Crazy Detective Chapter 354

Chapter 354: No Way
Chapter 354: No Way
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Perhaps they were having some thoughts in their minds, because they had stopped flirting and snuggling with each other and began to discuss the case again, after Miao Ying had finished feeding Zhao Yu porridge.

Through the introduction of Miao Ying, Zhao Yu knew that the camera that he found at the open space behind the cake shop was not simply used for camera shooting, but indeed, it was the most advanced alarm system in the country!

Those cameras were able to capture any abnormal situation clearly and accurately, especially when someone passed through, as it would automatically issue an alarm. Once there was any sign of trouble outside, people who were staying in the warehouse could discover it in time.

For example, when Zhao Yu was struck by an electric shock gun and was carried into the warehouse by those criminals, the people inside could have known concisely if there were anyone standing at the window on the nearby floor, or if someone suddenly saw them, or so on. It was truly intelligent technology.

Plainly, equipped with such an advanced alarm system, the police failed to guess that the criminals would set their den at that kind of place!

Zhao Yu estimated that, previously, he had stumbled on a camera at the open space, but seeing the camera seemed to be closed up, it appeared that the place had been abandoned by the criminals before!

That time was exactly the period when the police discovered that there was something wrong with the cake shop and started to monitor it. In other words, the criminals were worried their den would be discovered by police, due to Zhao Qing's death. Therefore, they had abandoned it for a while. However, owing to the joining of the traitor-Chen Hao, they soon knew that the police were paying attention to the cake shop itself, instead of knowing there was a hidden place behind it.

Therefore, the criminals came back and hid themselves, right under the eyes of the police, every day, and continued their criminal activities! If it had not been destroyed by Zhao Yu, Luo Xiaohu or Zhou Andong, and those who had the connections with Yu Shuai's death, they could certainly have been poisoned by them!

"Oh" Miao Ying seemed to see through something, when two of them were chatting. Immediately, she pointed to Zhao Yu's forehead and exclaimed, "I get it, is it because there is an internal fighting among them, thus giving you a chance to take advantage of it?"

Surprisingly, Miao Ying was still picking on the matter of Zhao Yu's narrow escape from death.

"That's not true! Ah, why don't you believe it?" Zhao Yu explained gloomily, "They came to me for battle, and then, I grabbed his gun when I was fighting with the first guy, again, and I continued fighting with them! At the end, they all squatted. It's as simple as that!"

"No, No, No" All of the sudden, Miao Ying spoke in English, "No matter how well is your ability, you can't beat so many people at once. Well! It's alright if you don't talk much now, the criminals will wake up soon, and I'll understand all upon their confessions!"

"Ifyou dare to cheat mehey heyJust wait for me. I promise you, I'll make the hospital become your home!"

"Don't...Don't like this"

Zhao Yu intended to explain more, but Miao Ying's mobile phone rang suddenly at that moment. It must be a call from the police station. Miao Ying had been talking a long time before she could put down the phone.

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying put down the phone, looking at him with a dignified expression, and exclaiming, "Although the criminals were caught, Yu Fusheng is still missing, so we must be prepare for everything! One is to guard for those criminals, another one is to protect your safety! I've sent my request to the Bureau, and tonight they will send someone here!"

"Also, we had discussed with the hospital, after the operation, those criminals will stay together here. Let's put the half wards in a state of siege!"

"Certainly, be prepared for all possibilities!" Zhao Yu said. "Even Yu Fusheng had run away, so it is hard to guarantee those special policemen still have other associates!"

"That's right! So" Miao Ying said, "We cannot drag too long, once the criminals are awake, we need to start the trial that same night, without giving them any chance to gasp!"

Zhao Yu began to droop upon hearing her words.The sooner the trial, the sooner he would be exposed. At that time, once the invisibility cloak and bullet proof suit were ferreted out, it would be hard to shore up his defenses. Moreover, Miao Ying would not easily forgive him!


What should I do?

In fact, Zhao Yu had thought before, about being honest to Miao Ying, about telling the truth, disclosing the system's props. But, even if Miao Ying believed it, would others believe it as well? At that time, he would only get two results, one was to be treated as a neurotic; the other was to be treated as a monster, no longer able to live like a normal person!

Therefore, he would not talk about the system, even if he be killed!

As Zhao Yu was worrying about it, the door was opened. Liao Jingxian and Luan Xiaoxiao were entering together from the outside. Behind them were a lot of heavily armed policemen!

All were special policemen, armed with guns and standing in front of the ward.

"Bureau Chief Liao, Bureau Chief Luan!" Miao Ying immediately stood up and greeting the two leaders.

"Zhao Yu, how are you?" Liao Jingxian took a big step toward Zhao Yu and greeted him.

"Been blessed by you, I'm still alive!"

Zhao Yu made a joke, and Liao Jingxian just smiled at it. However, Luan Xiaoxiao did not know their relationship, so immediately he chose blame. "Zhao Yu, how could you talk like this?"

"It's okay, it's okay, it's my dereliction of duty. I'm really ashamed of my negligence!" Liao Jingxian checked himself and exclaimed, "Zhao Yu, luckily you found Chen Hao was the traitor, otherwise, the trouble would be endless! This time, Zhao Yu did a good job! I, on behalf of the City Council, shall give you a commendation!"

"No issue for the commendation, please, but I would prefer more bonus. It was really dangerous, and I almost died because of this!" Zhao Yu boasted himself without shame, and this caused Bureau Chief Luan to shoot a glance at him.

"Well, take care of yourself!" Liao Jingxian pointed to the door and said, "I've transferred the special policemen here to ensure your safety! Hmm Captain Miao"

Afterwards, Liao Jingxian frowned at Miao Ying and sheepishly said, "I know, for this case, we're culpable! But, I hope that, for the sake of Bureau Chief Luan, you can return back the authority of the investigation to us!"

"We...apparently it was our negligent. We've been focused on the peripheral information in Qu Ping's case, and we want to catch the culprit, Yu Fusheng, in one fell swoop, but we've neglected the people around us! With this lesson, we will certainly purge the discipline and have self-examination. So hmm"

Liao Jingxian took a glance at Luan Xiaoxiao, as Bureau Chief Luan hurriedly nodded to Miao Ying and said, "It's true, Captain Miao, the Rongyang's branch office is hogging the limelight now, a lot of big cases have occurred in succession, so we are really busy now! Listen to me, we just have to let the Bureau Chief Liao and his team handle this case!"

"As they always say, there must be a reason why Yu Fusheng is so rampant!" Liao Jingxian pressed on, "It definitely will involve a lot of scandals during the investigation! So, it would be safer for the Special team to handle it! Well, Captain Miao, I'm not putting pressure on you with my official title, however, that's exactly what the leaders' mean! Look"

While Liao Jingxian was speaking, Luan Xiaoxiao kept winked broadly at Miao Ying. Her meaning was very obvious. The guy was the leader of the city, who came with the order, and we could not stop him at all! The reason they were asking your opinion was plainly out of respect. Hence, the face was already big enough, hurriedly agree with it!

Meanwhile, Zhao Yu's eyes brightened up all of the sudden. He was pondering about if Liao Jingxian and his team took over the trial with the criminals, would it mean the issue of the invisibility cloak and the bullet proof suit would be lighter? Would it then be more easy to deceive?

However, surprisingly, Miao Ying shook her head with unusual empathy, then uttered two words, "No way!"