Crazy Detective Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Flirtatious Banter
Chapter 353: Flirtatious Banter
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"I still don't understand. Let me ask you" Zhao Yu had yet to figure out an excuse, but the entire incident could still be roughly retold. "I was doing some shopping! Then I passed by the cake shop as I was wandering around. I thought to myself, I'll see whether Lao Liao found any new clues and if they need our help."

"But when I got to the cake shop, I didn't manage to find their commanding vehicle. So I thought they left! But when I turned behind the cake shop, guess what Chen Hao had his gun pointed at me!"

Zhao Yu pointed at his back and said, "I am not a man to be trifled with. I gave him a hard slap and took the gun off his hands! But there was a SWAT soldier that popped out of nowhere and knocked me out with some type of electric gun. Then they dragged me into the warehouse. Who knew their lair was right behind the cake shop. They are so cunning!"

"Then?" Miao Yi was very interested in what had happened.

"Then, then" Zhao Yu continued, "When I woke up, the b*stards that bore a grudge against me thought that it would not be satisfying enough to just kill me right away, so they insisted on fighting one-on-one with me! Don't you know about my skills? I set them straight. Wahahahahaha"

Zhao Yu's hysterical laugh showed no confidence.

"Wu Shuang, Crimson Eight Service Squad, professional killer" Miao Ying didn't blink as she looked at Zhao Yu, "Luo Yucheng, a.k.a. Tarzan, an ex-mercenary, can shatter rocks with his bare hands; Cui Yan, hacker, professionally trained to kill; Ren Xiangyu, SWAT soldier, and a national shooting champion!

"Zhao Yu, if you were not lying down on this hospital bed, I would really want to strangle you and remove your tongue! Among the five of them, I can only believe reluctantly that you fought with Chen Hao. Any of the others could have easily killed you!"

"Tsk tsk If you don't believe, let the truth speak for itself!" Zhao Yu showed off shamelessly and said, "Actually, I was quite confused too. You tell me, how could I have won? That's so incredible! Either they belittled me or I am too amazing."

"How about the guns?" Miao Ying placed her fist before Zhao Yu's face and asked viscously, "All the guns had no bullets left. They were all empty! They even had an electric gun! In such a narrow space, five of them tried to shoot you, yet you sustained no injuries. From what I see, you could've died a hundred times over!"

"That That is ridiculous!" Zhao Yu obviously couldn't tell the truth, so he continued to act unreasonably. "You have to blame that on their shooting skills! Also, how did the wound on my back come about? I was nearly stabbed to death by that woman! I was at death's door; I had nine chances to die and only one chance to live! That was so risky!"

"You" Miao Ying shook her head in anger, "Zhao Yu, can't you tell me the truth at this point?"

"Team Leader Miao, what I said was the truth. Can you not belittle me?" Zhao Yu spread his hands and said, "I am already in this state, why would I lie to you? Am I crazy?" Zhao Yu couldn't help coughing again when he got too excited.

"You You b*stard" Miao Ying swore, but she still passed Zhao Yu the cup of water.

Zhao Yu took a sip and said solemnly, "Regardless, I lived, and arrested all the criminals. Isn't that a good thing? Isn't everyone happy?"

"But the truth must be told! And it is really a miracle that you came back alive! That's really too risky! Please, when you run into any trouble in the future, remember to inform me, okay?! You already know they are merciless, so find a way to escape! Why do you want to fight with them?" Miao Ying pouted.

"I know! I know! You're going to catch up with my mother!" When he thought about his mother, Zhao Yu's eyes suddenly popped wide open and grabbed for Miao Ying's hands, "Hey, Captain Miao, you didn't tell my mother anything right? If she finds out, I will be in big trouble!"

"No, no! Do I look that silly?" Miao Ying explained, "When Ma Wei went to your house, your mom wasn't home!"

"You scared me to death!" Zhao Yu was in cold sweat. "My mother is back in her hometown! She saw that I had found her a great daughter-in-law and was happy enough!"

"Oh" Recalling when they had made dumplings a while back, Miao Ying's face flushed red.

"Oh right, it's my turn to ask! I am still waiting for you to give you me CPR!" Zhao Yu smiled cheekily. "I didn't get it in the warehouse, so can you give it to me now?"

"Hey, don't be so bold!" Miao Ying opened the container of porridge and brought over a spoon, "Come on, have some porridge! Get some food in your stomach so you can have some energy to nurse your wound!"

"Actually, if you gave me CPR, I would have more strength!" Zhao Yu smiled maliciously as he raised his hands to take the thermos. In actuality, if he could assault the nurse, he could easily eat by himself. But Zhao Yu was not an honest man; he pretended to look miserable when he raised his arms!

"What is it? Are you hurt?" Miao Ying stared at him in disdain, but she scooped a spoonful of porridge and brought it to Zhao Yu's mouth.

Just as Zhao Yu extended his neck to eat it, Miao Ying suddenly retracted the spoon, causing Zhao Yu to miss it.

"Mm." Miao Ying raised the spoon before her mouth and blew softly. "The porridge is too hot. Don't burn yourself; blow on it a bit first" Although she had said it herself, Miao Ying couldn't help but laugh.

"It's not hot, I don't mind" Then, Zhao Yu got up from the bed and raised his face before Miao Ying, trying to grab the spoon with his mouth.

Miao Ying purposely retracted the spoon further so that Zhao Yu couldn't reach it. But Zhao Yu wasn't aiming for the spoon; he turned around and kissed Miao Ying's cheeks.

"You!" Miao Ying said angrily, "I've been fooled by you again! You are impossible to guard against Alright, let's see how I would take care of you!"

Then, Miao Ying raised her hands and seized hold of Zhao Yu's chin. She forced the spoon into his mouth.

"Woo woo woo"

Zhao Yu couldn't struggle, and he drank the the porridge. With just one mouthful, he felt an unbearable pain in his cheeks, and he quivered.

"Aiya!" Miao Ying then recalled that Zhao Yu's nose bridge and cheekbones were severely injured, so it was better not to touch it. She immediately stopped and asked, "I'm sorry, I think I hurt you, right? Who told you to be so indecent!"

Tsk, tsk Zhao Yu was clenching his teeth in pain.

"Alright, alright!" Miao Ying held the thermos flask again, "I owe you from my previous life. I'll feed you, okay?"

Zhao Yu felt better. Miao Ying began feeding Zhao Yu the porridge until she was almost done, when she remembered something.

That's not right. It's just porridge, not rice! I could've just poured the porridge into the bowl and forced him to drink it. What's the point of feeding him spoon by spoon.

While Miao Ying was annoyed, Zhao Yu wasn't enjoying it entirely either. He was worried about something else.

This is bad! Once the SWAT members finish their operation, the police will record their confession!

When they bring up things like the invisibility cloak and bullet proof suit, how should I explain myself? When he arrested Hou Meng back then, he used the invisibility cloak too; but that was during the night, and Hou Meng was alone. Even he thought he hadn't seen things correctly, so the police naturally didn't believe it.

But this would be five testimonies stating the same thing. When the five of them say so, how should I explain?