Crazy Detective Chapter 359

Chapter 359: A Happy Celebration Dinner
Chapter 359: A Happy Celebration Dinner
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Zhao Yu recuperated in the hospital and enjoyed tranquility, which was hard to come by.

Almost everyday, his colleagues and the higher ups would take turns visiting him, sending him meals, and buying him fruits. Yao Jia, who took a liking to Zhao Yu, was also taking good care of him, from caring to his wounds to daily tasks; she would give her all. As a result, Zhao Yu's wound recovered extremely quickly.

Although Miao Ying was busy with work, she would take time to visit Zhao Yu everyday. Sometimes she would talk to him about the police team and discuss the case investigation; other times, she would talk to him about trivialities at home, cars, houses, and combat. Of course, there were also times when she would fight with Zhao Yu when they disagreed!

Because the hospital was holding the criminal in custody, no outsiders were allowed to visit. So, Zhao Yu could only contact people using his cellphone regarding personal matters.

He kept thinking about the updated news from his mother. He was worried that she knew he was injured. But once he called her, he relaxed; she was still at his uncles' house looking for the handwritten ancient book!

His two uncles were a bit messy, so they hadn't been able to tell where the ancient book was until then. His mother had been searching all over the house this entire time!

His mother told him that she would immediately send Zhao Yu the book once she found it. Zhao Yu of course did not dare to let her visit, so he told her to send photos of the book once she found it instead.

Secondly, he called Jiang Xiaoqing, as Daheng was still with her!

Zhao Yu lied, saying that he was on a business trip, and told Jiang Xiaoqing to continue to take care of him. Because Jiang Xiaoqing was done with her midterm examination and she really liked Daheng, she agreed without hesitation.

The third call was to Blondie Zhou Yang. Zhou Yang told Zhao Yu that according to the current situation, everything in the gym was operating steadily. Regardless of the coaches or the customers, everyone felt stable, and things were back on track.

But some of the equipment in the gym needed to be upgraded. Zang Ba had gotten in touch with a combat club and wanted to let them join Depth in Breath Gym, so they wanted to get Zhao Yu's permission.

Zhao Yu told Zhou Yang, "You are the boss now. Outside of special circumstances, you can just tinker with the gym. Do it with courage. The money lost will not be considered yours!"

Blondie heard that and felt touched. He said that he would not complain about anything, even his life to Zhao Yu, and that he would put all his effort into running the club until his last days.

After settling his personal matters, Zhao Yu felt at ease. But resting in the ward everyday was quite boring, so he often walked on the side where they held the criminals captive to chat and ask for the latest updates.

He heard that the case had dragged in many people, so the higher ups in the Qinshan police scene had put a lot of attention on it. Rumor had it that the final arrest warrant was even sent to the provincial office.

Ever since they had carried out the arrest operation, Bureau Chief Liao had specifically made a code name. He called it some sort of round-off operation. In one operation they had almost arrested all the people who were related to Yu Fusheng in an attempt to utterly cut off the foundation that Yu Fusheng had laid.

The only disappointing thing was that the operation had yet to arrest the chief culprit, Yu Fusheng. According to reliable sources, he had escaped overseas.

But the police had gotten in touch with the Diplomat Department. Even though he had fled overseas, they would insist on the arrest of Yu Fusheng for trial!

The truth of Qu Ping's case was finally revealed. The police detectives in the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit decided to hold a memorial ceremony for Team Leader Qu Ping, and use the case report as a comfort to her soul in paradise.

On the day of the memorial ceremony, Zhao Yu had yet to be discharged, but he still participated in the ceremony, even with his injuries. In front of Qu Ping's grave, Zhao Yu laid a bouquet of flowers before her tomb. He bowed in respect as he murmured, "Team Leader Qu, I, Zhao Yu, did not go back on my promise. I arrested all the criminals that framed you! I hope you can rest in peace in heaven!"


Following the emcee's order, all the police detectives saluted Team Leader Qu Ping uniformly.

Looking at Qu Ping's picture on her tomb, Zhao Yu thought about the rainy spring night. Qu Ping had been talking to him solemnly in the office.

"Zhao Yu, I judge based off matter, not people!

"Zhao Yu, I am against you as a person, but I am not against your ability!

