Crazy Detective Chapter 370

Chapter 370: I Hope All Of You Have Medical Insurance
Chapter 370: I Hope All of You Have Medical Insurance
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Once he said that, everyone got a shock. However, only Huahua, who was in his arms, was still crying.

"Cheh!" Fat Sausage did not give a damn, but said, "Psychopath!"

"Haha... Hahaha..."

Then, everyone laughed. Ah Gui, who was holding the card machine, had no idea what to do.

"These are the rules in the hood: After sixty days, you are urged to make a payment. After ninety days, you get a warning. After a hundred days, that is when you better look out!" Zhao Yu stood his ground and said, "My sister only owed you money for three months, and yet you took action against her! You obviously do not know the rules! Let me ask you, how do I calculate this debt?"


Suddenly, upon hearing Zhao Yu explaining such professional terms, Fat Sausage was shocked. The other hatchet men stopped laughing and looked at Zhao Yu in a different light.

Actually, Zhao Yu's role in his previous life was mainly to chase after debtors for payment on behalf of his boss. So, he was familiar with all the rules of loan sharks.

Because of that, he did not intend on using any other method besides simply being straightforward. He only wanted to return the money and recompense Huahua. After all, Huahua owing him money would be far better than her owing anything to a loan shark.

But when he saw Huahua's swollen face and shabby dress, Zhao Yu became angry. Huahua's bra had been stripped away, and he could tell that she went through hardship when she was held captive.

In the past, Zhao Yu would have not had much of an awareness regarding these actions, thinking it was something common. After all, sexually harassing a woman, and even threatening and breaking a few of her limbs, any of these things were actions that he used to do.

But he had matured greatly over the years. Today, he couldn't bear the sight of how a loan shark would hurt or sexually harass a woman in such a way. So, he had to get justice for Huahua!

"Bro, where are you from?" Fat Sausage seemed to only notice him just now. He sat with his huge body straight.

"People in the hood call me God-king!" Zhao Yu was full of bullshit. "In Qinshan, I used to have a few friends, like Hong Zhitao from Chahai Street, and so on. But, all of them are now behind bars. So, forget about them!"

"Oh?" Fat Sausage looked around, doubtful at first, but then took Zhao Yu's statement as truth. Hong Zhitao's name was famous, so of course Fat Sausage had heard it before.

"God-king?" He kept quiet for a while, then asked, "Alright. So, what do you want?"

"What else? Give me the person that hit my sister, and I will take care of him! Then, the debt between us will be considered as paid!" Zhao Yu said calmly.

"Hey you, are you trying to die?! Who the hell are you?!" The man with the ponytail roared at Zhao Yu. Every hatchet man crowded around him as well, wanting to pressure Zhao Yu.

"Hahaha..." Fat Sausage laughed creepily. "You do not know the immensity of this dark underworld. You dare ask me to give you my brother, on my turf! Let's see, I'll make it easy for you. I'll return your ten thousand dollars later, as a compensation for this girl. How about that?"

"Hehehe..." Zhao Yu smiled coldly. "Fat Sausage, think about this properly. To pay such a sum, possibly losing your entire business, just to protect your underlings... that's not worth it!"


Fat Sausage slapped the armrest of the couch and stared at Zhao Yu angrily, "Son, what you are doing now is refusing a toast, only to set yourself up for drinking a penalty! Let me tell you, I do not practice your rules here. We hit her and stripped her, so what?"

"Exactly!" The man with ponytail, who was still holding onto Huahua's bra, said mischievously, "The girl is quite pretty! Also, you think that we don't know that she used to be a wild chick that everyone could bang?! We actually kind of regretted not playing around with her more!"

"You!" Zhao Yu's fist was itching to punch this guy right in the face.

"Bro Yu... Woo... Forget it... Forget it..." Huahua was frightened, trying to pull Zhao Yu away as she spoke.

"Huahua, go into the room and wait for me there!" Zhao Yu patted her hair. "I will handle this!"

Then, he turned around to tell Ah Gui, "Hurry up, bring your card machine here. I will transfer the rest of the money to you!" Zhao Yu pointed at everyone around and counted. "I think this amount for medical fees isn't quite enough, but you can just make do with it! I hope all of you have medical insurance!"

Zhao Yu said this, and the hatchet men couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

"Bro Yu... This..." Huahua was terrified. From what she saw, Zhao Yu had gone crazy!

"Go ahead and wait for me in the room. Go!" Zhao Yu pointed her toward the room. Huahua could only obey, walking over helplessly.

But for Huahua to enter the room, she had to pass by the hatchet men. The man with the ponytail saw her and quickly raised the bra in his hand, slapping it towards Huahua's face.

But as he raised his arms, Zhao Yu suddenly came before him and landed a heavy punch onto his face! That punch was brutal. The ponytail man lost his balance, then landed heavily on the ground.


Once they saw Zhao Yu take action, all the hatchet men crowded around, the very first man being suddenly seized by Zhao Yu on his collar. Zhao Yu then lowered his head and pushed him with both his arms. He then raised the huge man over his head and turned around with him, like a windmill.


All the ratchet men were forced to retreat. Zhao Yu swung his arms and threw the person out of the window.


The glass of the window shattered, and the person flew out of the window. He first landed on the canopy roof on the first floor, then crashed on the table that people were playing paijiu on.

After that, basically everything collapsed like house of cards. When the canopy roof broke, the rain came down in buckets. Those who were playing paijiu got a shock, and realized that there were problems happening upstairs. They took the metal sticks that were hidden behind the potted plants and dashed upstairs.

There were already fights in full swing happening upstairs. Zhao Yu was brave and fierce. He had already taken down a few of their men. Then, Zhao Yu saw the bunch of people that had just come upstairs with weapons, and he immediately grabbed the television and threw it down the staircase!

The hatchet men that were dashing up did not expect a huge television to fly down from above. They were suddenly hit, all of them knocked off balance and sent rolling down the stairs.

Regarding fighting, Zhao Yu had been daily training in the gym, so his stamina had greatly increased and his muscles were really built! Also, Zhao Yu was greatly gifted, and his talent was outstanding.

With Miao Ying's patient guidance, his fighting skills had improved amazingly. At that moment, he didn't fight like how he did in the past, but used a lot of practical skills.

A brawny man rushed forward and grabbed Zhao Yu's neck, while Zhao Yu pulled his hair and jerked it forcefully. He was suddenly flipped over, then slammed onto the ground harshly.


Another brawny man dashed over with a flowerpot. Zhao Yu deflected the attack, kicking right onto the person's chest.


The person staggered backwards and fell onto the ground, the flower pot crashing ironically onto his own head...