Crazy Detective Chapter 373

Chapter 373: What Do You Want Me To See?
Chapter 373: What Do You Want Me To See?
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It was still pouring and it did not look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

Whoop whoop whoop The police siren was ringing out far and wide along all of Flower Market Street. The policemen quickly surrounded Fat Sausage's flower store and rushed in. The policemen carried loaded guns and dashed through the flower store but they realized that the store was already in a mess.

When the police detectives got to the alley according to Zhao Yu's coordinates, they were shocked when they saw Zhao Yu soaking wet, standing there like a statue! At his feet, there were five to six people that had been beaten to a pulp, groaning in pain

When Zhao Yu saw the unearthed relics in the house, he suddenly realized the severity of the matter. If the relics were really from the Ming Dynasty's ancient tomb, it meant that the people at the flower store were somehow connected to the grave robbers! So, he immediately called the police and reported it to Miao Ying at the same time. As Zhao Yu often got into sudden fights, Miao Ying was used to it. She did not delay but brought everyone in the police station to arrest the criminals.

But after calling the police, Zhao Yu was worried! Although the henchmen were still banging on the door, Zhao Yu was worried that the henchmen outside the door would seize the chance to escape when the police came.

In for a penny, in for a pound; Zhao Yu decided to not do the logical thing.

He first observed the house, and after he confirmed there was no longer any danger in the house, he let Huahua stay inside while he pushed the anti-theft door open and dashed out! Huahua was frightened! She thought Zhao Yu was crazy. He was already in a safe place and had called the police, but risked his life to go out again!

Actually, being worried that the people would escape was just a lie; Zhao Yu was just looking for an excuse for himself! His actual aim was very simplehe wanted to fight those people as he had not fought so intensely in a long time! It was different from fighting with the SWAT soldiers. He used a lot of devices, and Zhao Yu thought it was not an honest fight as he had had an unfair advantage in those fights. But the people before him were different. These people were gangsters like him. Looking at these people fight with knives and sticks in their hands, Zhao Yu felt pumped up and extremely excited! Along with the heavy rain, Zhao Yu's desire to fight was ignited.

Zhao Yu pushed open the anti-theft door and turned into a blood-thirsty beast! At that moment, he didn't even have any decent weapon but he fought barehanded against five to six henchmen! They were dumbstruck as they couldn't understand why a person that they were after would outside, right into them.

Although these guys were constantly fighting, they had never seen anyone like Zhao Yu before. Zhao Yu didn't want to use the techniques that Miao Ying had taught him, but he fought with his life. He didn't care about knives or sticks, but grabbed and fought one after another!

Zhao Yu fought till the very end. The remaining two people were dumbfounded and couldn't even think about escaping! They were beat beyond recognition by Zhao Yu, and groaned in pain as they held their head!

When the police arrived to arrest the criminals, they saw cracks and holes in the wall by the side of the alley that were caused by heavy hits to the wall. The cracks were made by using the enemy's head, or punching it with a fist. Looking at such tragedy, the police detectives couldn't bear another look.

"Lock all of them up and bring them back to the station. Don't leave anyone behind!"

A familiar voice came from behind all of the policemen. He saw Miao Ying in her raincoat. She commanded the officers, "Those that are severely injured, take them to the hospital, and make sure someone keeps an eye on all of them! Once they regain consciousness, interrogate them!"

Then, Miao Ying saw Zhao Yu standing in the heavy rain, and she too was shocked by Zhao Yu's fierce look.

"Zhao Yu!" She took big strides over and asked, "What is going on? Which play are you staging now?"

"Captain Miao, you came!" Seeing Miao Ying's arrival, Zhao Yu suddenly kept up his intimidating aura and pointed at the small house behind him. "Hurry up, I have something to show you! Hehehe" Zhao Yu turned around and brought Miao Ying into the small house. But when he got closer, Huahua ran out from inside of the house and into his arms again!

"Bro Yu, you gave me a heart attack! Areare you okay?"

"Mm" Zhao Yu looked as though he was struck by lightning. It was embarrassing.

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying recognized Huahua, and she suddenly crossed her arms and said with an unhappy face, "Zhao Yu, is this what you wanted me to see?"

"It's just a joke!" Zhao Yu quickly pulled Huahua off him and brought Miao Ying into the small house.

When Miao Ying saw the unearthed relics, her eyes finally filled with excitement. "Zhao Yu, you How did you find this place?" Miao Ying realized something and grabbed Zhao Yu's arm to ask, "Do you mean, these things are related to the Tomb Murder Case?"

"Mm" As it was complicated, Zhao Yu suddenly didn't know what to say.


A few hours later, in the police station office.

It was four in the morning but Zhao Yu didn't look tired at all. He took a shower and changed, and was drinking coffee that Li Beini made for him. As witnesses, Yang Hong and Huahua came to record testimonies at the police station. After that, they went home to rest. Zhao Yu explained to Miao Ying why he went to the flower store, and how he found those relics.

After she heard Zhao Yu's reasoning, Miao Ying couldn't help but get angry. She scolded Zhao Yu on the spot! It turned out, Miao Ying thought that Zhao Yu had gotten some reliable tip about to the relics and found the flower store. But, Zhao Yu had just run into it coincidently. It was such a turn-off! Where on earth could there be such a coincidence? There were so many relics in the world, but the one that was Zhao Yu had run into coincidently had to be relics unearthed from the Ming Dynasty ancient tomb?

Although he had the miracle system, he had not gotten the "Gen" hexagram, so Zhao Yu was uncertain too. But whether or not the relics were related to the Tomb Murder Case, it was still a good deed on Zhao Yu's part! At least those people in the flower store were running an illegal business, so Zhao Yu had a proper reason to fight with! If not, those people had been severely hurt by him, and it would be a difficult situation to deal with! Taking the medical fees into consideration, three-hundred thousand might not be sufficient! Besides, as these people were criminals, the three-hundred-thousand that Zhao Yu paid for Huahua might be able to be retrieved. Plus, he had run into many coincidences in the past. What if the relics really were from the Ming Dynasty ancient tomb? He would receive immense credit again!

Zhao Yu held a beautiful potted plant in his hands and looked closely. The potted plants were things that Zhao Yu walked off with from the flower store earlier. He had no clue about potted plants and didn't know what kind of plant it was. When Zhao Yu was examining it, Miao Ying returned.

Captain Miao brought in a stack of documents and came before Zhao Yu. She threw the documents on Zhao Yu's desk. "Zhao Yu, the investigation and testimonies are finished! These are not grave robbers; they don't even sell relics!"

"It can't be." Zhao Yu was surprised. He quickly took a look at the copy of the confession. Only then did he realize that the bunch of people were counterfeit dealers, and the items that looked like relics in the house were things that they made!

"The f*ck!" he exclaimed in his head. Zhao Yu was tongue-tied. He felt embarrassed. It wasn't even relics, so how could it be related to grave robbers?