Crazy Detective Chapter 367

Chapter 367: What Is The Reason For Murder?
Chapter 367: What Is the Reason for Murder?
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Half past eleven at night, at the Key Case Investigation Unit in Rongyang Branch.

At that very moment, Zhao Yu was using Fu Jianxing's explanation he had overheard from the women's restroom to deceive the group of detectives. Zhao Yu exaggerated the story and told them excitedly, describing himself as a reborn Sherlock Holmes. The police detectives didn't know that he was telling them a story he had overheard, and they were fooled by Zhao Yu. They paid full attention to his story.

But only Miao Ying managed to find it odd. She quickly interrupted Zhao Yu and argued, "Zhao Yu, that's not right? When you were on the phone with me, you did not make it sound this bizarre. How dare you not report to me? Are you asking for a fight?"

Looking at Captain Miao's fist, Zhao Yu stopped and asked for forgiveness, with his hands clasped before him.

"Captain Miao, what is the municipal bureau trying to do? Going back and forth with their orders. Are they trying to make a fool out of us?" Liang Huan complained unhappily. "You tell me, in the middle of the night, when it is pouring outside, they want the entire police force to be on standby. What does that even mean?"

"We have no choice!" Miao Ying said. "Superior command is superior command! Actually, maybe it is a good idea. It'd be better than everyone fighting against each other to get the video of the old experts disappearing.

"Don't worry, I have heard stuff from some of my connections. After the municipal bureau's investigation team gets involved, they will be the main investigator for the case. As they made it clear beforehand, they will still share the information with all the branches. We can't investigate at the crime scene but can only analyze the information they share with us, and further investigate according to our own instincts.

"So, this stupid match is still ongoing! Instead of the few representatives, it became all the branches! Then, whoever finds out the truth first and arrests the criminal will the proud champion!"

"Interesting!" Da Fei rolled up his sleeves and said, "The case is so interesting, and the way to solve it is also interesting! I'm all pumped up. Let's vie to win the championship, guys!"

"I really don't understand!" Zhang Jingfeng was not impressed. "It's more delicious when you fight for the food. But this is a case investigation, how can you fight for it? With such chaos, they better not lose any major evidence! In short, the criminal investigation department in the municipal bureau doesn't make me comfortable."

"Captain Miao!" Li Beini suddenly raised her hands and said, "Lan Bo sent an update from Yunyang County. The surveillance videos were uploaded to our internal website by the municipal bureau. We can look at them!"

"Okay!" Miao Ying immediately sent people to check the surveillance videos. Zhao Yu did not forget to tell them to focus on the time frame of the surveillance videos.

"Bro, you really impress me!" Li Beini complimented Zhao Yu. "In the past, you wereyou were But you are so amazing now! You can even tell how long the corpse has been dead for. Back then, I couldn't tell how good you were from the way you acted."

"Are you trying to say that I was such a gangster back then?" Zhao Yu casually said, "There are many things that you can't tell. Quick, go get your bro a cup of coffee. Same as usual; two packs of sugar!"

"Alright!" Li Beini immediately left her seat.

"Aiya, I'm here! I'm here! Sorry, I came late!" Li Beini had just left, and someone came through the door, holding his umbrella. This person was the original Team A team leader, the current team leader of Team BMao Wei.

Mao Wei was discharged at around the same time as Zhao Yu. His leg injury had fully recovered and he could walk freely. Although Mao Wei had had an unpleasant encounter with Miao Ying and Zhao Yu, he had a big positive trait, which was his easygoing nature.

After getting back to work, Mao Wei found Miao Ying and apologized. At the same time, he found Zhao Yu and expressed his intention to work harmoniously with him and to back each other up. Actually, neither Zhao Yu nor Miao Ying had any hierarchical conflict with Mao Wei. Looking at Mao Wei's sincerity, the two of them had no reason to fight with him. The three of them reconciled and worked wholeheartedly at their jobs. The Key Case Investigation Unit was back on track again.

"The rain just got heavier." Mao Wei was still looking for an excuse for being late. "It was impossible to get a cab! Oh, Captain Miao, I heard on the way to the police station. How is the case that the entire city was focused on? Any updates?"

Listening to Mao Wei's questions, Miao Ying updated him with all the latest news.

"Aiya, this is really hard to understand!" Mao Wei scratched his head and said, "The heritage expert was involved with the grave robbers. This would be considered a scandal, right?"

"Mao, you are a team leader! You must take responsibility for what you said. If it was heard by the press, the cultural relic bureau would fight you to death. You'll find yourself in serious trouble" Zhang Jingfeng joked. "From what I see, the question might not be hard to explain. The case may have happened like this,

"The three old experts lied because they wanted to inspect something in the wild but didn't want people at home to be worried. But while they were inspecting, they ran into a bunch of grave robbers. In the end, the grave robbers had no choice but to kill them. So, we should arrest the grave robbers, and the case will be closed!"

"Zhang, you make it sound so easy!" Liang Huan objected, "To inspect something, it's okay if you do not tell your family, but couldn't they get a few younger folks from their unit? They were all so old! And there is only one corpse; where are the other two? If they successfully robbed the grave and killed one of them, they might as well kill the other two as well. Where are the other two?"

"Maybe," Zhang Jingfeng guessed again, "the grave robbers were impressed by the vast knowledge of the heritage experts and decided to keep them alive to help them verify unearthed relics."

"No! You don't understand the profession!" Liang Huan said solemnly, "Let me tell you! Normally, it is quite rare to hear that the grave robbers kill. Grave robbers are robbers too, not any professional killer. If they had a choice, they would never have the idea of killing someone!"

"Let me share something with you; an ancient tomb like the prefect's one would hardly have anything bizarre! Earthenware, porcelain, jade pieces, copper coins, and some gold. Such an ancient tomb compared to the nobles' tomb was barely anything!

"So, for a prefect's tomb, it is not worth it! If they were to run into anyone, they'd rather give up the ancient tomb than be caught, and they wouldn't kill for that tomb either! Take a look at the existing regulations. To rob a grave of someone of that standing, you wouldn't be given a severe punishment; not more than ten years!"

Listening to Liang Huan's analysis of grave robbers and the ancient tomb, Miao Ying started pondering. Ever since she found out that the victim was an archeologist, she had similar suspicions. She felt that it wouldn't be as simple as it seemed. Behind the peculiar Tomb Murder Case, there seemed to be something bizarre!

In the long run, Miao Ying seemed to form a habit. Every time she was lost, she would instinctually look for Zhao Yu, and every single time, Zhao Yu would be able to develop his own unique hypothesis and a novel idea about the case! Looking around, Miao Ying found out that Zhao Yu was focusing on his monitor attentively.

"Zhao Yu, what are you looking at?" Guided by her strong curiosity, Miao Ying asked him and walked over. At the same time, Li Beini was done brewing the coffee and put it before Zhao Yu. When the two girls looked at Zhao Yu's monitor, they saw the photo of a female corpse that in an ancient red mandarin jacket.