Crazy Detective Chapter 372

Chapter 372: A Surprising Discovery
Chapter 372: A Surprising Discovery
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The three persons that were pointed out by Huahua were all kneeling before Zhao Yu and Huahua. Their faces had already been disfigured by Zhao Yu. One of them had even knocked into the coffee table, leaving his face embedded with a few pieces of glass!

To take revenge of them for taking off Huahua's bra, Zhao Yu took off all three of their pants and underwears, forcing them to wear the underwear on their heads! The three of them were frighten by Zhao Yu, who they saw as being the devil. That moment, all of them were kneeling obediently. No one dared to move.

Zhao Yu was not in the mood to care about them, but he called Ah Gui to bring the card machine, as he wanted to transfer all the money on the card to them! Zhao Yu was not going to go back on his word. He had beaten the bunch of people into such a state, the money left on the card was, even though definitely insufficient, at least a small recompense for their received treatment!

"I hope that all of you have medical insurance!" After Zhao Yu transferred the money, he stood up and walked towards Fat Sausage.

Looking at Zhao Yu approaching him, Fat Sausage quivered in fear. Who knew what this devil would do next...

"Fat Sausage! The debt between us has been cleared!" Zhao Yu said seriously, "The money that Huahua owed you has now been returned, and the debt of Huahua's, I've taken that back, too! So, all has been cleared, do you agree? If you do not agree, you can bring it up now!"

"Agreed! Agreed!" Fat Sausage dared not say otherwise, quickly nodding in agreement.

"Alright! One's word carries the weight of nine tripods. I hope you remember what you said! If you were to find trouble with Huahua," Zhao Yu stared at him, "You must take responsible for the consequences!"

Then, Zhao Yu took Huahua, turned around, and left. Fat Sausage covered his disfigured face. He felt like weeping, but had no tears. As the stairs had collapsed, Zhao Yu let go of Huahua slowly by the side of the stairs, before finding a lower place to jump off to the ground.

"Bro Yu, I'm sorry!" As Zhao Yu held Huahua and was readying to leave the flower store, Huahua cried like a pear blossom bathed in the rain, a weeping beauty. "It's all my fault! Your money, I'll return it back to you!"

"Silly kid, let's go first!"

Zhao Yu comforted Huahua, but his eyes were looking at the first floor of the flower store. He suddenly realized that the very few that were first thrown down the stairs had now disappeared! He reckoned that they had escaped!

But, just when Zhao Yu thought of this, the front door of the flower store suddenly swung open, as dozens of people rushed in from outside! These people were obviously the reinforcements that the hatchet men had found. All of them looked murderous and were holding choppers instead of metal sticks!

"That's him!" Among them, someone recognized Zhao Yu and beckoned to the rest. "He was the one who hit Bro Fat Sausage! Brothers, kill him!"


Zhao Yu cursed softly and Huahua was frightened. She hid in Zhao Yu's embrace.

"Bro Yu... What should we do?"

"We will see what we can do!" Zhao Yu then picked up a metal stick from the ground and pushed Huahua behind him.


Along with someone's command, every one dashed forward with blades and sticks, as Zhao Yu protected Huahua. When Zhao Yu had gotten there earlier, he already understood the landcape of the place.

It was a flower store, with most of the places in the flower store being built of wood. Also, beneath the plastic cloth at the rim of the flower store, that was most likely wood too. As long as he could go through from those points, he could escape the flower store.


The two hatchet men that were holding choppers led the gang. Zhao Yu dodged and hid among the variety of flowers. He noticed that, as these flowers might be very expensive, the two hatchet men acted as though they hesitated to pelt a rat for fear of smashing the vase!

But Zhao Yu didn't care. He swung the stick forward and defeated one of them. The other one quickly counterattacked, but Zhao Yu changed his position after the strike. He pulled Huahua with him and ran into another, deeper corner.

Zhao Yu didn't care if the flowers were expensive. Along the way, they broke quite a number of them, and those hatchet men let out anguished cries when they saw this.

The hatchet men were not silly, though, nor stupid. They saw that Zhao Yu was running into the deeper corner, so they quickly hemmed the two of them in with the flowers, so that they had nowhere to escape to.

