Crazy Detective Chapter 355

Chapter 355: The Special Device That Saves Live
Chapter 355: The Special Device That Saves Live
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"Captain Miao, this"

Luan Xiaoxiao's face grew unusually troubled. As the leader of the municipal bureau, Liao Jingxian was also taken aback, and asked in embarrassment, "Why?"

"Why?" Miao Ying stood straight and saluted. She then said loud and clear, "Bureau chiefs, for Qu Ping's case, my detective nearly lost his live! Have you ever thought about why?"

Miao Ying was of course referring to Zhao Yu.

"Why?" Liao Jingxian frowned.

"That's because all of you want to take everything like dictators!" Miao Ying said impolitely. "Everyone makes mistakes in their work, so don't blame yourself; but I would hope your mistakes wouldn't cause our teammates to be in danger."

"Bureau Chief Liao, do we have to pass everything to you? Then, what? Wait for the unpredictable incident that an enemy schemed to harm us again? Wait for another accident because of your mistake, and give another detective a few words and hand them the police flag as respect?

"We have our own parents too; no one is willing to be foolish with their life! We want to take over the case to ensure our own safety! Captain Miao, we verified the update that Yu Fusheng has escaped to overseas. I can guarantee that all of you are safe!" Liao Jingxian quickly explained.

"That won't do!" Miao Ying did not back down. She said, "This case must be investigated by our unit until the very end! You said it very tactfullyyou are afraid that there will be bad news and that we can't deal with it! I couldn't care less what kind of bad news it is! Let me ask youis the bad news more important than the truth? As our leader, do you not know what should be prioritized?"

"But..." Liao Jingxian was at a loss for words.

"Captain Miao," Bureau Chief Liao quickly advised, "You can't blame this on the leaders. Who would have guessed that there would be a double agent?"

"That's what I meant!" Miao Ying said with her bright eyes wide open. "If there was one, there might be a second one, or a third! Who can guarantee there won't be someone who comes to get revenge?"

"Yes, yes!" Zhao Yu cut in. Although he had his own plans, when he heard Captain Miao speaking with enthusiasm, he was touched. He continued, "When I was held captive by the criminals, they said that Captain Miao and I had forced Zhao Qing to die, and that we had been blacklisted! We'd better play safe!"

"Plus, Team Leader Qu Ping got into trouble when she was with the Rongyang Branch; Bureau Chief Zhou Andong was also dragged down by the Rongyang Branch. We have the obligations to arrest the bad guys and put them behind bars!"

"Zhao Yu, you..." Liao Jingxian glared at him.

"Why not?" Miao Ying had seemed to calm down. She said, "We wouldn't make it difficult for you, Bureau Chief Liao! The Rongyang Branch would be the main station in charge while the municipal bureau assists us in the investigation. That would do, right?"

"That's a good idea!" Zhao Yu quickly followed suit. "Then there wouldn't be anymore double agents!"

"How could you say to have the municipal bureau assist in the investigation. That's too much!" Bureau Chief Liao clapped his hands together angrily.

"Then let's switch it around; you can be the main station in charge and we will assist you in the investigation. That will do, right? Bureau Chief Liao, if we don't even have the right to know about the updates, we will never feel safe!" Miao Ying pointed at Zhao Yu and said, "If an excellent police detective like Zhao Yu, someone who has solved so many big cases, were to be framed by the criminals, wouldn't it be a pity?"

"Exactly! Exactly!" Zhao Yu said smugly to Liao.

"Alright! Okay, okay, okay! Do it your way!" Liao Jingxian said helplessly, "But let me tell you nowonce you find out any secrets about these people, you have to keep it to yourselves! If not, we will all be playing with fire! Do you understand?"

Seeing both parties coming to a mutual agreement, Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao sighed a breath of relief. A few of them discussed the follow up processes, then the two bureau chiefs left the ward.

Alright! Zhao Yu relaxed. That's great. Investigating the case together will make things much more transparent! If they had brought up the invisibility cloak and bullet proof suit...

