Crazy Detective Chapter 371

Chapter 371: An Eye For An Eye
Chapter 371: An Eye for an Eye
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There was the sound of glass shattering again. Zhao Yu kicked one of the men, making him fall on the glass coffee table. It shattered and collapsed. Shards of glass flew and cut Fat Sausage's face.

Fat Sausage was shocked and covered his face with his cattail-leaf-like arms but he dared not stand up from the couch. Suddenly looking at Zhao Yu being so ruthless, the man named Ah Gui quickly ran away with the card machine and Zhao Yu's bank card. Zhao Yu then grabbed an ashtray and threw it. It hit him on his back.

"Ow" Ah Gui fell flat on the floor, groaning in pain and holding his back. He hurt so much that his whole body twitched.

"F*ck you!" Turning around, Zhao Yu landed a kick on the short guy that opened the door for him. The short guy flew off and broke a whole bunch of potted plants.

"Aiya!" The man with a ponytail was suddenly awake. He raised his arms and dashed towards Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu blocked with his forearms and seized the chance to grab the guy's collar and push his back against the wall! Then, Zhao Yu held his fist and rained down punches on his face! Zhao Yu's punches were brutal. Even though the man with the ponytail tried to block with all his life, he couldn't manage to block well. Even with his arms covering his face, his nose was still bleeding, and his face was disfigured. The back of his head landed heavily on the door that served as a partition!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Zhao Yu landed three continuous punches, then let go of the guy's collar at the very last punch. When he landed the last punch, the man with a ponytail broke the door and fell into the room! The wall behind the partition collapsed, the curtain was torn, and even the fluorescent lights were torn down. The man with the ponytail could only groan in pain.

After the man with the ponytail was defeated, only Fat Sausage, who was still sitting on the couch, was left. He was stunned. Ever since he started the business, he had never seen anyone so ruthless! When he saw Zhao Yu look at him, he quickly lowered his head. He dared not to even make eye contact with Zhao Yu.

"He's here! Hit him!" The people who had retreated to the TV dashed upstairs again, all holding sticks!

Zhao Yu wanted to strike at Fat Sausage, but he saw that the people downstairs had dashed up again. He pointed at them ferociously and turned around to fight!

The first man came forward and wanted to hit Zhao Yu from the front! Zhao Yu dodged and held the stick with his left hand while he hit the guy's face with his right. But due to the awkward angle, the punch was not hard. The person took back his stick and hit Zhao Yu's body. At the same time, another person got on Zhao Yu's left, wanting to surprise attack him.

Zhao Yu kicked, and the person with the stick flew back. The people behind swarmed forward and beat Zhao Yu with the sticks chaotically. Zhao Yu couldn't dodge anymore, but he grabbed the first person in front of him and swung him around. Among the chaos, many sticks hit the guy's body and he was in great pain.

Zhao Yu's legs and back were hit too but he was not affected. He sent a few punches out and suddenly broke two people's noses.

"Aiya!" Zhao Yu head-butted a person who tried to grab him. He then lowered his head and dashed through the crowd like a bull, shoving the guy and the three people behind him! Behind the three people were the stairs. When Zhao Yu was rammed into them, they were suddenly off the ground and rolled down the stairs! The wooden stairs were not sturdy. When the three of them fell down, the midsection of the stairs broke, and along with a thundering noise, the entire staircase collapsed!

Pow! Zhao Yu slammed a few punches down on one of the last few people, and grabbed him by his pants, then threw him down the stairs. That person had fallen from a high place and fainted.

There was only one more person holding a steel rod. He wanted to fight Zhao Yu, but he saw him acting so brutal, he got frightened. When he saw Zhao Yu pick up a metal rod and walk over, he was stunned. He immediately waved at Zhao Yu, threw his weapon, and jumped off from the second floor! Unfortunately, he did not look where he was jumping. The place was full of potted cacti. After he jumped off, they could only hear a blood-curdling scream from below

Looking at the situation, Fat Sausage slapped the back of his head, looking dejected. He picked up a white phone. It seemed that he was going to make a call for help. But, at that point, besides Zhao Yu, there was no one who could stand on their feet on the second floor. Zhao Yu smiled and came before Fat Sausage. He put his face next to Fat Sausage's.

Fat Sausage saw Zhao Yu's smile and realized something. He quickly put down the phone!

At the same time, Huahua opened the door and ran out from the room. Huahua had witnessed Zhao Yu's ruthless performance. She would never have guessed that Police Officer Zhao was so courageous that he could beat dozens of ferocious henchmen alone!

"Come! Huahua, come here!" Zhao Yu beckoned to Huahua. When Huahua came before him, he spread his hands and asked, "Come and look. Among these people, who were the ones that hurt you!"

"Bro Yu, it's okay!" Huahua answered, trembling. "II am okay! I am really okay!"

"How can that be? What IGod-kingsaid cannot be taken back." Zhao Yu smiled maliciously and beckoned to Fat Sausage. "Plus, if I didn't demand justice for you, Fat Sausage would not be happy, right?"

"Mmyou" Fat Sausage's face was covered in sweat. He was at loss for words.

"Yo, right?" Zhao Yu rubbed the fresh blood on his knuckles as his eyes grew cold.

"Mm" Fat Sausage looked embarrassed. As a boss, he was not too keen on the idea.

"You have guts!" Zhao Yu snorted, and he landed a punch on Fat Sausage's face without waiting for his response!

Poof As the person's face was super meaty, the punch seemed as if it had hit water, making a low rippling noise.

Fat Sausage's nose was suddenly bleeding, and it seemed to be flattened. Although he couldn't stand the pain, he did not make a sound.

"Yo? You have integrity!" Zhao Yu raised his fist and landed another punch. That punch made Fat Sausage's entire face bleed, and his eyes looked crooked.

Pow! After the third punch, Fat Sausage couldn't take it anymore. He suddenly raised both his hands up high and pleaded, "Yes, yes, yes. You are right! I am willing! I am glad! Please stop hitting me, stop"

Zhao Yu then held his fist and said ferociously, "Fat Sausage, follow the rules if you are really part of this business! It is only right and proper for one to pay their debt. I gave you the money, and I also covered the medical fees. But, I, Zhao God-King, have another principlean eye for an eye! Look," he raised his hands and held Huahua. He pointed at Huahua's face and said, "The mistakes that were made with punches will need to be fixed with punches. Do you agree with me?!"

"Agree, agree" Fat Sausage was shaking in fear and dared not disagree.

"Come on, Huahua, hurry up. Who hurt you?" Zhao Yu pulled Huahua into his embrace and told Huahua to identify her attackers.

Although Huahua was quivering in fear, Zhao Yu's sudden embrace gave her an unprecedented sense of security. It was as though, in this entire world, only Zhao Yu's chest could give her such feelings!

"Him! Him! Andhim!" Huahua pointed at two men, then pointed at the guy with the ponytail who was far away.

"Alright!" Zhao Yu smiled faintly. He first dragged the two who were nearest to the middle of the room, then walked into the collapsed room and dragged the man with a ponytail on the ground.

"Ahhhhhh!" The man with a ponytail was in immense pain, and even Huahua felt sorry for him.