Crazy Detective Chapter 352

Chapter 352: How To Explain?
Chapter 352: How to Explain?
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"Officer Zhao, how do you feel?" Yao Jia, who sat in front of Zhao Yu, smiled and spoke in a soft voice. "Don't worry! It's just a minor suture, the back injury didn't hurt your internal organs!"


After he tried hard to recall it, suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered that he was in a coma, right after he was carried on a stretcher from the warehouse. By now, he had been treated at the hospital. But...Zhao Yu took a glance at door, and it seemed like he was looking for something...

"Chief nurse," the junior nurse took this opportunity to complain, "Although there are many fractures all over his body, he still had the strength to flirt with me, and asked me to give him an artificial respiration just now!"

"Cough cough" with his befuddled brain, Zhao Yu failed to talk, but managed plenty of coughing as he opened his mouth.

"Alright, there's no reason for you to stay here, so hurry, get back to work!" Yao Jia relentlessly dislodged the junior nurse and spoke to Zhao Yu, "You'll be fine, officer Zhao, although there were fractures of your rib, clavicle, scapula and cheekbone, but, there's no dislocation. You just need to recover from your injuries and not move!"

Her words seemed to be true. Originally, Zhao Yu felt nothing, but now, at that moment, he was experiencing extreme pain all over his body, especially in his chest.

"Don't worry! It's all right!" Yao Jia smiled, and even reached for Zhao Yu's palm, consoling him. "Since you have been assigned to our department, I will take good care of you."

Unexpectedly, before Yao Jia could finish her words, there was a lady's voice heard. She was talking on a phone, then appeared at the doorway of the ward.

"I know, Bureau Chief Luan, my men can do it! I must stay at the hospital now, yeah, I know" she said.

Captain Miao Ying was the one who she was talking to on the phone at that moment. She was in her police uniform, walking from outside with a lot of things, yet she kept talking on the phone.

However, she was stunned when she saw Yao Jia holding Zhao Yu's hand.


Whether it was a planned occasion or a coincidence, one of the plastic bags was leaking, causing several big and round red apples to roll out of it all over the floor.

"Oops...I...I'll get it...I'll will get it for you!" Yao Jia hastily loosened Zhao Yu's hand and bent over to pick up the apples.

Meanwhile, Miao Ying immediately returned to talking at the phone: "Bureau Chief Luan, Zhao Yu has awoken. He's fine, don't worry! About the case, you must listen to me, there was a big flaw in the City Council, they're culpable as well, so don't let the special team interfere anymore, or else, let us solve it! Okay...Okay"

At the end of this dialogue, Miao Ying hung up the phone, walked towards Zhao Yu, and stood straight in front him. Miao Ying appeared taller in Zhao Yu's sight, and his heart was extremely panicked at that moment.

The two of them looked at each other, then Miao Ying smiled and greeted Zhao Yu, "You damn bastard! I know there must be some dirty tricks there, as I've been seeing you run to that place so often! You just don't tell me, don't tell me, don't tell me..."

She used toilet paper to smash Zhao Yu's thigh every time she said: 'Don't tell me'.

"Hey hey hey, he's a patient, how could you do that?" Yao Jia was dissatisfied with her, especially after she saw Miao Ying keep beating Zhao Yu. So she hurriedly gave a verbal warning to her. Unexpectedly, Miao Ying was more angry after she heard it, placing her hands on her waist and exclaiming at once:

"Nurse, now I'm representing the police, and I need to get the confession from this officer! Hence, please cooperate!" Miao Ying pointed to the door while she was speaking with Yao Jia, then gestured her to leave with an impolite posture: 'Please'.

"You" Although Yao Jia was mad, she was not proficient enough to refute. Hence, she just put the apple on the table and enjoined, "Please pay more attention! Officer Zhao was just awoken, so he can't be too tired yet!"

Yao Jia left the ward reluctantly, after she saw Zhao Yu had nodded slightly to her. Once Yao Jia had left, Miao Ying, who was insanely jealous at that moment, hastily exclaimed, "Yo, your hand is really tight, are you comfortable with it? Officer Zhao...Officer Zhao, such a kind person, wasn't it due to you, having sex with her before?"

