Crazy Detective Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Smell A Rat In The Matter
Chapter 362: Smell a Rat in the Matter
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"Hey! Let's just drop it." In the booming of thunderstorms, Zhao Yu was standing by the window of the hotel and talking to Miao Ying on the phone. "Captain Miao, hurriedly charge another person to come, as I'm so depressed here! I'm a sunny, handsome guy, and I'm not suitable for such an overcast place! I don't have any knowledge about the cultural relics at all! Liang Huan! Liang Huan knows them well, it's better to let him come over here!"

"Ha-ha, how can that be? You are the most capable staff appointed by the Bureau Chief Luan, so do it well!" Miao Ying laughed. "By the way, how about the other branch?"

"Cough!" Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "It's a bunch of old people, and I'm the only one below 30 years old! You know what, they looked at me in such a strange way in our first meeting! It was scorn. I almost pointed the middle finger at them. They really acted like snobs, as if they never saw such a young detective ever?"

"Oh, yes, one of them is full of white hair, and he looks much older than my grandfather! Do they call the retired veteran cadres to come over as well, this gang is really amazing!"

"Hey, don't look down on people, Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying spoke in a solemn manner. "Those people are the veterans of Huiyang branch! Huiyang branch is putting all their efforts toward fighting for this case, too! A question for you: Did you see a bearded man? About 40 years old?

"Yes, who is he?"

"He is Fu Jianxing of the Moyang branch, the veteran detective of Qishan City who had served as a provincial special investigator for criminal investigation before!

"I heard that this man has a lot of thoughts in his mind, you must beware!" Miao Ying reminded.

"Okay, dear," Zhao Yu put the mobile phone close to the window. "You listen to this rain, it's really making my heart feel cold! It's so boring in the mountains, alas! Dear, what are you doing now? Why don't you come and stay with me? "

"Go away, don't be garrulous! Who is your dear?" Miao Ying kept a straight face and said, "Hasten to the point, tell me how is the situation over there? The colleagues are curious! This is the first time I hear about the Tomb murder case!"

"Cough! It's doesn't matter to me," said Zhao Yu contemptuously, "Just an old man having been killed and thrown into a coffin! As of now, the corpse has been sent for checking and making comparisons, so we all are waiting for the result at the hotel! The hotel here is much worse, cockroaches are everywhere. Yetthere are two people in a room, not even an independent bathroom... "

"Come on, stop nagging now, can we just continue to the point?" Miao Ying frowned.

"Okay, okay"

Thereupon, Zhao Yu told Miao Ying the general situation in the tomb. After listening to it, Miao Ying immediately guessed, "Does this mean, that there was a rebellion among the tomb robbers? They've killed the man and dumped the corpse into the tomb? In that case, we could solve the case, if we find the tomb robbers!"


"Hey Zhao Yu" Miao Ying said, "The day is still bright. Why don't you look for the traces? Have a look at the escape route of the tomb robbers?"

"Oh, really?" Zhao Yu acted dumb. "No wonder I haven't met my roommate yet. I think he went for the scene survey? In such a heavy rain, this guy is so dedicated!"

"Seriously?," Miao Ying reproached. "If you want to pack off so many burial goods, it's impossible to use one or two cars only, the scene would definitely leave a trail! Hurry, don't just let those people take over the opportunities "

"Hahaha" Zhao Yu laughed. "Captain Miao, don't worry, if I can't even think of it, am I still able to be the top detective in the Rongyang branch? Frankly, I had already explored it when i went there. The tomb was located in a hollow area in the middle of the mountain, so there's only one way to enter and exit around it!"

"But, as you know, the tomb has been excavated for almost a week, and there are so many vehicles that come and go, the trails of the tomb robbers had already been erased for a long time!"

"But I also noticed, if you want to drive out from the tomb, surely you would pass through the Yunyang County Town, where am I staying now. Therefore, I already asked Lan Bo and others to retrieve surveillance video at every intersection in Yunyang County, so those old people are definitely behind me!"

"Hmm Good job!" Miao Ying heaved a sigh of relief and changed her tone, "Although, you looked absent-mindedly and querulously. In fact, you are the person who wants to take the case before someone else!"

"But!" Zhao Yu rarely spoke in a serious manner, "Captain Miao, I have seen some measures of how the tomb robbers dispose of the stolen goods. I think we should focus on the peripheral place to dispose of the stolen goods, rather than focus on that tomb. With such a huge number of unearthed cultural relics, they definitely won't take any risk to ship out from Qinshan."

"So, could you check those potential buyers for the stolen goods, and see if there are any stealthy changes?

"Although I'm not an expert in tomb robbery, the person who is able to rob at such a hidden tomb, presumably should be a particularly talented person! Generally, this kind of talented person is quite well-known, so you may look for the news from other sources. Let's see what you could find out!"

"Okay!" Miao Ying nodded and asked, "Wellhow about the corpse? That corpse is also important, right? If the dead was their partner as well, does it mean"

"No!" Zhao Yu said with certainty, "The dead man definitely was not a tomb robber!"

"Oh? Why?" Miao Ying was surprised.

"Tomb robbers usually work underground, and they will look mystifying, have a dark complexion, and seem as if they have been possessed by ghosts!" Zhao Yu said in serious manner, "Although, the dead was not young, but his skin was fair, glowing, unlike underground workers!"

"Are you looking for a whip?" Miao Ying noticed Zhao Yu was talking in vain, "Even if there's no gap between the duration, the tomb has been excavated for a week, and the man was dead for at least a week, so how could his face still be white and bright? Are you looking for a beating?"

"Hahaha, you caught it, I am embarrassed!" Zhao Yu explained wickedly, "Well, there's a rule for tomb robbers, generally those that are 50 years old or above, and are not going down to the pit. After all, digging a grave is hard, manual work, as it is hard to dig it while you're getting older! Moreover, a gang of tomb robbers are made up of clan relatives. Tomb robbers of this age are generally given the roles of experienced commanders, with high prestige in the team!"

"He was the eldest, yet a commander. How could he have been killed by his partners? The rule of the tomb robbery industry is usually combined by nephew and uncle. If the old man is also a tomb robber, he must be the uncle of other people, so does it mean the nephew had killed his uncle?"

"In addition, the breach on the dead man's head already indicates the way of killing of the murderer was extremely fierce and ferocious. It's impossible to kill your relative in such a cruel way!

"Also, there's another point, the dead man was wearing a pure cotton, long sleeved shirt, so the price should not be low! Have you ever seen a tomb robber wearing a branded shirt to rob a tomb?"

"Zhao Yu," Miao Ying said earnestly, "Have you ever dug anyone's ancestral grave? How do you know so much about tomb robbery? Did you read too many novels?"

"Well Do you see me reading any books?" Zhao Yu pouted and said, "Captain Miao, have you ever thought that if the dead is not a tomb robber, the matter would become complicated?"

"Sodoes it mean, the dead had passed by the tomb and was found by the tomb robbers, who then killed him and dragged the corpse to the tomb?" Miao Ying speculated.

"Impossible," Zhao Yu said, "Usually, the tomb robbers will make pilfer holes during midnight, so who would run to that place at nighttime? Moreover, seeing the dress code of the dead man, apparently, he didn't seem like an ordinary person. So, there must be something wrong with it!"