Crazy Detective Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Oh It Is His Second Uncle
Chapter 376: Oh, It Is His Second Uncle
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Around noon, the rain finally stopped. The sun, which had not been out for a long time, showed its smiling face and brought warmth to the city after the heavy rain.

But, summer was summer at the end of the day. The sun had only just risen for a while, when the temperature took a turn. The lovely warmth had turned into an almost unbearable hotness and humidity.

Zhao Yu was enjoying his lunch in a noodle shop, which had already turned on its air conditioner. He sat near the window, looking out at the raindrops on the tree branches outside. He was lost in thought over the complicated case.

What Li Mengqi said had given him some hints about the Female Corpse in the Ancient Costume Case. That made the cold case that had been put aside for many years seem to be almost traceable! But, at the same time, what Li Mengqi said had also uncovered another layer of mystery and veiled unknowns in the case.

Zhao Yu had seen the record of the Female Corpse in the Ancient Costume case. According to that record, the female died of suffocation. One would then assume that she had been strangled to death by someone. But, the autopsy report clearly stated that the female had no signs of being violated...

Where did this woman with the nickname "Gege" come from? Was it that she was really killed because of some relationship problem? And if the woman was in the same trade as Li Mengqi, could she also be a cultural relics seller? Also, the ancient costume that she was wearing, was it from her own collection?

Unfortunately, Li Mengqi's grandfather had passed away many years ago. Li Mengqi tried her best, but she could only remember a few people that might know Gege. And even these people that she thought of were either known to her only by nickname or had already passed away!

But, there was still a string of hope that Zhao Yu clung to. He left the detention center and immediately told Liang Huan and Zhang Jingfeng about the clues that he had gotten, so that the two of them could further investigate the matters.

Of course, besides updating them about his investigation results, Zhao Yu asked Zhang Jingfeng to check on Mister Lee.

Like the saying goes: "Knowing one's own, and the enemy's, strength is the sure way to victory", before he ever took action, Zhao Yu naturally had to know the other party's background.

Zhang Jingfeng was an expert in looking for people. Zhao Yu was only halfway through his lunch, when the requested information about Mister Lee had already been sent to his handphone!

According to the information, Mister Lee's alias name was Li Xiusheng, who was also registered as a tradesman doing flower trading. Hence, on the surface, he was a legitimate businessman.

But, unconventionally, the assets under his name totaled up to include more than two billion, countless luxurious cars, and jaw-dropping houses. It was hard to imagine how someone who runs a flower shop could legally earn such a huge amount of money.

Then, Zhao Yu started thinking seriously. How could he get information about the ancient tomb case from Mister Lee?

Do I have to put on a show, like the secret agent battle? Should I pretend to be a rich man in order to buy cultural relics, then use that as an excuse to get close to him?

Or, maybe I could pretend to be a robber, then go disguised and force him to tell me everything, as I point a gun to his head...

I could also keep things simple and just sneak into his flower shop to investigate in secret...

And, there is another invisible camera in my device bar. Why not just keep watch of him for a while?

But... From the lesson he had learned the night before, Zhao Yu felt that no matter which investigative method he chose, it would still be best to head to the police station to get a gun. If he had had a gun with him the night before, there wouldn't have been so much trouble.

Plus, after the battle of the night before, he felt exhausted. If he were to have another fight with Mister Lee's troop, his stamina might adequate. So, after his meal, Zhao Yu returned to the police station straightaway.

Of course, before he took the gun, he had to return to the office to report in and ask for the latest update regarding the progression of the Tomb Murder Case. In the end, the case was still the same.

Miao Ying had sent the team out to investigate different clues, but no one had any harvest, including Zhao Yu's flower market incident. They apparently had rejoiced too soon.

At that time, Miao Ying had gone out for lunch. Zhao Yaohui told Zhao Yu that Captain Miao had asked about the situation of the municipal bureau investigation team through her connections. The municipal bureau investigation team had apparently visited a large number of friends and family of the three experts that got lost, but no one knew what they were up to that time.

They also heard from their families that the three experts were on very friendly terms. It was even said that they went deep into the forest for many inspections together in their youths. They even came across a flash flood and nearly lost their lives! From then onwards, the three of them were always together and became lifelong friends.

Miao Ying then presumed that, among the three old experts, there might be one who got into big trouble, perhaps causing the other two to help him resolve the problem. No one really knew yet, though...

Although there wasn't much progress on the case, the same trusty whiteboard now stood in the office again. From each channel, the information about the ancient tomb case had been added by various police detectives.

Actually, after a few reformation, there was a case analysis room that was specially designed with complete functionality, but the police detectives had already formed a habit and routine. Thus, they preferred to discuss the case around the whiteboard in the office.

As Zhao Yu had urgent matters to be solved, he couldn't go through the information in detail as he came before Zhang Jingfeng's table. He asked him to help him check the exact location of Mister Lee from Flower Market Street. If he wasn't at his flower shop, Zhao Yu would waste his time going there.

"It can't be?! Why would it be so?"

Zhang Jingfeng was stunned as he checked on Mister Lee's handphone location, as Mister Lee was showing up as being right there, in their very own Rongyang Police Station!

"What is going on? Why is he in the police station?" Zhao Yu felt this was weird, too.

Zhang Jingfeng tapped on his keyboard to quickly find his exact location. "He just got out of Economic Investigation Department. I I'll ask Hold on a minute!"

Zhang Jingfeng quickly made a call. He then found out that Mister Lee Xiusheng was there to bail his nephew out.

When Zhang Jingfeng asked for his nephew's name and situation, he then understood. Liu Xiusheng's nephew was actually Li Xiaowei, and Li Xiaowei was Fat Sausage!

"Second Uncle!" Zhang Jingfeng finally connected the dots. "Li Xiusheng is Li Xiaowei's second uncle. Li Xiaowei's father passed away, so his second uncle is here to bail his nephew out!"

The Economic Investigation Department also told Zhang Jingfeng that, because Fat Sausage had much to do with an ongoing case, he couldn't be bailed temporarily. So the person left without being able to do anything!

That's interesting... Zhao Yu pondered this seriously. Who knew that Fat Sausage and Lee Xiusheng were related?!

The second uncle dealt with genuine cultural relics, while the nephew made counterfeits. It was like a perfect family chain business! Who knew if Li Xiusheng had any other nephews or nieces? Maybe, in the flower market, there was even more underground trading going on...

If so..

I shall meet them!

Then, Zhao Yu quickly told Zhang Jingfeng to send his exact location to him. He then went to the ammunition room to get a gun. After that, he drove the police car to chase after Li Xiusheng..