"Cough...cough cough" Zhao Yu was panicked and could not help coughing at that moment. However, due to the injuries on his ribs and collarbone, he felt extreme pain, as if his heart was being drilled every time he coughed.

"Hey? Are you okay?" Miao Ying was very anxious and immediately lowered her profile, and spoke with a pleasant voice, while pulling Zhao Yu's shoulder, "Do you need some water?"

Zhao Yu nodded slightly, as he was really thirsty. Miao Ying hurriedly went to the water dispenser to pour a glass of water for Zhao Yu, then helped him to drink the water.

After drinking, Zhao Yu felt much more comfortable in his throat, although it did clear up the phlegm. At last, he was able to speak. However, he was shocked when he looked at the time, it was already ten o'clock!

"Alas!" Zhao Yu grabbed Miao Ying's arm and said anxiously, "Tycoon, the dog! My dog's still at home! It probably hasn't eaten anything all day!"

"What the f*ck!" Miao Ying nonchalantly shot a glance at Zhao Yu. "You've already become this, yet you are concerned about a dog! Alright, I've send Ma Wei to your house, and your landlord has agreed to look after the dog! Don't worry! Come"

As she was speaking, Miao Ying took out a vacuum flask and said, "You haven't eaten anything yet!" Let's drink this bowl of porridge first. I bought it from the canteen!"

"Captain Miao, how...what about the other people? Why didn't I see anyone?" Zhao Yu had no appetite at all. He put the vacuum flask back on the table.

"What do you say?" Miao Ying rolled her eyes upon hearing his words, "There are four special policemen and one regular policeman, all were beaten by you half to death. They all are having surgery now! One of them almost died during the rescue operation!"

"Although they are having surgery, we'll keep an eye on them! They all are felons! Even the three officers for one felon was also not sufficient! As of now, I have requested support from others, as there's not enough people for a Key Case Investigation Unit.

" must pay extra attention to them! They are not ordinary human beings, as they are proficient in fighting!" Zhao Yu nodded slightly. "But, they deserved it! Team Leader Qu Ping was killed by them, so they all deserved to die! Oh...and yes...there's a guy called Chen Hao, he's a spy!"

"I know, I know!" Miao Ying exclaimed. "More than this, we found a lot of evidence, including the materials to plant on the former Bureau Chief Zhou Andong, which were at their computer. We discovered these while we were collecting evidence at the scene. Moreover, they are premeditated crimes, murder, and the target was a special policeman called Luo Xiaohu.

"Luo Xiaohu?" Zhao Yu recalled for a moment, but, he did not know this guy.

"Luo Xiaohu was the special policeman who killed Yu Shuai that year," Miao Ying replied. " Police shot him as a counterattack. While seeing Yu Shuai resist the police arrest, Yu Shuai was killed by Luo Xiaohu!"

"Oh...I see" Zhao Yu was lingering in his mind. Yu Shuai was the son of Daddy Yu, the head of the crime group. Daddy Yu was making such big moves in order to seek revenge for him!

"Police knew that they might retaliate, and so they were hiding Luo Xiaohu's identify, and no one knew it!" Miao Ying remarked. "In this way, they got Chen Hao! We found two million in stolen money from Chen Hao's cousin's account, and the money should have been traded to him by Daddy Yu!"

"Oh" Zhao Yu frowned and exclaimed, "It was because they couldn't find Luo Xiaohu, and thus, they've attacked Team Leader Qu, and Bureau Chief Zhou Andong"

"Should be!" Yet they claimed son should pay for the father's debt! Team Leader Qu is innocent!" Miao Ying indignantly exclaimed, "These people have no mercy, no humanity!" Luckily Bureau Chief Liao had hidden Zhou Andong into a safe house, otherwise, I'm afraid his life would not be guaranteed!"

"Hence, I've applied with the lead, to investigate Yu Fusheng! Team Leader Qu Ping was killed from the Key Case Investigation Unit, so we should retaliate for her!"

"Yeah!" Zhao Yu could not help feeling sad, as he recalled the face and smile of Team Leader Qu Ping.

"Alright!" Miao Ying had retracted the indignant expression, and instead, she changed to a more solemn and dignified face, facing Zhao Yu and exclaimed, "About the revenge, we'll discuss it later! But, about your business, you should explain it now! Just tell me, Zhao Yu, what had happened in the hidden chamber behind the cake shop!?"