Crazy Detective Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Keep My Word
Chapter 350: Keep My Word
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At this moment, Sis Shuang was on the verge of breaking down. She had never seen a man that could disappear, dodge bullets, or even live after having been stabbed with a knife!

Even more incredible was that the man had become even more powerful. Before she could have kicked him off easily, but now he remained motionless after receiving one of her kicks. This this was a monster!


Although she kept shouting the word in disbelief, she did not give up; she performed another flying kick aimed at Zhao Yu again! This time the woman was aiming at Zhao Yu's temples. She was betting everything on a single strike!

However, just as the flying leg was about to hit its target, Zhao Yu suddenly loosened his grip on Tarzan, and grabbed the woman's leg.

"Ah!" The woman shouted and attempted to imitate the previous method again, directing another flying kick towards Zhao Yu's head.

Nevertheless, Zhao Yu was not concerned at all. Once he grabbed the woman's leg, he immediately waved his arms and threw her like a chain ball, sending the women whirling through the air!


As the woman screamed, Zhao Yu loosened his hand, She flew out like a cannonball and crashed into a pile of rickety computer tables!


The woman was badly hurt from the fall, and was injured all over her body. After the fall, she was still groaning as she struggled to escape the wreckage. After a while, however, she slowly stopped making noise...

"Go to hell!" Zhao Yu saw that bald-headed Tarzan was still struggling, so he immediately kicked him in his face. Tarzan finally got knocked out.

After the bald-headed guy fainted, the huge warehouse finally returned to peace. The only sound now was Zhao Yu's heavy breathing.

Hoo! Hoo!

Zhao Yu was gasping for air as he looked around the warehouse. The entire warehouse had been turned upside down. Nothing remained intact, including the people inside the warehouse!

The four special policemen who had originally seemed arrogant were now badly injured. They all looked catastrophic now. Some of them were still awake, but others had already fainted and lost consciousness.

Although Zhao Yu had been using the energy booster, because of all the fighting and traumatic physical injuries, it had caused him to suffer extreme pain.

Wheeze wheeze

After calming down from his violent mood, Zhao Yu slowly walked towards the desk.

Cell phone, cell phone

He remembered that his mobile phone had been taken away by Chen Hao and put on a table. The table was now collapsed, so he stooped over the table, looking for it.

Although he found the phone instantly, the area seemed to be one without any signal. But it could not stop Zhao Yu; he immediately clicked on the signal amplification device in his brain, and the cell phone's signal was suddenly restored.

He pressed on the emergency alarm setting on his mobile phone first. Once the alarm button was pressed, the police would immediately know his exact location, and send out emergency support as soon as possible.

After calling the police, Zhao Yu wanted to call and inform Miao Ying. Unexpectedly, just as he was about to dial the number, he suddenly saw Chen Hao, who had been shot in the butt, hiding in a corner!

Chen Hao picked up two broken table boards and blocked himself in it, but he was too close to Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu could see him clearly.

"No Don't, no" Once he realized Zhao Yu had found him, Chen Hao trembled with fear. He immediately threw away the table boards and began to climb towards the door.

Due to the gun shot in his butt, he was unable to stand; he could barely crawl forward, and blood gushed out every time he moved. He left a vibrant trail of blood behind him.

"Sob Don't come here, don't come here" Chen Hao was shivering convulsively. He had been frightened to the point where he was ready to cry.

Zhao Yu glanced at him relentlessly, then turned around and began walking towards him.

"No! No! I beg you, please don't come over. Ah No" Once he saw Zhao Yu was approaching him, Chen Hao began to panic, his face pale with fear.

In his panic, however, he found a gun by his waist. It turned out that his own gun was still there! He immediately grabbed the gun in his hands as he clutched the only weapon that could save his life. Although he knew Zhao Yu was invulnerable, he still shot at Zhao Yu!


Zhao Yu had never expected this guy to still have a gun in his hand! His bulletproof jacket was already ineffective at the moment, so he would undoubtedly die if he were shot again!


Equipped with a silencer, the bullet shot out, Zhao Yu quickly dodged it, stepping to the side.


Chen Hao shouted and continued aiming at Zhao Yu. He fired several rounds of bullets. But then, as soon as he saw he had almost hit Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu disappeared again!

"No! No! No!" Chen Hao became frantic, and began firing all his bullets blindly at the spot Zhao Yu had just been standing in. Eventually, the trigger could not been pulled anymore, but he continued to yell, aiming at the same spot with his gun.

The next moment, something that would make him have an emotional breakdown happened. Seemingly out of nowhere, he heard a creepy voice in his ear.

"F*ck you!"

"Ah Arghhh " Chen Hao suddenly felt like his arm had been caught in something. He was frightened and struggled wildly, but he could not find his way out of it.


With a flash of lighting in front of him, Zhao Yu suddenly showed himself. Chen Hao's eyeballs almost popped out of his head seeing this. At last, he stopped resisting at once.

"As I said, I told you that you would be disabled after I finished with all those people!" Zhao Yu grabbed Chen Hao's right arm with both hands and said ferociously, "I always keep my word. How could I break my promise?" As he said this, he twisted Chen Hao's arm. Chen Hao's broke immediately with a cracking sound!

"Arghhh" A wailing cry rang through the whole warehouse, and Chen Hao was almost struggling with shortness of breath due to extreme pain.

"Hey!" Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something. He tossed Chen Hao's broken arm aside and touched his other arm, then asked, "Come on; is Liao Jingxian a traitor? Other than you, who else was an insider among the police?"

"No No, no, no No! No more! Don't, don't, don't Don't, please" Chen Hao's face turned pale once he became frightened, and his whole body was covered in a cold sweat. "Liao Jingxian doesn't know anything, he was not one of our people! Please don't I beg you"

"Then who hired you? Who wanted to kill Team Leader Qu Ping? Say it!" Zhao Yu put Chen Hao's other arm on his knee and applied a bit of pressure on it, indicating that Chen Hao's arm would break in the opposite direction.

"I say, I say...I will say I will tell you everything!" Chen Hao begged. "Yu Fusheng, it is him; the one with the nickname Daddy Yu! I was contacted by his people! That that policewoman's father killed Daddy Yu's son, so she needed to pay for her father's debt. This is what they claimed. The tip off of Zhou Andong was also their doing. They've also recently begun taking action that is related to the son's revenge! I have said everything, please, don't don't"

Cough cough Zhao Yu could not help coughing. He shouted at Chen Hao fiercely, "For the sake of his father's debt? How could they kill people so casually! Tell me! Where is Yu Fusheng now?"

"I don't know, I really don't know I I can help you to find out. Please, I'm begging you." Chen Hao continued pleading with Zhao Yu. His eyes were full of fear.

"Excuse me!" Seeing his energy booster had been almost ineffective, Zhao Yu sneered abruptly and exclaimed, "I always keep my word! So keep your testimony to yourself and tell to the police!"

Once he finished speaking, Zhao Yu pressed on Chen Hao's arm, which immediately broke with a cracking sound!

"Arghhhh" Chen Hao let out a howling cry once again. He was in immense pain.

But, without the support of the energy booster, Zhao Yu was also losing all his energy. He could only lean to his side. He didn't even have the energy to make a call...