Just when Zhao Yu and Huahua were reaching the edge of the flower store, a guy with blonde hair appeared, then swung a club at Huahua. Zhao Yu quickly extended his arms to pull Huahua over to the side.

At the same time, there was another person that came behind Zhao Yu, a chopper already raised in his hands. Zhao Yu had no choice but to throw the metal stick in his hands at the person's face.

The person fell down, but the one who wanted to hit Huahua dashed forward again. As the place was narrow, it was difficult to dodge. Hence, Zhao Yu was worried that Huahua would be injured, so he raised his arms and ran towards the person.

When the club swung down, Zhao Yu blocked it directly with his arms. At the same time, he knocked into the person, causing him to fly out and fall among the flowers!

Then, the others dashed toward him too. Zhao Yu lowered his body and carried a very heavy pot of Brazil wood forward.

"Aiyaya, that pot is expensive. Quick, stop him!!" Among the flowers, someone shouted with heartache.

Zhao Yu didn't care if it was valuable, as he threw the pot onto the fence of the flower store. The wooden fence couldn't withstand such a heavy attack, suddenly breaking to reveal a big hole.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yu shouted. Then, Huahua quickly got out through the hole, followed closely by Zhao Yu.

It was still pouring rain outside the flower store, but the two of them couldn't be bothered. The moment they got out of the flower store, they immediately started running.

But, what surprised Zhao Yu was that, although it was a flower store, it had another high backyard wall outside that was blocking their way! Who would have guessed that the flower store was built in a backyard!

Dang it!

Then, Zhao Yu saw people chasing them from behind and wanted to squeeze out through the hole. He kicked the person approaching in order to buy some time. At the same time, he covered the person's head with a nearby plastic cloth and punched him!

Then, a few choppers suddenly swung out from inside, as Zhao Yu quickly dodged them.

Shua shua shua...

Along with the noises of plastic cloth being torn, about four to five hatchet men had also gotten through the hole and were chasing after Zhao Yu and Huahua again. Zhao Yu saw this and quickly dragged Huahua to run with him along the wall, intending to look for an escape.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any exit, but they instead ran into an alley that was next to the flower store! At the end of the alley, besides a few houses, there was nothing!

Dang it!

Zhao Yu took a glance at the houses' heights and quickly ran before one of them. He lied against the anti-theft door and shouted at Huahua, "Hurry up, I will push you up to the roof!"

Then, the hatchet men, holding blades and sticks, were running towards them. Huahua asked anxiously, "Bro Yu, what about you?"

"You get up and it'll be alright! Hurry up!" Zhao Yu shouted and Huahua hurried her steps. But, just when Zhao Yu was getting ready to push Huahua up to the roof, something unexpected happened. The anti-theft door behind him opened, and the voice of someone who sounded impatient was heard.

"Who is it? It's middle of the night, what's going on?"


Zhao Yu and Huahua were stunned. When the door opened, a half naked man walked out! They were looking at each other, then the men realized that he didn't know the man and woman that now stood before him! At the same time, the hatchet men that were approaching bellowed and made the eyes of the man grow wide!

"Dang you!" Zhao Yu was quick in his response, quickly punching him. Then, he dragged him by his ankle and left him in the backyard, while he and Huahua got into the room through the anti-theft door.

Pak pak pak...

Suddenly, there were noises right outside the door. The hatchet men were all hammering the door crazily, but the anti-theft door was sturdy and couldn't be opened. Zhao Yu and Huahua finally relaxed, as Zhao Yu quickly latched the door lock.


Zhao Yu let out a heavy pant, then took out his phone to call for assistance. But when he unlocked his phone, he suddenly realized something.

What the heck?!

Zhao Yu was shocked and quickly looked for the light switch. When the room was lit up, both Huahua and him were shocked.

The ground of the house was littered with various types of bottles and cans! There was even soil remnants that were intact on the bottles and cans, as though... As though they were cultural relics that had just been unearthed!

It can't be, right?!

At that instance, Zhao Yu thought, Could these be the things that were stolen by the grave robbers?!