"Don't be afraid! Don't fear anything, even if it is difficult. If we investigate with all our heart, there must be a return"

Team Leader Qu, don't worry. Zhao Yu said in his heart, I will remember your teaching. No matter how difficult the cases are in the future, I will investigate with all my heart. I will complete your long-cherished dream, and carry on until the end


The day Zhao Yu got out of the hospital, Bureau Chief Luan hosted a welcome dinner on behalf of the Rongyang Branch at a high class hotel as a way to celebrate. Although Zhao Yu did not have any hexagram that day, he did run into a coincidence that was not small by any means.

Just as everyone was on their way to the hotel, Zhao Yu got a call from the grand leader, Su Yang. Su Yang told him that he was back in Qinshan, and invited him to go for shabu-shabu.

Zhao Yu simply told him the situation and invited him to join the celebration dinner instead. At first, Su Yang was not willing to. But after Zhao Yu pestered him, he had no choice but to come along.

It even coincided with the hosted dinner by Bureau Chief Hong, the head of the municipal bureau. Bureau Chief Liao Jingxian was there too. In the end, Zhao Yu and the others ran into them coincidently. The two private rooms were very close to each other.

When they first ran into the head of municipal bureau, the Rongyang Branch was supposed to go over to toast with drinks. But, all of a sudden, Bureau Chief Hong recognized Su Yang! Things then became interesting.

The celebration dinner had only been going on for a bit, but then Bureau Chief Hong brought a bunch of higher ups from the municipal bureau over to toast with them. It completely messed up the entire flow.

Looking at the provincial higher up Su Yang joking with Zhao Yu and calling him his brother, Bureau Chief Hong looked at Zhao Yu in a different light for the first time.

In the past, he had only heard about Zhao Yu solving a lot of big cases, and that he had fought against four SWAT soldiers alone courageously. He never expected Zhao Yu's human relationship to be this unexpected!

But, with the Rongyang Branch's recent achievements, the higher ups had to give compliments. In addition, the higher ups had promised to apply for more capital for their branch next year in order to improve their condition for official duty, which would provide them with better insurance to solve cases!

All in all, the celebration dinner was extremely joyful. The higher ups were happy, his colleagues were happy, everyone was happy.

Zhao Yu was a bit sad that he had not gotten any hexagrams. If he had asked for a hexagram, maybe he could have gotten a good reward.

On the day Zhao Yu joined the celebration dinner, he received three pieces of news. Although none of it was directly related to him, it was all good to hear.

The first piece of news was that the murderer that had killed Jin Yuanyuan had been arrested by the police detective from the Key Case Investigation Unit in Ruyang.

There was no objection with the process of committed crimes. It was because the building maintenance worker had had quite a bit to drink, and was unhappy with his marriage. As a result, a wicked idea popped into his mind when he saw Jin Yuanyuan.

But, whether it was because of the autopsy report or the criminal's confession, it turned out that Jin Yuanyuan had not been killed by the criminal directly; it was because of the sexual violation that had led to her fatal heart attack!

Regardless of the reason for Jin Yuanyuan's death, the criminal would have to pay the price, and he received a sentence that he deserved.

The next bit of good news was that Hou Meng had gotten out of the prison. As Wu Shuang and the others were arrested, it was proven that Hou Meng had been framed and could leave prison!

Rumors swirled that after Hou Meng had gotten out of prison he had realized his fault. He swore that he would be a better man and not take any illegal paths!

The third piece of news was related to Qu Ping's murder case. It was about Bureau Chief Zhou Andong that had been framed earlierhe had been compensated! The higher ups decided to recover his position and make him the bureau chief of the Rongyang Branch.

But due to Bureau Chief Luan's outstanding performance as well, the higher ups had decided to send Zhou Andong to the municipal bureau to take charge of economic investigation! It meant that he had gone up by one rank, and now had real power. As the saying went, "one who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune forever after."

Currently, Liu Changhu was the captain of economic investigation at the municipal bureau, while Zhou Andong was the vice bureau chief. This pair of Rongyang colleagues were now colleagues once again in the municipal bureau.

Of course, the human resource management was not related to Zhao Yu. If there was any relation, there was only onewhen Zhao Yu had been discharged, Mao Wei had recovered too, meaning that the two team leaders of the Key Case Investigation Unit of the Rongyang Branch was back in action!

The Key Case Investigation Unit led by Miao Ying, a well balanced team with high morale, was back. What new cases were ahead of them?