"Captain Miao, what did you do that for?" Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "Why not just let them take over and let our colleagues rest?"

"First of all," Miao Ying said with a look in her eyes, "I don't like the way the leaders give commands from above. Why couldn't they just tell us to give up our rights with just one order? I do not concede!

"Secondly, I suspect that if they were trying to hide things and be so secretive, it means that they were secretly afraid of something! If we have no idea about what happened, it would be dangerous for us!

"As for the third reason..." Miao Ying touched Zhao Yu's face that was full of bruises with her snow white fingers. "Baby, I am thinking of your safety! Among those criminals, many of them were from Crimson Eight. I heard that many people in Crimson Eight are on very friendly terms, so they are very loyal to their friends! Now that you took out their lair, aren't you afraid that they will try to get revenge? You said it yourselfwe have to take action and lead the battle! If we were to find out about their allies Humph! I will not let them off the hook!"


Zhao Yu was dumbfounded. He had never expected Miao Ying to think so far ahead, and it was entirely for him. He couldn't help but felt touched.

"Aiya!" Zhao Yu complimented, "Captain Miao, what my mom said was correct. It would be impossible for me to find such a nice wife, even if I carried a lantern to look for one!"

Zhao Yu opened his arms, looking to bring Miao Ying into his embrace.

"Who is your wife? Go and look for your nurse!" Miao Ying smiled as she pushed Zhao Yu away. She then took the thermos to the bathroom to wash it.


Seeing Miao Ying care so much about himself, Zhao Yu felt delighted. It seemed that he was not very far away from the day he would bring home a beauty.


Zhao Yu lied down on the bed and pondered how he should get his girl later. But just as he lied down, he couldn't help but think about the invisibility cloak and bullet proof suit!

Tsk tsk What should I do?

He reckoned that those criminals would be done with their operations soon. Once they woke up in their ward, they would undergo interrogation immediately. By then he would be doomed...

Under such circumstances, he subconsciously dedicated his attention to the system in his mind. He wanted to check his device bar to see whether he could find anything that could come in handy when in trouble.

After the fight in the warehouse, Zhao Yu's device had been like running tap wateralmost half of it was gone! The invisibility cloak, bullet proof suit, night vision device, and so on were all depleted. The device bar was full of zeros!


When Zhao Yu was looking through his device bar when he suddenly realized that the bottom row had a few new tools!

Huh? That's not right? I haven't heard the system ending notification. Why would there be new tools? Oh...

Suddenly he remembered that when he had gone into the operation room to get his stitches that he had been unconscious. The doctor was worried that he would suddenly wake up, so he had given him anesthesia.

Is that it? Is that when the system announced the completion of today's adventure? It can't be, right? That means I don't know what my completion rate was again!

I beat a lot of wicked criminals today, so the completion rate shouldn't be that low, right? Then... then, what good stuff did I get?

Feeling extremely curious, Zhao Yu quickly tapped on the first device. The system began introducing it.

"Memory replay device; grade one device. After activation, you can retrieve a ten minute memory of your subject. This device is a one-time use"

Memory replay device?

Oh Zhao suddenly understood. That device was supposed to be used to retrieve memories. If he were to forget something important, he could retrieve the memory of it!

There was also a x5 badge behind the device. In other words, he had gotten five of the device!

This item is good, but right now it doesn't seem to be of any use! Hey, what's this?

Who would have guessed that there was another device below, which was also new, and also had the x5 badge as well.

Wow, it can't be! What's going on today? Did the system awards upgrade from retail to wholesale?

Zhao Yu quickly opened the last awarded device. When he heard the system's introduction, he was full of emotions, and felt extremely delighted.

"Memory Clip Device; special device. After activation, it can edit ten minutes of your subject's memory. After editing, it will require one hundred days and above to recover. The exact recovery time differs from person to person. This device have no time duration, and is a one-time device"