strangle him!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

After a few punches, Tarzan did not look human; even his eyes were no longer visible! Very quickly, Tarzan's body withered. His arm that had been holding onto Zhao Yu's shoulder lost its strength. He seemed to be nearing the end.

But Zhao Yu had already lost his mind. He didn't intend to let him go, and was still landing punches to Tarzan's face. Blood was being scattered all over!


Suddenly, Zhao Yu heard another roar. He didn't expect Sis Shuang to have recovered from the electric shock already.

Seeing Tarzan being beaten up to death, she dashed towards Zhao Yu and aerial kicked Zhao Yu's body!

But something unbelievable happened; Zhao Yu didn't move an inch, but Sis Shuang was deflected backwards