Crazy Detective Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Do You Have To Do This?

"Zhao Yu!" Zhang Jingfeng got up and patted the dust off his body. He scolded Zhao Yu, "You...youre a madman!"

"Damn you" Zhao Yu held the broken cue and took a big step toward Zhang Jingfeng. He looked like he was going to stab Zhang Jingfeng to death with the cue.

"Ill check! Ill check alright?" Zhang Jingfeng waved his hands frantically, "Its just checking on a person, do you have to do this?"

"I should be the one asking you this! Its just checking on a person, do you have to do this?" Zhao Yu rebutted.

"Okay, okay...Im scared of you...lets go!" Zhang Jingfeng admitted defeat. As shameless as he could be, he was also afraid of Zhao Yus dramatic attitude.

"Wait!" Although Zhao Yu had achieved his goal, he had no intention of letting the matter rest. He pointed to the broken cues and said, "Ive hit so many cues but you have not paid me!"

"What!?" Zhang Jingfeng was speechless.

"Let me calculate!" Zhao Yu took his time to count, "Fifty for a cue, I hit four so that would be two hundred exactly. Oh...for the balls, twenty for one ball, I hit seven, so one-hundred and forty, plus two-hundred. You owe me three-hundred and forty yuan in total! Let me say this first, I dont give discounts!"

"What!? You?" Zhang Jingfeng was going crazy. What kind of logic was that? "We were playing billiards, who played it this way? Hitting the cue meant breaking it?" Zhang Jingfeng thought to himself.

"Yeah?" Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows, "Didnt we agree on that? You wanna cheat, or should we play a little longer?" Zhao Yu took another cue in his hand.

"No, no, no" the young police officer ran over and nodded, "Weve lost, weve lost! Ill pay the money! Ill pay!" He hurriedly pulled out his wallet and placed a few one-hundred yuan notes in front of Zhao Yu. "There, five-hundred yuan. Keep the change!"

Zhao Yu slowly took the money in his hands, turned his head sideways, and stared at the young police officer, "Alright! Youre sensible! You have a bright future!"He turned around and kicked the owner who was laying on the floor. He threw the five-hundred yuan on his face and said, "Hey? Are you dead? Take this money so you can buy some candy for good fortune! Maybe if you eat it everyday, you can go to the police stations Key Case Investigation Unit and report me without me getting revenge on you! Otherwise, shut up! Understood?"

The owner had slowly regained consciousness. Seeing the fierce-looking Zhao Yu, he nodded his head timidly, "I wouldnt dare! I wouldnt dare!"

"Hey! Zhang! Why are you not moving?" Zhao Yu ordered. Zhang Jingfeng had no choice but to lower his head as he left the billiards center with Zhao Yu.

Tearing down ones shop as he had just done had been an everyday affair for Zhao Yu in the past. He felt a little unnatural going back to his old trade again because he was missing fifty to sixty men as subordinates!

As Green Dragon Clans top fighter, Zhao Yu had his own saying, "If it can be settled by force, I will never consider other methods." It was better to torture ones mind rather than killing him. After Zhao Yus insane behavior, both the owner and Zhang Jingfeng were suppressed by him, and dared not act rashly.

Zhang Jingfeng followed him back to the office cooperatively to check on the girl prodigys family. Finding people had been Zhang Jingfengs specialty, and he did not want Zhao Yu to see it. However, Zhao Yu was worried that the fella would simply go through the motions, and not put much effort into it. He pulled up a chair and looked carefully at how Zhang Jingfeng operated.

Zhang Jingfeng was infuriated! Because Zhao Yu had such a shameless and extreme superior, there was nothing he could do to retaliate.

Zhao Yu was no fool and it did not take him long to figure out Zhang Jingfengs method of finding people. He did not use conventional ways such as searching for identification, household registers, bank cards, or immigration records. Instead, he logged on to the medical database of major hospitals to retrieve medical records that matched the targets.

Brilliant! Zhao Yu could not help but felt great admiration. This was indeed brilliant! Even if a person changed their name, it was not possible for him to change their own medical records, unless they had not visited the hospital in their entire life!

Soon, Zhang Jingfeng had retrieved six or seven medical records that matched the girls. "The earliest one can be traced back to fifteen years ago," Zhang Jingfeng pointed to the information on top. "Li Shuxun, from Fengling County Li Village. The ID card number matches the number at the registry office. He was admitted to City Hospitals Cardiology Department due to heart disease. After that, he was admitted again twice for the same condition."

"And this," Zhang Jingfeng pointed to another, "this is the latest medical information. It was registered last May at City Hospitals Oncology Department. The patient is Hao Fenglian, from Fengling County Li Village. The registered ID card number also matches the original number. The ID card has expired, but because she paid her own fees, the hospital still used the expired ID card number for registration."

Li Shuxun was the name of Li Dans father, and Hao Fenglian was the mothers name. Hearing this news, it was at least proven that not only had the girl prodigys family not vanished from earth, but that they had been living in the city.

"Huh? Thats even more strange," Zhao Yu pondered. "Since they were still living in the city, why did they disappear? Could it be there was really a problem somewhere?" Zhao Yu asked, "Zhang, is it possible to find the patients address?" Zhao Yu asked hastily, "I want the most recent one!"

"Yes!" Zhang Jingfeng said as he typed. "But if she had deliberately tried to hide it, and gave a false address during admission, then I have no solution!" Zhang Jingfeng was indeed an expert. He got the result right away, "Here it is!"

Zhao Yu bent and looked at the screen. He had goosebumps all over after just taking a glance. He typed the address into the map and was thunderstruck.

"What?" Zhang Jingfeng saw that Zhao Yu did not look right, and wanted to ask what exactly happened, but was stopped by Zhao Yu.

"Quick!" Zhao Yu shouted anxiously, "Send all this information to my cellphone! Dont leave out a single word! I, I have to run!"

"Well" Zhang Jingfeng was clueless about what had happened, and could only follow Zhao Yus instructions.

Zhao Yu left the police station and drove the police car toward the address Zhang Jingfeng had found. While driving, Zhao Yu felt extremely nervous and his palms were sweaty. Although he was still unclear about the sequence of events of the Lost Hand Case, the newly obtained address strengthened his belief that he was definitely going in the right direction!

"This time...I cant be wrong again?"